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1.5/1B-H Slurry pump Posted on 25-03-2015
1.5/1B-H Slurry pump Max Flow: 8L/sec Max Head: 68 Meters Suction: 1.5 inch Discharge:..
2/1.5B-H Slurry pump Posted on 25-03-2015
2/1.5B-H Slurry pump Max Flow: 20L/sec Max Head: 58 Meters Size: 592X410X381mm Suction: 2..
3/2 C-AH Slurry pump Posted on 25-03-2015
3/2 C-AH Slurry pump Max Flow: 24L/sec Max Head: 64 Meters Size: 768x476x464mm Suction: 3..
4/3 C-H Slurry pump Posted on 25-03-2015
4/3 C-H Slurry pump Max Flow: 55L/sec Max Head: 52 Meters Size: 843x584x516mm Suction: 4..
6/4 D-H Slurry pump Posted on 25-03-2015
6/4 D-H Slurry pump Max Flow: 100L/sec Max Head: 56 Meters Size: 1021x812x668mm Suction: 6 inch..
8/6E-H Slurry pump Posted on 25-03-2015
8/6E-H Slurry pump Max Flow: 230L/sec Max Head: 61 Meters Size: 1302x1102x917mm Suction: 8..
10/8ST-H Slurry Pump Posted on 25-03-2015
10/8ST-H Slurry Pump Max Flow: 380L/sec Max Head: 61 Meters Size: 1337x1226x927mm Suction: 10..
12/10ST-H Slurry pump Posted on 25-03-2015
12/10ST-H Slurry pump Max Flow: 550L/sec Max Head: 68 Meters Size: 1816x1510x1324mm Suction: 12..
14/12 ST-H Slurry pump Posted on 25-03-2015
14/12 ST-H Slurry pump Max Flow: 770L/sec Max Head: 63 Meters Size: 1873x1874x1482mm Suction:..
ATC 4 to108 max Tools  Posted on 23-01-2015
ATC + 4~108(max) Tools(cutters) SKM capacitates your EDM machines line automatic. We can..
SKM C Axis Hidden, External Posted on 23-01-2015
SKM C - Axis (Hidden, External) Specification C - Axis Weight 28 Kg ( Including AC motor,..
Diamond / PCD Wheel Machining & retrofit Diamond is the one of the hardest material on the Earth,..
Bridge-type heavy duty CNC EDM Posted on 23-01-2015
Bridge-type heavy duty CNC EDM M3018 Specification M 3018 X, Y-Travel 3000 x1800 mm Z-Travel..
ZNC (Die-sinking) EDM Series  Posted on 23-01-2015
ZNC (Die-sinking) EDM Series T30,T50,T60,T90,T120,PT90 The Z axis utilizes AC servo motor. N C..
PNC (ZNC+table movement auto-positioning) EDM Series K50,K60,K90 The X. Y& Z axis utilize AC..
CNC Sliding Single-Column EDM Series M430~M3010 The X. Y& Z axis utilizes AC servo motor. ..
CNC Dielectric Fluid EDM (Standard) Series S50,S60,S90 The X. Y& Z axis utilizes AC servo..
Model: D50,D60,SD60 Features: Manual type & CNC Drilling EDM profession manufacturer. Drilling..
Model: M1510-2H~M3010-2H Features: The X. Y& Z axes utilize AC servo motors. Multi-cavities..
Using both powder and dishcarge fluid for CNC mirror surface finishing. The X, Y& Z axis utilizes..
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