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Polyurethane Adhesive For Spray1.Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation2.used to develop buildings attractive and comfortable.Spray Polyurethane Foam..
Akfix 310 is a water-based adhesive used for bonding numerous building materials. It is particularly suitable for DIY users due to solvent-free..
Baumit tile adhesive
Posted on 27-02-2013
Baumit adhesives in wide range Please check our our website for more detailsDeliveryTerm: EXW Bialystok, PolandPayment Term:100% pre-payment by..
Our company, QS ADHESIVOS SL, dedicated to the development, manufacture and trading of adhesives and sealants for the industry and home sectors...
SMART FIXPowder Cement Base AdhesiveProduct Description: Multi purpose cement based mortar, Pre-Packed with high quality. Only requires the..

Posted on 27-12-2008
- Oil resistant sealing material for building and construction company -This product conforms to U.S. Federal Specification SS-S-200E.Long track..
Surface Adhesive
Posted on 04-03-2013
Surface Adhesive , Building Material ( For AAC Block/Brick ) [ NT-SC-1 ]General descriptionSurface adhesive is special designed for rendering..
Contact Adhesive:Description: Ideal for bonding materials like timber, metal, rubber, leather, textile etc; especially for bonding plywood,..

Posted on 07-11-2006
polyurethane sealantCS-2000 is used for the sealing of the joints of the refrigeration compartment, machinery, airport runway, superhighway, and..
Building Structural Adhesive
Posted on 06-02-2006
Building Structural Adhesive1 Brief IntroductionThe adhesive is mainly used in concrete structure cementation,strengthening and reinforcement of..
Name of Products: Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sodium (sodium CMC, SCMC, CMC, CMC-NA) Molecular Formula: C6H7O2 (OH)2OCH2COONaCAS NO. 9004-32-4H.S...
PTFE adhesive tape
Posted on 26-02-2010
Teflon Adhesive Tape:PTFE coated glass fabric provide dimensional stability, high tensile strength and edge tear, operates over a temperature..
Hot Melt Adhesive
Posted on 23-03-2012
Hot Melt Adhesive :It can be stick for Melamine paper , pvc , paper , veneer and sealing edge . package : 10kg/bag , 20 kg/bag
Fiberglass adhesive tapes
Posted on 13-07-2005
Product Name: Fiberglass packing tapeProduct Description: It use woven fiberglass mesh as base material.coated with the acrylic copolymer..
Protection film/adhesive tape
Posted on 10-08-2009
Specifications:1) Film tape: polyethylene film coated pressure sensitive acrylic solvent adhesive or water-based resin adhesive;2) Color: blue,..

Posted on 23-05-2011
SILICONE SEALANTSilicone Sealant is a one-part, acetic, designed for general adhesiveconstruction applications, It easily extrudes in any weather..

Posted on 13-07-2012
G1200 neutral silicone is a one-componet, fast curing silicone sealant for building finishing/renovation.It is a kind of paste,which cures into..

Posted on 14-06-2014
acrylic polymer emulsion: solid content :55+-1%viscosity:100-500cpsPH:3.5-4.5Glass transition temperature:-30°CUse:acrylic polymer emulsion..
Product Description BackingPE foamAdhesiveAcrylic adhesiveColorWhite, Gray,BlackUsageWidely used in automotive interior and exterior components,..
Product Description :KS-BOND® epoxy glue 906 is a kind of Epoxy adhesive with double component and super performance such as easy matching..
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