Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor (CD11 WH),air conditioner capacitor,motor capacitorstock lots of capacitors/aluminum electrolytic capacitor/axial electrolytic capacitorFeatures:1) Temperature range: -40 ~ +105oC2) Rated voltage (VDC): 200 - 450V3) Capacitance range (μf): within ±20% of the initial value4) High ripple current and..
Product DescriptionUL/cUL/TUV/VDE/CE/RoHS Approval AC Motor Capacitor Capacitance: 1 to 180uF Capacitance tolerance: ±5% or ±10% Working voltage: 110 to 630VAC Temperature range: -40 to +85 degrees Celsius Lead material: AMP 250 tin-plated brass QCs Outer shape: UL 94 V-O fire-retardant round plastic case or aluminum can and..
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Electrolytic Capacitor Aluminum Chip Type Lead Type made in Japan+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Our company deals with a variety of aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturers in Japan. We can introduce a diverse line of products to fit your company needs such as chip..
Product Character:This product uses polypropylene film or reticulation safety film (coated by Zinc and Aluminum) as a dielectric, encapsulated by retardant epoxy resin, with cylinder shape, high reliability and good stability. Technical Data: Climate type 25/70/21Capacitance tolerance+/-5%Test voltage2 times working voltage, no break down..
Feed-thru Capacitor:Feature:1.The materials of products are in line with ROHS standard;2.Heavy current and high break down voltage;3.The surface treatment has good welding performance and decay resistance.Specification: 1.Temperature Feature -55C ~ +125C,-25C ~ +85C2.Caps and Tolerance 10PF... to 1.5uF ..
Water Cooled Plate, Ceramic Capacitor,Capacitor,Electrical Products CCGS-1-3000PFType:Water Cooled Plate, Ceramic Capacitor ,Capacitor, Electrical Products CCGS-1-3000PFCap Value(PF):3000Rated Voltage(DC+AC):20Reactive Power(KVA):1250Max Current(A):100Dimensions(mm):D:108H:255h1:25h2:105Thread Size:M8ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
Water Cooled Plate, Ceramic Capacitor CCG8-2-3000-20Type: Water Cooled Plate, Ceramic Capacitor CCGS-2-3000-20Cap Value(PF):3000Rated Voltage(DC+AC):20Reactive Power(KVA):2000Max Current(A):250Dimensions(mm):D: 135H: 242h1:25h2:120Thread Size:M8ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
CBB65A AC Metalized Polypropylene CapacitorFeatures and use: The product is equipped inside with reliable explosion-proof equipment and is highly safe. With its good self-healing characteristic and long life-span, it is widely used for air-conditioners, refrigerators, generators, illuminating lamps, etc...
Fan capacitors have CE,UL & ROSH certificates. Used for 50/60hz A.C single phase motor, especially for fan.Main Features:1.Rated voltage: 200VAC,250VAC,400VAC,450VAC , 500VAC 2.Rated frequency: 50Hz(60Hz).3.Rated capacitance: Between 1.0μF and 26μF4.Withstand AC voltage between terminals: 1.75 times rated voltage for 2..
High performance capacitor/ car audio capacitor/ digital power capacitor Product Description Specifications:1. Red 3 digits voltage display, Blue led lights running Automatically turn-on/off 2. Reverse connection alarm3. ESR:<0.0017 Ω 4. Rated working volt:12V DC~16V DC5. Surge volt:20V DC6. Working temperature:-40~95°C7...
Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor CL21 (MEF) :metallized polyester film, non-inductive wound constructioinwide capacitance range, small size, and light weightlong life due to self-healing effectflame restardant epoxy resin coatingThis product is widely used in color TV, stereo, lamps and lanterns, telephone, computer, program-controlled..
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors:Products used in electronic computer, car audio, color TV, VCD, communication and electronic lighting such as machine equipment and instruments.Products from 6.3 v to 450 v, capacity from 0.1 u f ~ 10000 u f low, medium and high pressure and miniature, ordinary and low leakage, low loss, wide temperature, long..
Run Capacitors: UL RECOGNIZEDAvailable Round or Oval ,The widest selection of ratingsNon-PCB capacitors
CD60 Motor Start CapacitorShell Material:metal,with PVC insulation case.Lead ways:welded tabe.wires,cables,tabs.This capacitor use aluminum foil as electrode,non-solid electrolyte as medium,it start motors in low current and enhance the motor torque, it is well-sealed,solid,easy to install,it is mainly for air conditioners,freezers and other..
Endurance with ripple current: 105°C/1,000 ~2000hoursFeatures: standard size for 105°C useVoltage range: 6.3 to 100V DCCapacitance: 0.1 to 15,000uFCapacitance tolerance: +/-20%Temperature range: -40 to +105°CLeakage current: 0.01 CV or 3uALoad life equivalent: 1,000 hours at 105°C
Motor Run Capacitor CBB60 which is made of metallized PP fim is widely applied in single phase AC motor, such as Pump, Fan, Cleaning Machine, Washing Machine, Air Conditionor, Refrigerator,Compressor and so on. Technique Data of Motor Runing Capacitor:Climate Type:40/70/21; 25/85/21Rated Voltage:250-660VACRated Capacitance:250VAC: 1-120..
1. Features & use:This capacitors is adopted and thickens the polystyrene film to make medium; The aluminium foil was coiled together for the electrode. The two-way copper bolt draws threads, Horizontal installation. It has these Characteristics: Shoulder the coefficient of temperature, Electric capacity capacity stability good, The..
Outdoor-type PFC Low-voltage Capacitor , low-voltage capacitor, capacitorTechnical Specification:1. Single or Three Phase2. Rated Frequency: 50Hz2. Rated voltage: 0.23kV~0.69 kV3. Capacity range: 5~40 kVar4. Reference standard: IEC60831-1996 IEC60831-25. Capacitance tolerance: -5% ~ +10%6. Dielectric loss: ≤ 0.2W/kVar7. Insulation..