Sodium Acetate Anhydrous / Sodium Ethanoate Anhydrous ( CH3COONa )Technical Specification :Appearance: White CrystalsAssay : 99.00 % Mass Min Insolubles : 0.01 % Mass MaxChloride : 0.05 % Mass MaxCalcium : 0.1 % Mass Max Potassium : 0.1 % Mass MaxSulphate : 0.1 % Mass MaxHeavy Metal ( as Pb ) : 0.005 % Mass MaxApplications : ..
QINGDAO ON-BILLION INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.N,N-DIMETHYLFORMAMIDE (DMF)CAS NO.:68-12-2CHEMICAL FORMULA: C3H7NO RIDADR: UN2265 3/PG 3PROPERTY: It is colourless liquid with slight ammonia odour.melting point: -61 C,boiling point: 153 C, vapour density: 2.5,vapour pressure: 2.6 mm Hg at 20 C.Specific gravity: 0.95,Flash point: 58 C,Explosion..

Glyoxalic Acid

Posted on 10-04-2005
Main Assay e23.80% Glyoxal d1.0% Nitric acid d0.8% HCl d4.0% Oxalic acid d2.0%

Sell Phenyltrichlorosilane

Posted on 13-10-2012
Silicone monomer. This product is used for manufacturing paint-and-varnsih materials, polymethylsiloxane fluids, synthetic rubbers, hexamethyldisilazane and other polymeric materials.
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DYE FIX B is new developed product as a wet fastness improviser for acidic dyed goods of Nylon(Polyamide fiber). Former time, it was usually doing two dye bath attachments of tannic acid and crude tartar. But DYE FIX B gives excellent wet fastness by one dye bath. Also no color change to dyed fabrics after treatment and touch of fabric is..
DYE FIX C is developed for the purpose of improving various fastness like washing and sun-light fastness in the progress of working in treatment and processing after dye with reactive dyestuffs. And reactive dyes' main ingredients are cation resin.SHAPEAPPEARANCE : Colorless clear liquid have cohesionION : CationPH : 7(±0.5)SOLUBILITY :..
Product name:Acenaphthylene(high quality) Cas No.208-96-8 MF:C12H8 MW:152.20 Purity:98%min Appearance: Yellow crystalline powder100g in stock
- High quality and Low impurity organic chemical materials for Organic semiconductor for laboratory use - We offer high-grade semiconductors for organic transistors. These are high-grade semiconductor materials with minimal variability in performance. In some cases we are able to synthesize a variety of derivatives, so please consult us for..
Molecular formula:C6H16O3SSiCAS NO.:4420-74-0Purity:97%minDensity:1.057Boiling point:213-215°CAppearance:Colorless transparent liquidRefractive index:1.441-1.443Content:99%min Packing: 200Kg/210L Iron drum
Succinic AcidAdditional name: Asuccin; Bernsteinsaure; 1.4-Butanedioic acid; Ethylene succinic acid; Ethylene dicarboxylic acidCAS: 110-56-6 Molecular formula: HOOC(CH2)2COOH C4H6O4 Properties: white granules or flakes. Soluble in water; slightly soluble in ethanol, ethyl..
Product : Glyoxylic acidSynonyms:Oxo-acetic acidDensity : 1.3Boiling point : 111 ºCCAS No :298-12-4Physicochemical property:Aqueous solution of this products is transparent light yellow liquid. Soluble in water,slightly soluble in ethanol, aether and benzene etc..Specification: Index nameIndexSpecification40% specification50%..
Organic IntermediatePhysicals:Slight yellow or yellow free flowing powder or pellet,with strong ordour, soluble in water. Specification:Pellet/PowderItemsGradeItemsGradeApperanceSlight yellow or yellowapperanceSlight yellow or yellowActive component≥90%Active component≥85%Free Alkali≤0.2%Free..
N-Methylformamide(NMF) Molecular Formula: HCONHCH3Molecular weight: 59.07 N-Methylformamide(NMF)Molecular Formula: HCONHCH3Molecular weight: 59.07Properties: Clear,colorless liquid with ammonia odor under normal temperature and pressure.b.p.180° C-185°C, m.p.-40°C, refractive index 1.4319,proportion 1.011(19°C). Can be mixed..
Maleic anhydrideMolecular Formula : C4H2O3CAS Number : 108-31-6Description :mp : > 51.5 °C Vapor pressure : 0.16mmHg ( 20 °C ) Vapor density : 3.4(Air=1) Density : 1.314 g /ml at 25 °C bp : 200 °C Fp : 103 °CPacking : 25kgs net bag
BENZYL CHLORIDE 99.5% PURITY1. Synonym: Alpha-Chlorotoluene; (4-Chloromethyl)polystrene 2. Formula: C6H5CH2Cl3. Formula Weight: 126.564. CAS No.: 100-44-75. EINECS: 202-853-66. UN NO.: 17387. SPECS:Appearance: Colorless or light yellow, transparent liquid. It has strong lacrimation. Purity: 99.5% Packaging: 200 kg plastic drum Quantity: 1*20FCL..
Important organic chemical material,intermediate and good organic solvent.It is used to synthesize high-efficient and low-poisonous Methylimidazole and Amitraz,etc.Also is a solvent of organic synthetic and purifying process.Widely applied in pharmaceutical,dyestuff,perfume and electrolysis and electroplating industry etc. 200L plastic drums or..
ApplicationsFood industryIn foods and beverages, glycerol serves as a humectant, solvent, and sweetener, and may help preserve foods. It is also used as filler in commercially prepared low-fat foods (e.g., cookies), and as a thickening agent in liqueurs. Glycerol and water are used to preserve certain types of leaves. As a sugar substitute, it..
acetic acidspecification of acetic acid: ItemTechnical Gradehigh-classFirst-classQualifiedGlacial Acetic Acid,%99.8min99.5min98.5minColor10 max20max30maxFormic acid content ,%0.15max0.20max--Acetaldehyde content, %0.03max0.05max0.10maxFormaldehyde content ,%0.05max0.10max0.30maxResidue on evaporation, %0.01max0.02max0.03maxIron(fe) ,%0.000..