Our main products include:1. EL light box with aluminum frame;2. EL poster w/o frame;3. EL light box with acrylic frame;4. EL stand;5. EL mini X banner stand,6. LED edge lit slim light box with aluminum frame;7. LED edge lit slim light box with acrylic frame.8. LED ANIMATED light box.Customized sizes are available.
Products information: Merchandising:Customers can use own BRAND/LOGO! Washing:1.Dry Clean or Hand wash2.Remove power unit before power3.Do not submerge any part of the flash panelUSING:1.Insert standard AAA batteries2.Slide switch to operate power3.Use selector on pack to choose flash pattern4.Do not bend or apply pressure to the flash panel.

EL Products

Posted on 19-07-2007
Company Information EL/EL Panel, EL Products./EL Series/EL Items/EL Lighting Items/EL Lamp/EL Animated Items/EL Poster/Electroluminecent Lighting/Electronic items/EL Items/EL Lighting itemsEL Products including a series Products,EL Advertisement,EL Backlight,EL Sheet,EL Caps and EL T-Shirts ,EL Car Sticker,EL Badges,EL Wire and so on.For the..
EL glowing cap Good idea for promotional festival purpose, public assembly with any symbolic pictures flashing on you caps. What is EL flashing cap:EL panel is stitched on a normal base ball cap, it will flash when you turn it on in the dark.Let you outstanding of the group.Good idea for promotional and festival purpose, public assembly, with..
plywood,poly bag,paper carton,package can be custotmized as requestedFor large orders,mouldling cost will be free.el displayfor advertisement, indoor advertisements in bus stations, railway stations, and supermarkets, advertisements on the buEL flashing T-shirt,el sound activated t-shirt,el equalizer t-shirt with the features as..
Surface illumination with high brightness.Attract people's eye, excellent advertising effect!Product NameEL products! Specification♥Size:A6-A0 and make customized size♥Thickness: 0.2-0.5mm♥Well-average lighting and low power consume♥ Any flashing program can be customized according your request♥Color:any..
el product Merchandising: Costomers can use own BRAND/LOGO! WEAR:MUSIC FLASHES TO THE BEAR OF THE MUSIC!!! Washing: 1.Dry Clean or Hand wash 2.Romove power unit before power 3.Do not submerge any part of the flash panel USING: 1.Insert standard 4*AAA batteries 2.Slide switch to operate power 2.Use selector on pack to choose flash pattern 3.Do..
el products(el panel,el flashing t-shirt products)Detailed Product DescriptionThis is the shirt that everybodys talking about - the sound activated equaliser with adjustable sensitivity ! Walk into a disco, bar or nightclub with this shirt on and the bars on the equaliser jump up and down to the music in real time ! How cool ! Just insert 4..
Welted EL wire is flexible,can be bent, twisted,etc. It's also energy saving, enironmentally and safe.It also can be cut into any length.Wire EL wire can be used for various clothing,such as dancing,show,clubwear,gowns etc, car decoration,arts, and also entertainment.Diameter: 1.3, 2.3, 4.0, 6.0mmColor: Red, Blue, Green, Green, Orange,..
EL poster Best quality with high brightness Long life time, low consumption CE ROHS approved,any size is OKEL panel for advertisement / poster / display, good idea for promotionOur team is happy to discuss your specific needs and discuss graphics and operational possibilities.EL can be used as a perfect promotion tool will bring huge..
Model: WY-ELPL2-W-11GS-G1Name: "Polar Light2 "Round Double Core EL wire-YellowDiameter:3.2/5.0mm Color: Pink/Red/Lime-green/Grass-green/Purple/Blue/Blue-green/Orange/Yellow/Red glow White/White glow White, total 11colors. Operating Lifetime:3000~6000Hrs.Characteristic:As the luminescent sureface of Doule Core EL wire is double than..
EL productwith many style and colors for ur optionThe fiber optic were planted on the POP sign and the LED as the lamp-house, the IC as the control. Permute and combinate the fiber optic and different light according the logo or design on the POP sign, controled by IC, then we can get blinking pictures. It looks like Neon on the street, so we..
Detailed Selling Lead Description Example of method way:1. Transparent organic acrylic glassUse Carven machine to engrave pattern slot on its surface which isthe same as the diameter of Flexible Neon Wire. (Such as: 2.0mm, 1.2mm), put the wire in slot, then use the same area superficial clarity thin sheet to cover.2. Plastic board(mirror..
el light/el product/el sheet:Basic features:1.Size : the minimal size : A6(10.5*14.8cm) The biggest size of single panel :100cm*200cm , if you need larger , we can connect one panel with another, so we can supply your any size for you.2.Voltage : input : DC12V, AC110-240V3.Brightness:85-150cd/m24.Life time:8000 hours5.Safety: CE..
Sound activated EL T-shirts are operated from 4xAAA batteries( not included)*Each T-shirt has small hidden pack with battery compartment(inverter)* Smallon or off buttom* Battery pack connects to electro-luminescent(EL) PANEL*With built-in graphic equalizer panel*Sound sensitive* As music beats, shirts equalizer lights up to beat*Suitable for..
Surface illumination with high brightness.Attract people's eye, excellent advertising effect! Product NameEL advertisement panel, EL sign, EL poster tec for any brand promotion. Specification♥Size:A6-A0 and make customized size♥Thickness: 0.2-0.5mm♥Well-average lighting and low power consume♥ Any flashing program can..
EL T-shirt, flashing t-shirt, shinning t-shirt1.EL T-Shirt, ideal for your artwork or logos printed on as promotion T-Shirts,different artwork, same price 2.Works with 4 x AAA batteries, with on/off feature 3.100% cotton washable T-shirt with EL panel mounted on Velcro patch for easy removal before washing 4.Battery compartment neatly place..
EL Cap, EL Product, EL Hat : 100% Cotton cap, for choosing, common color is black and various colors for your choosing , such as blue, red, white, pink etc. Works with batteries, with on/off featureHight brightnessLow enery consumptionNo Harmful raysNo heatLong life-SpanWashing Instuctions :Washing clean or hand wash, remove power unit before..
EL Products : EL Sound Active T-Shirt/EL Switch T-Shirt/ EL ProductsCustomize your idea and logoBest choice for promotions .EL Sheet logo can be changed according to the customers' request.Sensitive to sound, the logo moves when it's activated by soundT-Shirt : 10% of the Pure Cotton Yarn, 190gT-Shirt color: BlackEL-Sheet and T-shirt installing..