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Hot Sale Mini Circuit Breaker
Posted on 17-07-2005
Hot Sale Mini Circuit BreakerThis series MCB is used in circuit of AC50Hz, rated voltage to 380V and rated current from 0 to 63A for protection..
Mini Circuit Breaker(FS1 series)1) Modern design, good quality;2) Use PA 66 Nylon shell, which has strong anti-burn capacity;3) Copper content for..
Circuit Breaker
Posted on 05-07-2007
APPLICATIONS: F360(F362,F364) series Residual Current Circuit Breaker without over current protection conforms to the standards of GB16916.1,..
Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers: RCCB Earth Leakage circuit breaker is mainly suitable for distribution system of industry and commerce. Its..
Car Circuit Breaker
Posted on 16-05-2011
Car Circuit BreakerFeatures:1) Consist of fuse box, fuse plate and storage battery connection2) Used for car storage batteries3) Cut circuit..
Features:1) Used in the circuit of 50 / 60Hz2) Rated voltage: 240 / 415V AC3) Rated current: 1A - 63A4) Conforms to IEC60898
Type ZW32DX-12 vacuum circuit breaker Intelligent type is a reliable vacuum switchdevice for 12kV system, poled mounted for outdoor application,..
Model CCB260 series has been UL approved.UL file No.:E313354. It is suitable for industrial and commercial lighting applications, as well as..
Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)
Posted on 23-10-2008
AIR TYPE CIRCUIT BREAKERS:They have been produced from 630A to 6300A, in 70kA and 100kA breaking capacities, as fixed and with drawout type,..
VCB - Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Posted on 24-11-2010
VBC - Vacuum Circuit Breaker - It provides a product with an intergrated technology, qualified atomic energy and various voltage ranges. - It is..
Masterpact NT and NW ranges from Schneider Air Circuit Breaker offer built in communications and metering functions in addition to the traditional..
HYUNDAI "HiAN" TYPE ACBDESCRIPTION Hyundai HiAN series of ACB’s offer high breaking capacity to protect low..

Posted on 01-09-2013
Electrical circuit breaker MCB 1 Poles Contact Claudia NguyenSkype: miss.claudianl (always online)Email: uyennln(@)
Posted on 19-08-2005
Current interruption in vacuum The vacuum circuit-breaker does not require an interrupting and insulating medium. In fact, the interrupters do not..
DC Miniature circuit breaker
Posted on 04-09-2006
Product DescriptionDC MCBDegree of Protection: IP 20Conforms to IEC-60898-2Number of Poles: SP/DP Rated Current (A) : 0.5A - 40A Rated Voltage:..

Posted on 19-05-2011
High Current Circuit BreakerAvailable Amps, 80A, 100A, 140A, 200A,250A,300A,300ASize: 105mm (L) x 42mm (W) x 40mm (H)Stops Power Surges from..
IP Mini Circuit Breaker
Posted on 15-09-2014
Features:1) Module design and standard guide installation2) Current transformer uses beryllium membrane alloy material and has high reliability3)..

Posted on 23-08-2011
1.Main technical parameter:Rated voltage 12KVRated current 630~3150ARated short-circuit breaking current 20~40KARated peak withstand current..
The product,used to protect line-conductor and overload,and short-circuit of small size motors,is mainly for protection of circuits with AC220V..
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