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In creating a green supply chain a company must re-examine the very purpose of itsexistence. The adoption of greener supply chain management..
Dairy Consultancy Services
Posted on 17-07-2014
Dear Sir / Madam,May I take this opportunity to introduce our quality services regarding different aspects of Animal Production. We provide..
Consulting Service
Posted on 03-08-2009
our services for Jatropha Curcas plantation projects cover all aspects and every stage of Jatropha Curcas plantation to ensure a productive and..
Consultancy Services
Posted on 11-09-2006
We offer consultancy services in Education and Training. We also arrange for lecturers and trainers to our clients. We offer all kinds of..
Offer Trading Consulting
Posted on 08-04-2010
If you Want to start selling or getting representative in Canada, Montreal and USA, florida. Our register firm can help you find the solutions:..
Shef e-Din Enterprises We are a global consulting and trading firm with offices in San Francisco Bay Area (USA), Copenhagen (Denmark), Dubai..
Offer Marketing Consulting
Posted on 19-02-2010
Our aim is to provide cost effective solutions to corporate clients with out compromising on service. The high standard of professionalism coupled..
Technology Consulting
Posted on 21-01-2008
We can give you the complete knowhow or know-how or know how of producing floral foam both machineries and raw material and formula to produce..
Trading Consulting
Posted on 16-09-2008
We offer our service and experience in the USA to be your contact and sales agent to help you with all your business transactions in this country,..
Business Consulting
Posted on 19-02-2007
If you are considering to extend your current activities or enter into Polish market and need reliable partner to provide you with information to..

Posted on 18-07-2008
Natural Pink Diamonds.....Sicusa Gems provides uncut (rough) diamonds and diamond brokerage services to include sorting, grading and sales into..
Provide Trading Consulting
Posted on 19-06-2006
New age healthcare INC. Located in vancouver, british columbia, Canada, is a health food and healthcare company with research and manufacturing..
Sayani International, LLC. ( is a US based international business consulting company.To global entrepreneurs and businesses looking to..
We offer innovative consulting services for the business in Bulgaria. Business development Turnaround management (Business recovering)Economic..
Offer Trading Consulting
Posted on 23-02-2012
ACM SA is an European Company oriented to the international businesses and brockerage. With expertize in EC CERTIFICATION projects, we can..
Provide Management Consulting
Posted on 21-02-2009
World company is treating mediation, consulting, management, study with world network world-worldwide, international, each nation inland/local-all..
Trade Consulting Service
Posted on 17-12-2012
The Dutch market is an interesting business market for foreign companies from all over the world. It offers excellent business opportunities for..
Pay-for-Performance does neither create nor improve performance, nor does it help you to attract or retain 'High Performers'.We know that this..
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