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glass coating carnauba wax car maintenance CAMUI custom car

Nagoya-shi Naka-kuJapan
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Product Description

It's definitely different from the conventional glass coating!

glass coating carnauba wax car maintenance CAMUI custom car

The auto dealers after having used numerous Japanese coating products understand this obvious difference.

What are they excited about?

The glass coating brand CAMUI will make you feel the difference between past and present because it is that good and has been winning serious business competitions going on in Japan.

Moreover, we offer you all products of full model changeover, put together under overseas environment.

Why our customers can feel the difference?

1.Long awaited performance Cutting 94% of photographic watermarks

CAMUI adopted “silsesquioxane” for the first time in the world, which is better and more outstanding than components in glass. We succeeded to extremely reduce the adhesion of “watermark” which was the biggest problem in the conventional glass coating.

Surely you will understand the power of “silsesquioxane”.

A simple glass element (Si-o network) agent could not solve this problem but we have managed to do it.

2.Coherent item configuration up to from the surface preparation to the coating

The quality of coating depends on the affinity of the compound and the buffing. Considering the affinity of all the products, including the foundation treatment coating items, are manufactured for an excellent finish.

3.All of our products are “non-hazardous goods” and are delivered all over the world

It is well known that products classified as hazardous materials cost more than $500 in shipping fees even when you buy a sample. Not only the coating but all of CAMUI’s products including associated products consist of non-hazardous materials.

It makes your cost low without paying a high shipping fee. You can order samples in small quantities using EMS.

*We cannot ship to some areas depending on the destination because of regulations.

“Silsesquioxane” is used in the highest technology industry as an advanced material, which has the deposition of a polyhedron structure, and not the irregular sequence of being a glass element. It has a superior performance compared to general glass in every field of industry.

It has all the performance that is required for a car body coating process such as scratch registrant, chemical resistant, hardness, luster degree, transparency, antifouling property and elasticity.


Purchasing Japanese coating material will not make any progress for your business; rather, it is the purchase of “Japanese polishing style” that should make a big change.

The CAMUI Perfect Sample Set delivers “the best quality and method” to you.

*The buffing polisher pad will fit 125mm.

*If you desire to continuously purchase our products, we will introduce you to our authorized distributer.

*We do not accept price negotiations as we are offering you the purchase of samples.

*Please let us know if you desire to sell our products as a distributer.

Furthermore, the buyers purchasing our product through Alibaba will receive a limited “privilege”.

The buyer who promises to send feedback to us by email after using our product will receive present “Windshield coating” along with "Perfect sample set".


Other producers of products similar to ours cannot offer a fine sample set like this for you to purchase. We can do it because we want you to know how very good the quality of CAMUI is at the lowest cost and at much less risk than others.

We absolutely guarantee that you will see and feel the difference in the superior performance of our products compared to others, once you have experienced the polishing of our excellent product.

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