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Activated Carbon
Posted on 13-02-2008
Features:1) Activated carbon is carbon with highly developed holes. 2) It offers large specific surface area, strong absorbability, excellent..
Activated Carbon
Posted on 25-06-2009
Industrial Air/Gas Treatment Activated carbon is widely used in conditioning of air,solvent recovery and environmental protection from..
"Steam good Activated Carbon"
Posted on 04-02-2014
Kalpaka Chemicals (P) Ltd an ISO 9001:2008 certified company Specializes in producing coconut shell based Granular Activated Carbon and powder..
Premium AC Corporation offers activated carbon from coconut shells in standard mesh sizes/grades and also can provide customize. Coconut Shell..
Granular Activated Carbon for Chemical IndustriesActivated CarbonApplication of Granular Activated Carbon 1.Effluent Treatment Plant 2.Waste..
Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon granules are widely used for gold recovery in gold mines all over the world. The granules are very hard and..
Pellet Activated Carbon
Posted on 24-08-2014
Powder Activated carbonSilicon Activated Carbon is made from Charcoals of Pine Wood, Eucalyptus Wood and Coconut Shell depending upon the..
Activated carbon
Posted on 21-07-2008
Dear sir,We Eco Fresh Carbon pleased to introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturer and exporter of activated carbon which is used to remove..
BFCARB series coconut based activated carbon is specifically designed for high adsorption capacity applications. Good adsorption capacity and high..
activated carbon
Posted on 22-04-2007
We [firstranktrading house]are involved in the Trading and manufacture of granular Activated carbon from coconut shell charcoal. Capacity: We are..
Activated carbon
Posted on 11-09-2009
Dear sir,We Eco Fresh Carbon pleased to introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturer and exporter of activated carbon which is used to remove..
Coconut shell granular activated carbon manufactured by Steam activation and specially designed for gold recoveryprocesses which has the advantage..
PACC Premium Activated Carbon® products from high grade coconut shell raw material are very suitable as used as catalyst in various processes..
Product Description:Our Activated carbon products are made from selected shells of coconut to ensure the highest quality during the manufacturing..
activated carbon
Posted on 05-03-2014
We will shoulder all matters in China for all customers around the world 24hours a day,7days a week. To be used in the deep treatment of supplying..

Posted on 14-11-2006
Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges Our activated carbon filter is shaped by extruding activated carbon fines and food-grade additives..
Activated carbon is used for absorbing the organic matter and harmful substance in the raw water,reducing the content of COD,and preventing..
Columna activated carbonFeatures: This product is adpoted high-quality sawdust, coconut shell as raw material, and is maken by processing of..
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