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Posted on 20-06-2013
Brothers trading company is an independent international commodity traders. We deal directly with the manufacturers and producers. Therefore, our..
Posted on 03-10-2008
We can offer and deliver bigger quantity of Pregnant heifers.We can deliver for Pakistan, Turkey, or Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt. Delivery by..
livestock feed
Posted on 12-05-2012
Sunflower meal is a by-product obtained after extraction of oil from the black seeds. Sunflower meal is an excellent livestock feed, especially..
Poultry Cages
Posted on 25-10-2005
Animal Poultry CagesVijay Raj Manufacturing Range includes:-1) Poultry cages: Battery type, A type, Comfort cages ,California type cages with egg..
United Trade Co is a limited partnership company which was established in Cairo Egypt in 1978. We are wholesalers for egg trays and cartons also..
Our waterers/drinking bowls are rigidly formed out of heavy gauge prime draw quality steel with a new improved adjustable float valve molded from..
Posted on 14-11-2010
We offer quality and professional service forLIVESTOCK CATTLE - for slaughtering- for fatteningfrom the following countries:France Czechoslovakia..
The Tractor Powered Type Poultry Feeder ANIMAL FEED MACHINEThe tractor powered type hammermills are powered by tractors end shaft and tied three..
-Top quality Live Sheep, Goats and Cattle ( Steer, Cows & Calf).-All wights are available.-We can supply any required quantity.-Competitive..

Posted on 21-02-2012
Product Description Special for sheep, ewes, goats, alpacas and other members of the family of the camels. Interchangeable knives make switching..
corn ( best for Livestock )
Posted on 26-09-2007
Product Description SpecificationMoisture: 14% MaxProtein: 7% MinAdmixture: 3% MaxForeign Matter: 2% MaxBroken: 3% MaxAflatoxin: 20ppb..
Poultry Pulley ,Nylon Pulley,Winch pulley Ratio:38.73:1 Hub Diameter:93mm Surface Proess:Chrome SprayApplication: feeding line Ratio:41:1 Hub..
We can supply the chicken cage system.1 . Designing and manufacturing animal husbandry & poultry farming equipment.2. Our cage system include..

Posted on 22-06-2008
Chicken layer cage:√ Material : Galvanized wire made from low carbon steel & hot dip galvanized o& PVC coated√ Management..

Posted on 19-06-2011
cloreto de colina 60%/ choline chloride 60% livestockProfessional manufactuer for cloreto de colina /choline Chloridecloreto de colina 50%,60%..
YUJIA poultry feeder
Posted on 22-06-2011
1. Capacity: 10kg , but 8kg, 3kg, 2.5kg is also available.2. Color can be changed according to customers' request.3. The poultry feeders can be..
Feautres of the Plastic Slat:1) Each slat has a size of 500*1200mm, with 120*25mm dejecta leaking hole.2) Vertical and horizontal distribution are..
Nipple drinking systems are normally suspended from the ceiling of your poultry building using a winch systems. This enables the drinking height..
Characteristics of WUSUN Poultry Cooling Fan: -Huge air volume, Low noise, Good energy saving, Little fault reduce the indoor temperature to less..
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