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Water Immersion Sensor
Posted on 11-10-2013
Water Immersion SensorFeatures:1) Operational principle: based on liquid conduction principle, use the electrode to detect whether there is water,..

Posted on 05-01-2013
photoelectric switch.1, Printed circuit board assembly, enclosure and lens made from polycarbonate 2, Silicon controlled switching 3, Intended to..
Sewer Level Monitoring Solution A solution for under ground city sewer monitoringMarket need: Alerts for overflow conditions: prevention of -..
Water heater NTC Temperature SensorMainly apply to hot water supplies temperature detect or.Heat Resistance1% AccuracyPopular for high temperature..
Adjustable time delay,lux and distance settingsDetection through plasterboard,glass and wallOperating Voltage : ~230-240 V / 50HzLighting Load :..
For more info and datasheets visit CHARACTERISTICS at Vcc=12V (Table 3)Supply Voltage4.5V~24VSupply..
♣ QCM sensor of measuringinstruments for mass ♣As a specialty crystal manufacturer, we bring you reliable, high-quality Japanese goods..
Temperature Sensor
Posted on 23-12-2013
Application of the system:control over the temperature of the conductive parts of the high voltage electrical equipment and industrial..
IR Temperature sensor
Posted on 04-01-2007
Wide temperature range from -40°C to 1030°CSpectral range: 8 to 14 µmOptical resolution of 15:1Fast response time of 25 msYour..

Posted on 16-06-2013
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Gas sensor that utilizes the calorific value, has spread most widely..
CO2 MODBUS RTU sensor 24Vdc
Posted on 12-05-2010
Application AreasIndoor Air Quality Measurement in Offices, Schools, hotels and residential areasDCV- Demand Controlled Ventilation for energy..

Posted on 28-11-2014
Different types of Japanese made Proximity Sensor with high quality • • • • • • • • • • •..

Posted on 26-10-2009
NTC temperature sensorOperating temperature range: -30oC to +125oCShort response time, highly stable in humid conditionApplication:Temperature..
· Adoption of the most advanced Teflon diaphragm with large ring section make the electrode with stable liquid junction· ..
Length-counting sensor LK-70
Posted on 25-02-2012
Length-counting sensor LK-70 A length-counting sensor consists of a length-counting drive wheel, length-counting receive and signal output..
1. Feature & Benefit The Optic Sensor is installed in the Fuel Tanker Truck when doing the bottom loading work, it will detect the..
High frequency current sensor
Posted on 24-04-2010
CURRENT SENSORPerformance characteristics and application areas:Good voltage seperation ability and insulation property. It is applicable for..
microwave sensor (eagle 6)
Posted on 11-01-2007
microwave sensor (eagle 6) Frequency:24.125 GHzSupply Voltage: 12 to 24 VAC: +/- 10% 12 to 24 VDC: -10% / +30%Mounting Height: Normal: 7';..
LM12/LM18/LM30 Proximity sensor datasheets:Inductive type proximity switchNPN output is yellow color, and PNP is green colorDetect distance: ..
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