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red kidney beans, white kidney beans.Features: 1. White kidney beans : a) Large white kidney beans: 45pcs/100g, 55pcs/100g, 65pcs/100g, 180 - 200pcs/100g b) Medium white kidney beans: 200 - 220pcs/100g, 220 - 250pcs/100g c) Small white kidney beans: 250 - 270pcs/100g, 270 - 300pcs/100g d) Japanese white kidney beans: 300 -..

Green Mung Beans

Posted on 10-07-2014
25 kg pack with all kind of bags.
AGRICO FARM INTERNATIONAL , is exporters, importers, traders, global indenters specializing in sourcing and delivering agricultural commodities worldwide.The culture of company is fast-paced, global, multi-cultural, friendly and result oriented.We deals in different kinds of grain, pulses, beans, legumes, peas , lentils and oilseeds in all..
Hand Picked, New Year CropTotal Defects Max. 2.0 PCT,Split Beans Max. 1.0 PCT,Damaged Beans Max. 1.0 PCTForeign Material Max. 0.5 PCT,Our of Stones Max. 0.3 PCT,Contrasting Class 1.0 PCTMoisture Content Max. 13.0 PCT(Free from any kind of infestation, fit for human consumption, free from any kind of abnormal odor and smell)

Brown Eye Beans

Posted on 17-05-2005
Specifications:Brown Eye BeansOrigin BRAZILCrop 2014520-540/100gMax 1% Broken/SplitsMax 0.5% Foreign Matter/AdmixtureMax 3.5% Total DefectsMax 14% Moisture
Specifications: 36-38 / 38-40 / 40-42 / 42-44 / 44-46 / 46-48 Count per ozMOISTURE : 12% MAXIMUMFOREIGN MATTER: 0.10% MAXIMUMTOTAL DEFECTS:: 4.20% MAXIMUM 58-60 / 60-62 Count per ozMOISTURE : 12% MAXIMUMFOREIGN MATTER: 0.20% MAXIMUMTOTAL DEFECTS:: 6.20% MAXIMUM 75-80 Count per ozMOISTURE : 12% MAXIMUMFOREIGN MATTER: 0.20% MAXIMUMTOTAL..
Commodity: Dry Broad BeanBroad beans are rich in tyramine, and thus should be avoided by those taking monoamine oxidase (MAOI) inhibitors.They contain vicine and convicine, which can induce haemolytic anemia in patients with the hereditary condition glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency Oval-shaped light brown beans. Earthy flavor and..

Pinto Beans

Posted on 24-04-2012
Pinto beans belong to a class of beans, referred to as “common beans,” alongside kidney , navy, and black beans . Pinto, which means painted or spotted , actually describes the bean's appearance before cooking. Similar to the markings of a pinto horse, pinto beans have a mottled appearance from darker reddish brown spots on a..
We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as the leading General Import Export J.S. Company in the Middle of Vietnam. Locating in Nghe An,we are especialized in exporting agricultural product, especially “ Green mung bean, TAPIOCA, DESICCATE COCONUT, STAR ANISEED, SOYBEAN, SHALLOT, GROUND NUT, FRESH CHILI “ . Our..
Our company "Nile Trade" one of the leading Egyptian companies for exporting agriculture crops and products. Our main business is to exporting Egyptian Seeds, Spices, Herbs, and grains especially Egyptian white kidney beans, Onion, Garlic, Peanuts, Caraway, Anise, Coriander, Peppermint, Sesame Seeds, Marjoram, Chamomile, Hibiscus, and..


Posted on 25-05-2007
Soya Bean Seed(machine cleaned )SpecificationMoisture10% (Max)Purity99% (Min)Foreign Matter1% (Max)Split2-3% (Max)Protein37 - 42% (Max)Damages1.5-3% (Max)OriginIndianPackingIn strong pp bags of 40/50 kg packing net/gross1fcl/20ft23.5mt/1fclOil Content18 -19% (Max)I.T.C. H.S. Code12010090UsedOil purpose & Human consumption
White kidney beans are available in 6mm, 8mm and 10 mm sizes.White kidney beans available from kyrgystan origin at competitive prices. 1.High quality 2.Reasonable price 3.Delivery on time 4.Quality Assurance Bahadurmal chowdhary & sons is a 100 year old enterprise engaged in trading of spices, grains and pulses. Sourcing directly from..
Commodity Trading Corporation (CTC) is a company managed by group of professionals who have hardcore specialized experience in International Trading by virtue of working from the grass root level to top levels and is a well recognised company in international trading.As a result the brand CTC has emerged as a major player in the Indian market..
Dear Sir, Greeting from Green Point® Company,What we are saying is not our words but the words of each client, which deals with the company, Green Point® Company is considered one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of agriculture production & exporting with high experience in this business we have now the ability to..
White Kidney Beans specifications: Origin: Egypt Specification:- crops 2012 - Moisture: 15% Max-Admixture: 0.5% Max- Imperfect: 2%Sizes:-180-200 grains per 100 gm- 200-240 grains per 100 gm-240-260 grains per 100 gmPacking available: 20 or 25 KG in Bags ( upon customer request ) Available : All year Prices : Compatitive Market prices..
Sunimpex is dealing in exports of pulses. Pulses constitute essential components of vegetarian diet, thus it’s exported in bulk quantities worldwide. We offer Pulses like Green gram, red gram, Kidney Beans, Chick Peas and many more with consistent high quality as the company takes special care to conserve the inherent quality of the..
From Argentina we have Red Kidney Beans 180/200/220 grains in 100 grams. DARK or LIGHTWe are producers and traders. Red Kidney Beans are passed through a process of selection that separates the calibers with oval sieves of 4.5 mm up to 5,5 mm., then go to vibratory machine that works with specific gravity and separates grains of the same..