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H-Type Screen Door integrated with the door frame Screen Door

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H-Type Screen Door integrated with the door frame Screen Door

H-Type Screen Door is High Quality and very Convenient Open Door Type Screen Door.

This cat and dog pet doorway can be attached to your screen door at home with a screwdriver and cutter. As it can be opened and closed with little force and has a large swing width, pets can come and go as they please. The pet door stays closed with magnets and does not impair the use of the original screen door. We have prepared three different sizes to accommodate the size of your pet.

Model: PD1923 (Small size) , PD-01(3035) (Medium size) and PD3742 (Large size)

TAKARA Products Line Up "DRY WAVE" Series KL50 Clothespole Holder.

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public housing

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