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"Sanjing" aluminum dihydrogen tripolyphosphate is a new non-toxic white anticorrosive pigment for painting. The product quality has been..
Petroleum Resin C9 (Sheet)
Posted on 08-04-2014
Features: 1) These products have the properties of fine solubility, waterproof insulation, anti-acid and anti-alkali. 2) It can be used..
Dimethyl Carbonate
Posted on 27-06-2012
Dimethyl carbonate It can substitute toxic dimethyl sulphate and phosgene to react with various kinds of alcohol, hydrazine compound to compose..
Propylene Carbonate
Posted on 14-01-2007
It can be widely used as a solvent for treating de-carbonation; feed gas for ammonia synthesis and dimethyl carbonate, also the perfect medium for..
Diethyl Carbonate
Posted on 11-11-2013
Mainly used as a solvent of nutrocellutose, cellulose ether, syntheitc resin and natural resin;as well as medium of luminal and cinerins in..
Ethylene Carbonate
Posted on 14-10-2010
It is perfect solvent of polyactylonitrile, poly(vinly fluoride)ect;it can be used as fibre in spinning liqiud in textile industry;also it can be..
Methyl Ethyl Carbonate
Posted on 19-06-2014
It can be used as special aromatics and solvent of intermediate, and also can be used as electrolyte solvent of lithium cell.
Chemical Reagent
Posted on 23-07-2012
Taizhou huana nanometer technology Co., ltd. Is an enterprise integrated with the r&d and manufacturing of electronic & electric appliances,..

Posted on 16-06-2014
Non - flammableSingle surface applicable solvent and synthetic elastomer based adhesiveApplication fieldsSefox can be used in furniture industry,..
Chemical Reagent
Posted on 24-01-2012
We offer very purity material to our customer around the world, it is always used in glycoscience and pharmaceutical line. N-acetylneuraminic acid..
Chemicals Componets
Posted on 16-05-2008
Cattech is a single source for a wide variety of chemicals like Organic products, analytical reagents and solutions, inorganic specialties,..
Chemical Additives, Auxiliary
Posted on 17-04-2013
It is used in those thermoplasticity and thermoset high molecular polymer which have flame-resistant request. Especially suitable for the oil..
Chemical Stock
Posted on 08-06-2013
Manufacture and distribute specialty mineral salts and other chemicals. Food chemicals|phosphorous additives metal surface finished..
Calcium Chloride Flakes Powder Granular PelletView Larger PictureDetailed Product DescriptionDetailed selling lead descriptionCalcium chloride is..
Food Additives
Posted on 04-02-2013
BECKMANN-KENKO GmbH is a young and ambitious import / export company. Acting independently and on behalf of a selected number of internationally..
Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Posted on 15-05-2011
General Synonyms: chlorosulphonic acid, sulfuric chlorohydin, sulphuric chlorohydrin, monochlorosulphuric acid, monochlorosulfuric acid Use: ..
Posted on 22-08-2007
Anti Slip Plastisol, Gloves and Mittens Plastisol, Plastisol Coatings, Plastisol Producers, Moulded Plastisols, Rubber plastisols, Plastics..

Posted on 19-10-2012
Dauper S. A was founded as a company in 1988, and is dedicated to the design and production of fragrances and flavours for different sectors of..
Chloroprene Contact Adhesive
Posted on 25-05-2011
1. Brief DirectionThis product is a kind of multi-purpose adhesive. It is suitable for Aluminum Composed Sheets, Anti-firing Plate, Plywood, Floor..
Activated Carbon
Posted on 13-02-2008
Features:1) Activated carbon is carbon with highly developed holes. 2) It offers large specific surface area, strong absorbability, excellent..
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