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"Sanjing" aluminum dihydrogen tripolyphosphate is a new non-toxic white anticorrosive pigment for painting. The product quality has been..
Pigment Features:1) Turquoise blue SP5012) Glaze stain3) Contents: Zr, Si, V4) Can be used in any kind of glaze5) Max. firing temperature: 1,300oC..
Pigment Yellow 65 are mainly be used for Road Marking Paint (Traffic Marking Paints), printing ink, paints, plastics,rubber, and stationery...
Our registered brand "BYL" brand is strong color appearance, flaming, stable quality and has a large range of applicability. All types..
Iron Oxide Pigment
Posted on 06-04-2014
Iron oxide pigment is widely used in construction, coating, rubber & plastic industries. We produce iron red, yellow, black, brown, orange and..
ceramic pigment with different color Features:1) Main composition: Zr-Pr-Si2) Max. firing temperature: 1,280°C3)..
Chromium Oxide Green Pigment Item:Chrome oxide green 5376P.G.17Cr2O3 %98 minAppearanceGreen powderTinting strength %101PH value6.5Moisture %0.15..
Lapis Lazuli Pigment
Posted on 23-04-2014
Natural Lapis lazuli Pigment has a wonderful historic importance in the art world for its jewel like brilliant beauty and preciousness. Its..
Oxide Colors pigments
Posted on 12-09-2006
Pigments areorganic or inorganic substances, which are used as colouring agents bya number of industries including plastic, printing ink, paint,..

Posted on 09-01-2014
Product DescriptionColoris are dispersions of inorganic/organic pigments in monomer-free unsaturated polyester resin. The carrier resin in the..
Photoluminescent pigment
Posted on 20-07-2005
Photoluminescent Pigment Photoluminescent pigment stores light (sunlight or artificial light) and emits the stored light with blue-green..
Strontium Aluminate Photoluminescent Pigment Photoluminescent pigment stores light (sunlight or artificial light) and emits the stored light..
ultramarine blue pigment
Posted on 01-04-2014
We are offering Ultramarine Blue - Pigment Blue 29. In ultramarine blue we have 2 major type available with us namely :Industrial Grade for paint,..
Pearsscent pigments
Posted on 27-02-2005
We are importers of Highest quality Pearl effect pigments made from Natural mica flakes and also from Synthetic mica flakesWe can offer full..
Photoluminescent Pigment
Posted on 10-10-2013
Photoluminescent PigmentIntroductionThe pigment is made of the luminous materials based on the alkaline earth..
iron oxide pigments
Posted on 03-08-2011
Iron oxide pigments has full types including sorts of red, yellow, black, brown, orange. Its quality is stable with fine decentralization, strong..
Pigment Organic Pigment HUPC
Posted on 13-12-2012
Hangzhou Union Pigment Corporation is specialized in pigment business.We supply various kinds of pigments which is well used in the industries of..
Photoluminescent pigment
Posted on 06-07-2006
MHG Type is the most common use photoluminescent powder. It has the feature of high brightness and long afterglow.The light wavelength is 520um.It..

Posted on 23-03-2010
Pigment blueProduct Name: Phthalocyanine Blue 15Major Applications: plastics and leather. Phthalocyanine Blue LY-4B02 has a pure green shade,high..
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