Representations in Bolivia and South America: (Businesses, Investments, Money, Yield) The representing international of industries, or companies that they want to introduce his products in latin America and particularly Bolivia. Agent and representative of businesses and investments for people who wish privacy and security in the..

Marketing Services

Posted on 14-08-2012
With more than 25 years of experience, we can provide marketing services for your products in Iran and the Region. you can check our site as
Services offered Search products and price information. Buy and create a line of products with your own label. Arrange strategic joint-ventures with qualified manufacturers. Provide anti-fraud protection with inquiries in banks and government agencies. Hire freight and insurance and coordinate shipping to lower your costs. Products ..
The Service We Supply Our advantage is the ablity to have a good interconnection working relationship with the related industries and we are able to assist overseas customers to locate suitable suppliers in China. At the same time we also assist those local factories who are competent to for good overseas customers. Thus, we are able to..
LIAISON (CONTACT) OFFICE SERVICES Liaison office as your contact address, the management, presentation and follow up of your business affairs, BUSINESS GUIDANCE SERVICES Helping business persons who have schedule to visit Turkey. We offer pick up, translation, etc., and contact, arrange meetings with the companies whom the business person..

Trade Agent / Representative

Trade Com FREE
Posted on 21-12-2007
I am from dhaka, Bangladesh interested to work here as your regional trade agent / representaive to expand your business in our market.
ECEELOT is a French based trading company with Show-room, sales force, logistics and storage facilities in Western Europe (south of France). We are looking for new business opportunities, and we offer agent, representation and intermediary services to foreign companies interested in entering the French & Western Europe market. Feel free to..
It is the Euro Tashinvest Imp. & Exp. Trade Co., Ltd. in Tashkent city, Republic of Uzbekistan.Are you willing to find goods with cheap price and good quality? We are furnishedwith complete goods resources, Uzbek Commodity market, Uzbekistan is the largest goods distribution base in Central Asia. You almost can find any thing you want in..
We are a group of people having operations in India can offer reliable & good services for sourcing various products from India & China as per your specifications & need. We can also ensure that you receive the right goods at right price form a good source.We assure to work to safeguard our client's interest.We can work on a..

Be Your Agent In Poland

Posted on 09-07-2010
Do you need and seek agent in poland.You want to widen market of sale. We will accept to distribution different commodity. If you are interested market in poland send one's own proposal.
Fast market penetration if you are wanting to be in Europe! I have the experience and knowhow, in addition to the outlets which you need for your products. I have launched several large US manufacturers already in these markets and was very successull! If you are interested to increase your sales adn have new accounts, then let us discuss the..
Over 30 years of experience in the sales of different type of products! Ex owner of large company wanting ot work with a fine company to launch your products in Europe and set up a sales network for you! I have the outlets and customers and am looking for a good manufacturer whose products can be sold here! Contac me now to discuss the details..
Balaji Trading concern is one of the youngest and pioneer trading agencies in Nepal. Our main activities are to be a super dealer of consumer products, electronics & electrical products, Home Appliances. We have been importing such type of goods from all the countries. We have the strong national wide channel of distribution and marketing..
We provide with sales representative services in uzbekistan, kazakhstan and Russia. We can make market research and other marketing services in Central Asia (uzbekistan and kazkahstan) . We can fin buyers for your products in our region.
We are urgently looking for regional agents for are products due to the expanding of our market. The products are scooters and motorcycles of high grade of world quality. Willing and able companies should cotact us now with details of the company.
India as an economic growth oriented market Economic reforms in India now energized resulting liberalization of domestic and international trade and markets. India has emerged in to evolving and propelling following opportunities; Accelerated economic growth, Fullest exploitation of Indian techno-commercial skills, Wide opening of..
We are a large commercial organization in France and Dominican Republic, we are looking for representation of products, equipments, projects, services. Please offer and we will check if we are able to do something for you or not. Both Markets will be treated separatly by our local Company each one have his own people working, commercial and..
We have vast resources and contacts and are willing to be your trade agents for selling and buying in India.We are open to the trade of any items available or in need.
We offer our services for companies seeking representation, distributorship, sales agents, etc. for their products in the US and world-wide markets. We have access to boutiques, general stores and online shops. We are mostly interested in New & Innovative products that are very well made and that come with warranties. New inventions,..

Be Your Agent In USA

Posted on 07-01-2012
We are a USA wholesale supply company, hoping to work with you! We sell to the small business sector in the USA (retail stores) . Most of our customers do not buy at the container level and only buy in the USA, but would like better pricing than going through several middlemen. We are looking for companies that wish to work with us to supply..