Innoscour Jet LF is a highly concentrated scouring and wetting surfactant.It is very effective as it consists of high wetting agent, hence removing ester oils, waxes and hydrocarbon lubricants from textiles.It is recommended for pre-treatment processes in high speed jets and in high speed continuous ranges.Innoscour Jet LF is composed of..

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Posted on 21-02-2005
We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a Trader / Manufacturer based in Dubai / UAE, dealing with all products related to the Lubricant Industry.We are very strong and enjoy good competitive advantage because of our multi-location manufacturing in our range of Sulfonates and TBN Boosters like:a. Calcium Petroleum Sulfonate used in..
Product DescriptionQuick Details:Product Name: Carboxyl Methyl TamarindShort Name: CMT- 8Type: ThickenersModel Number:MI-1Place of Origin: India (Ahmadabad)Purity: 100% Passing Packaging & Shipping Packaging Details : 25Kg net composite Kraft Paper BagDelivery Details:As per requirement. Our ServicesDescription:We are offering our..
- Abrasion resistant and anti fingerprint clear paint chemical agent - 1. Coating with our product forms a thin nanometer level film that boasts a low-energy surface, preventing fingerprints from adhering easily, and making cleaning simple. 2. The coating adheres to glass and provides abrasion-resistance. The product adheres well to plastic..
AC1000 High-temperature Foaming Agent Product IntroductionHigh-temperature foaming agent is produced after ultra-fining treatment and surfacedenaturing, it is widely used in the foaming of plastics for EVA, PE, PVC and many kinds of rubber, and it is suitable to hot-pressing foaming in large or small mold and secondary foaming of..
chemical agent for UV/water-based/texitle/leather coatings So far, almost all of plastic film have to use additives in order to solve thin-film in the manufacturing, processing, use the process of adhesion problems exist, A series of plastic openings agent (anti-viscosity),It can be used as film anti-adhesion agent of polythene, polypropylene,..
AC7000 High-temperature Foaming Agent—Fujian Jinlang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Product IntroductionThis foaming agent is produced after ultra-fining treatment and surface denaturing. It is widely used in the foaming of plastics for EVA, PE, PVC and many kinds of rubber. It is suitable to hot-pressing foaming in EVA large or small mold and..
Rubber antioxidant RDZ Chemical name: 4,4'-diphenyl-isopropyl-dianiline Quality standard:ItemIndexAppearancesimilar white or light gray powder or granuleLoss on heat%≤0.7Uses: Rubber antioxidant RDZ is a good substitute of antiagers which may cause cancer. It is suitable for the antiaging of natural Rubber, IR, SBR,..
Rubber Physical peptizing WP-1Properties: Nontoxic matter, it is the mixture of high molecular unsaturated fatty acid and resin Quality standard : Q/DOH2-1999 Appearancebrown flaky or granularSoftening point°C90-110Loss on heat %≤0.5Ash %≤0.5Uses: Rubber Physical peptizing WP-1can lubricate rubber and related auxiliaries and offer..
LSK-01 FIXING AGENTDescription: This product is a quaternary ammonium cationic polymer. Colourless liquid, readily soluble in water. Added to the circulation systems of pulp and paper mills to prevent precipitation of chemical impurities. Also suitable for treatment of coated broke, as it prevents reagglomeration of latex..
Product DescriptionPoly Aluminium Chloride / PAC Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals Polyaluminium Chloride Advantages:Its purifying effect on low-temperature, low turbidity and heavily organic polluted raw water is much better than other organic flocculants, also the treatment cost is lowered by 20-80%.It can lead to quick..
Chemical Agents Defoaming Agent S951Defoaming Agent Applies to oil drilling, mining, raw materials also can be used as defoamer The main performance indicators of products:a) Content(%):99
Chemical Fibre-specific durable flame-retardant agentProduct Description The product is applicable to all types of chemical fiber fabrics, especially for polyester fabrics durable flame retardant. The treated fabric had a good handle and do not produce the phenomenon of frost. Product FeatureCodeHZ-CU003AppearanceLight yellow transparent..
Leather Clearing agentChelates metal ions.Avoid stains due to iron in vegetable tanning and retanning.Improve color unifirmity in wet blues.Excellent quality,attrective price and good deliveryUsage:0.05%-0.2% based on pelt weight,0.1%-0.3% based on shaved weight
Deliming AgentComponent: Mixture of Organic acid salts and Inorganic saltApperance: White PowderpH(1.0%): About 3.5Ionicity:AnionSolubility:Soluble in waterActive Content:95.0%Stability:Stable in the average concentration of neutral salt, acid and alkaliStorage period: 12 monthsPerformance:It can offer very strong buffering effect,does not..
flocculation agent :Mud dehydrating agent: activated-sludge method normally can be used to process urban and industrial sewage water, biochemistry mud is normally colloid with strong hydrophilicity, has high organic content, and is difficult to dewater. Cationic-polyacrylamide can be used to process, has small dosage and high dewatering..
white beeswax pelletsfrom changge cityMainly for cosmetic usage, Pharmacy,painting,polishing,etcMelting Point: 62 - 66 DCAcid Value: 16 - 22 mgKOH/gSaponification Value: 86 - 104 mgKOH/gPacking: 25kg poly bags/paper bag
PropertiesPAAS is innoxious and soluble in water , it can be used in situations of alkaline and high concentration without scale sediment. PAAS can disperse the microcrystals or microsand of calcium carbonate , calcium phosphate and calcium sulfate . PAAS is used as scale inhibition and dispersant for circulating cool water system , papermaking..
RO antiscalant chemical agent ME191ME191 is highly effective liquid RO antiscalant.It is suitable to treat brackish, high salinity, process and effluent feed-waters.It can be used in reverse osmosis (RO), nano-filtration (NF) and ultra-filtration (UF) system.It is compatible with all of the leading RO membranes.It can..