We can supply high quality welding machines.Technical specifications:
AA LR6 Alkaline BatteryFeatures: BatteryTechnical Data Size AA, LR6, AM-3 Alkaline (Zn-MnO2) Battery Nominal Voltage: 1.5V Diameter: 13.5~14.5mm Height: 49.2~50.5mm Shelf life: 5 years Packing Infomation Type: Blister-Pack Nominal Package: 2pcs/card 4pcs/card Quantity of Carton: 180cards 180cards Gross Weight: 9.0kg 17.3kg Dimesions of Carton:..
Gama Universal Group, is one of the oldest and most experienced suppliers of batteries to the international markets, with extensive range of lead-acid automotive (dry and maintenance free) traction, stationary and deep cycle batteries to suit all needs. Since its establishment, our company has striven to supply batteries of, only the highest..
All Calcium Maintenance-Free Lead Acid Battery- Quick Engine Start- No need to add water- Reasonable Price
Rocket Thai is the manufacturer of dry cell batteries. We are providing both manganese and alkaline batteries.Our available products are as follow;Manganese Products- R20 (D)- R14 (C)- R6 (AA)- R03 (AAA)- 6F22 (9V)- 4R25 (6V)Alkaline Products- LR20 (D)- LR14 (C)- ..
Being a leading battery importer, exporter and batteries wholesaler in Singapore, Arden Marketing & Services Pte Ltd has been in the battery business for over 15 years since 1993. Our website, fully operational since 1999 offers a full range of batteries for both your business and consumer needs. Having established a large battery business..
Traditional battery is fairly common used for cars and trucksDetailed: 24 - 30 seats (with car) 5.5 - 7.5 tonnes (with truck)Enimac batteries have overcome two major drawbacks: positive pole always passive (resistance increase) and negative pole oxidized to battery not start as soon as poured acid but to charge it used to be.So..
MRS Electical Co offers you high technology Forklit Battery Charger with voltage and ampere controlled charging program.- Best Charging Time- IuIa Charge Technique- Offers you a good battery life with correct charging- Charges battery for higher capacity- Charge limeted by ampere not time therefore charges battery to full.12 - 24 - 36 - 48 - 80..
CHARACTERISTIC OF SEALED BATTERY (VLRA BATTERY) - It is easy to maintain and repair because of a completed seal type. No need checking the specific gravity of electrolyte and no need adding distilated water in using process.- Minimized of a installation space by reducing dimenssion in large space.- High rate discharge..
OtobanG car battery1.COtobanG 12V Car Battery1.Competitive price, excellent quality / 2.Superior starting power. / 3.Powerful long life performance ompetitive price, excellent quality2.Superior starting power. / 3.Powerful long life performanceOtobanG car battery 1. Low-Resistance envelope Separator-encapsulatr negative plates-improve..
Product Description PERFORMANCE Voltage (V)12 VC20 (Ah)60 Ah 20 hCranking (A)510 ENChargeWetTechnologyVented / FloodedGridHybrid WEIGHT AND DIMENTIONS Battery Weight (kg)15Length (mm)242Width (mm)175Height (mm)190Packing TypeShrink PackagePallet Quantity108Pallet Weight (kg)1630 CONTAINER Type L2Hold DownB13H.D...
Product DescriptionOriginal Alkaline Battery made by Eveready Indonesia.With Quality Seal for trusted power.This alkaline battery lasts up to 2x longer than the heavy duty battery. Packaging & ShippingFor packaging and shipping please contact us.We will provide you with many options on packaging and shipping. Company InformationWe are a..
Japanese universal input car battery charger for wholesale One PANcharge1k device supports multiple voltages - 12, 24, 36, & 48 V Safety designs prevent failure due to accidental connection of a battery with a different voltage than the set voltage 100 V, 200 V switchable universal input design|||| Product Description |||| ..
1)Worlwide input Voltage2) 3 stage floating charge method3)compact size4)competitive price with excellent performance5)Reverse polarity protection
Lithium battery charger is suitable for worldwide power supply input standard: AC 100v to 240vHigh intensity engineering plastic material designed in waterproof and moistureproof. Charge mode: CC-CV automaticallyCharge indication: LED indicates charge state: red for in the process of charging green for charge finished.Operating environment: -20..