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"Sanjing" aluminum dihydrogen tripolyphosphate is a new non-toxic white anticorrosive pigment for painting. The product quality has been testedaccording to the standards of Volkswagenwerk, Germany. Results showed that its performance of anticorrosion is better than that of lead red or zincyellow. In 2000, our production was increased..
Pigment Features:1) Turquoise blue SP5012) Glaze stain3) Contents: Zr, Si, V4) Can be used in any kind of glaze5) Max. firing temperature: 1,300oC Packing:25kg/craft paper bagZibo Fuxing Ceramic Pigment & Glaze Co., Ltd. (Fuxing) was established in 1993. It is located in Zibo City, Shandong Province, which is famous for being the hometown..
Pigment Yellow 65 are mainly be used for Road Marking Paint (Traffic Marking Paints), printing ink, paints, plastics,rubber, and stationery. appearanceyellow powdercolor strength% 95-105Oil absorption %45maxMoisture %2.5maxwater soluble matter %1.5maxresidue on 80mesh %5.0maxLight fastness 6-7 Packaging & Shipping Packing:20kg kraftpaper..
Our registered brand "BYL" brand is strong color appearance, flaming, stable quality and has a large range of applicability. All types of product meet the demands of different customers and have been sold to all over the country and the world, especially the market percentage of glaze stain, is in the top position among the same..
Iron oxide pigment is widely used in construction, coating, rubber & plastic industries. We produce iron red, yellow, black, brown, orange and complex green. Packing: 25kg/bag
ceramic pigment with different color Features:1) Main composition: Zr-Pr-Si2) Max. firing temperature: 1,280°C3) Firing condition: oxide4) This pigment is used in glaze stain and ceramics productsPacking:25kg/polythene bag
Chromium Oxide Green Pigment Item:Chrome oxide green 5376P.G.17Cr2O3 %98 minAppearanceGreen powderTinting strength %101PH value6.5Moisture %0.15 maxOil absorption (g/100g) %16.5Residue on 325 meshs %0.21 maxChrome oxide green gn Item:Chrome oxide green gnP.G.17Cr2O3 %99 minAppearanceGreen powder(close to bayer green gn)Tinting strength %103PH..

Lapis Lazuli Pigment

Posted on 22-04-2014
Natural Lapis lazuli Pigment has a wonderful historic importance in the art world for its jewel like brilliant beauty and preciousness. Its notable use can be seen in many of the important paintings of the Old Masters and famous artists of 13th-19th century of the World. Premium Quality De Mairo pure Lapis Lazuli Dry Pigment is extracted from..
Pigments areorganic or inorganic substances, which are used as colouring agents bya number of industries including plastic, printing ink, paint, cement,soaps & detergents, paper and many others. Incepted in the year1977, Brite Paint & Chemicals is a renowned name in the industry. We are a reputed manufacturer and exporter of premium..
Product DescriptionColoris are dispersions of inorganic/organic pigments in monomer-free unsaturated polyester resin. The carrier resin in the pigment paste combines chemically with molding grades of commercial polyester resins during curing. They are used for coloring Unsaturated Polyester Resin (UPR) and Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP)..
Photoluminescent Pigment Photoluminescent pigment stores light (sunlight or artificial light) and emits the stored light with blue-green color in the dark (at night or during blackout). Our pigment is inorganic material which is not harmful to humans and the environment. Color of Product Light Emitting Color [Characteristics]..
Strontium Aluminate Photoluminescent Pigment Photoluminescent pigment stores light (sunlight or artificial light) and emits the stored light with blue-green color in the dark (at night or during blackout). Our pigment is inorganic material which is not harmful to humans and the environment. Color of Product Light Emitting Color ..
We are offering Ultramarine Blue - Pigment Blue 29. In ultramarine blue we have 2 major type available with us namely :Industrial Grade for paint, plastic, inks, rubber. Laundry grade - for laundry applicationsLaundry Grade are widely used in washing of clothes and detergent application. Industrail Grade are widely used by different industries..

Pearsscent pigments

Posted on 26-02-2005
We are importers of Highest quality Pearl effect pigments made from Natural mica flakes and also from Synthetic mica flakesWe can offer full range of pearlscent pigmentsthe Pigments series we have in stock is as below:1) The Colouring Series2) SILVER WHITE SERIES3) GOLDEN SERIES4) DIAMOND SERIES5) CHAMELEON SERIES6) MICA IRON METAL..
Photoluminescent PigmentIntroductionThe pigment is made of the luminous materials based on the alkaline earth aluminate, added high temperature adminicle as well as exterior ions, adopted particular formula and technology. Withappearance of light yellow or light green, its glowing color can be y yellow-green,..
Iron oxide pigments has full types including sorts of red, yellow, black, brown, orange. Its quality is stable with fine decentralization, strong tinting strength. It is widely used for Concrete products (roof tiles, Pavement, block, pavers, brick and tiles), Paints and coatings, Plastics and rubber, Ceramics, Asphalt pavements and coatings and..
Hangzhou Union Pigment Corporation is specialized in pigment business.We supply various kinds of pigments which is well used in the industries of paint,printing ink,plastic,rubber and building materials,etc. We devote ourself for exporting,.98% of our products are exported to United State,Europe,America,Southeast Asia,etc. We save no efforts to..
MHG Type is the most common use photoluminescent powder. It has the feature of high brightness and long afterglow.The light wavelength is 520um.It is widely applied in variety of transparent mediums to make them glow. ModelSize(um)Afterglow Intensitymcd/GlowingColorAppearance Color1min5 min30min60 minglow..
Pigment blueProduct Name: Phthalocyanine Blue 15Major Applications: plastics and leather. Phthalocyanine Blue LY-4B02 has a pure green shade,high gloss, suggested usage for plastic wax.Physical properties: Shade: similar to standard Oil absorption (ml/100g): 35—45%Moisture(%): 2.0max Water..