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1. INTRODUCTION TO PRODUCTS: IDEAL TAPE is mainly engaged in five series of products, which are Inner Tape, Outer Tape, Joint Tape, Tape Primer, and Putty Tape with 10-odd categories in nearly 100 specifications. They can be used for the purposes of steel pipe surface corrosion resistance for various pipelines in facility projects of..
Pure Polyester/Primid Powder Coating polyester/Primid polyester/Primid polyester/Primid /Primid Basepolyester resins and hydroxylalkylamideFeatureGood bond ability , mechanical properties and over baking resistanceExcellent weatherability Good flowing and glossyBetter storage capability than Polyester/TGIC type Application Field..
Sandwich type oven panels are connected with each other with silicone, which has high heat resistant. Heat control is made with digital thermostat, which is regulated in the required temperature and working intervals. Also, powder paint curing temperature, temperature interval, curing time and working time of the exhaust ventilator can be..
Production of automatic,semi-automatic, manual and special powder coating application systems
VandlGuard™ Permanent Non-Sacrificial Anti-Graffiti CoatingRainguard International is North America's leading anti-graffiti coating manufacturer and VandlGuard™ is the best selling protective non-sacrificial anti-graffiti solution to the permanent defacement and tagging of vertical building surfaces from commercially available..
CERAcoat - X COATINGDescription: When necessary, for Ceramic Fiber modules linings, coatings are used onthe hot face to enhance velocity resistance and protect the fiber from chemical attack.CERACHEM offers this types of coatings developed for specific applications as per givenbelow.Advantages:• Protect high-temperature Ceramic Fiber..
We are one of the premier manufacturer of Powder Coat Booth which is custum designed to meet the requirements of clients. Booths are designed with a filter system that captures the powder over-spray, allowing clean air to recirculate back into your plant, eliminating the need for exhaust stack with air replacement systems. Single cyclone..
recycled powder coating paint. light grey, medium grey and dark grey. 18 MT per shipment. payment is USD. 4 loads per month available. smooth no texture. must be used for painting. freight cost not included.
ModelSLS-9Worksize dimensions1200 width x 1800 height x 1600 depthOverall dimensions1400 width x 2100 height x 1900 depthWeight950kgPower supplyElectricNominal power9kWVoltage380VFrequency50-60HzDoor typeSingle sided, blindWarm-up time15-25 min. (190° C)Homogeneity< ± 5°C if 185°CTemperature stability< ±..
Protective Coating (High Performance for Industrial Paint) Protective coating is a high performance for industrial paint. There are few types of Sequoia Protective Coating:-Micaceous iron oxideHammertone finishBlack mattPolyurethane finishUsage: Suitable for use in metalwork including steelwork and new metal Texture: Solvent based protective
Super hydrophobic coating for car windows 1.Super hydrophobic coating agent2.Made in Japan 3.Stain proofing 4.Repels water and oils 5.Fingerprints resistant coating Applying the Super hydrophobic coating agent [BEFORE] [AFTER] Water repulsion(A contact angle of water) 110-115°*Oil repulsion(A contact angle) 64-70°*Thickness ..
Surface treatment agent for PVC / TPO leather coating The Leatherroid series was developed as an automobile interior treatment for PVC. In addition, we have recently finished creating a system for TPO material treatment with a specialized primer. It is valued for its soft feel and scratch resistance. It is being used by several automobile..
1. Coating on 3D shapes applicable 2. Large area coating applicable 3. Low temperature process- Deposition in low (room) temperature: coating on metal & other substrate with low melting point- Coating applicalbe substrates: SUS(stainless), aluminum, rubber, plastic, resin, glass, ceramics, etc. - Easy to make very thick film (dozen of..

nano coating

Posted on 27-02-2005
nano coating
We have large range of poducts on nano liquid glass coatings. Please contact us for further inquiries. www.nasiol.comProduct Groups: Nasiol-CPowerful solution for glass and ceramic surfaces. Repells water and stain from surfaces. Keeps surface clean from fungus, lime and other stains. Also it is used as rain and water repellent in automotive..

Water Repellent Coating

Posted on 08-07-2008
W.P.Coat is a versatile new Water Repellent Coating from Mekab Inks used by paper coverters and corrugated box manufacturers. It is an economical and easy to run coating with or without dilution. It is FDA-compliant for direct food contact, repulpable and recyclable.Utilizing a new chemistry, Mekab Inks has formulated new W.P.Coat to minimize..
Sinclair Strippable Coating is a peelable polymer in an aqueous solution manufactured by Sansui Paints, Sinclair offers temporary protection on to wide varity of non porous surfaces, no matter cement mortar, paint splatter-spills on Sinks, Marbels, Bath Tubs etc. No matter whether their is dusty wind on higher floors. All above problems set to..
DESCRIPTIONConsisting of a mixture which contains special acrylic resins; with pearl pigments which vary according to the light; bright; decorative interior wall coating material.APPLICATIONUsed after surface preparation with the appropriate primer on wall, stucco, concrete and wood surfaces.FEATURES• Produces different effects due to..
JOTUN is one of the top ten best sellers Industrial and MarinePaint Brand in the World. Kasempongrat Group, with over 40 years experience in Coating and Ship Supply business, would like to offer you the high quality coating at the best possible price. The Product Ranges are including Epoxy Coating, Road Paint, Polyurethane Coating, Modified..
we are leading manufacturer of thermal spray coating equipments & spare parts for HVOF, FLAME SPRAY, WIRE ARC SPRAY & PLASMA SPRAY PROCESSES. We are exporting about 70% of total production to various countries worldwide. we manufacture & supply spare parts for spray guns like jp 5000, tafa 8830, DJ 2700, 12E, 14E, 5P, 6P etc.