Aqua2live M 5000 mobile disinfecting water treatment, per hour 5 tons drinkingwater, 24 hours! 10 tons plant is possible.
The accessories of water treatment systems include:1) RO membranes2) Water softener3) Water filter4) Membranes vessel5) FRP tank6) Auto or manual control valve7) UV sterilizer
SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTWe introduce ourselves as one of the leading solution provider for Waste Water Treatment and since 1972, with 4 decades of experience in the field of Water Treatment. We specialize in Effluent Treatment Plants and have successfully supplied projects of various sizes in India and globally.The above projects have been..
Detailed DescriptionPromax:Package Sewage Treatment PlantsBenefitsVery compact & occupy very less space than other sewerage treatment plants.Less maintenance, Low capital & Operation cost Simple assembly and operated by on site labour The system is prefabricated and mounted in ISO freight containers and no larger than standard ISO..
Water Treatment Plant We Provides Water Purification Plants for making water suitable for human consumption, Pharmaceutical, Steel Etc. Agriculture & other purposes. These plants are used for water purification by eliminating harmful substances From Water So it can be Used without Hesitate. We Are Manufacturing of..
Natural Water TreatmentA solution to water structure which has been argued for over 100 years with a structural analysis of electron status.The world first observation of two major structures with a high resolution soft X-ray emission spectrometer.It is proved that two structures have a strong resemblance to the order structure of ice in which..
Rain water treatment suppliesThe model number "Anywhere KIYOMIZU"Daily life water can be made in the place without the infrastructure of waterworks.Product featureFeature 1It is portable for lightweight design weight of about 20kg in the disassembly and assembly type.Therefore, the water treatment in the vicinity of the lake river is..
Product Description PropertyNatural and safe powderApplicationFor all biological treatment tanksConcentration10^7 to 10^10 CFU/gmActive IngredientsConsortium of effective beneficial microorganisms. May contain up to 76 - 96 different microbial strains.StorageNo Special storageShelf-life2 yearsADVANTAGES : Saves energy costs.Increases..
CPF-E series ClO2 generator is a kind of positive pressure and remote automatic control disinfecting system. It is adopted Positive Pressure dosing technology for the first time in the world. It can brought disinfectant solution directly to the pressured water with simple, safe, reliable, stable operation and other characteristics. It can be..
RO water treatment equipment for drinking water1. This machine has normal pure water production technique, open-frame design as well as clear working process, easy to maintain and service. 2. With high quality of super-low-pressure TFC compound RO membrance precise filter technique, the ability of getting rid of metallic ions can reach 99%...
Water TreatmentWTRO series reverse osmosis system possesses the characteristics of high quality,rich experience and reasonable price. Using the international advanced RO membrane, the high efficiency and low noise high pressure pump and correct meter compose and independent reverse osmosis system, so that the whole system unit is on an..
CG-500L two stage ro water treatment Two stage RO system process:Power supply: 380V or220V 50HzSand filter used to remove the suspension,colloids. rust, impurity in water as well as some microbecarbon filter used to remove the organic matters and oxygen, bad odor, pesticide andcolloids which are not removed thoroughly by sand filterwater..
We can offer 1, 000-100, 000LPH Industrial RO system as usualThe RO system application:1) Direct drink water factory2) Electric and power factory3) Semi-conducto factory4) PCB factory5) Chemical factory6) Pharmacumatic factory7) House and apartment and hotel, etc8) Glass field9) Solar panel treatment10) Goverment and othersThe Complete RO..
6000L/H RO Water Purification System IntroductionThis is the RO system for producing drinking water. The producing capacity is 6000L/H. The system apply advance PLC control system to achive full automatic run for the process of pure water production, flushing and back washing. The main frame of the machine is made or high quality 304..
Usage: It is often used to fill water-discarding engineering ad a precipitate pond and used to give life to waste water after treatment system. Chief characteristics: Use assembled ethylene as material, no poison and smell, good erosion-resistant, light, long lifespan, slippery pipe wall, big measure of area, high crack rate. Specificity..
RO Water Treatment System Water Treatment System applies to the production of mineral water, RO purified water, distilled water, etc.RO Water Treatment System System includes:- Raw water tank- Sand filter- Carbon filter- Precision filter- Scale Inhibitor- Reverse Osmosis (RO system) / Ultra-filtration- Oxidation tower (ozone generator)- UV..
The features of septic tank water treatment are as follows:<1> Main material: imported PE raw material<2> Common color: dark(black)<3> Uniform wall thickness.<4> Thickness and weight can be varied for extra strength requirements.<5> Excellent material guarantee the long period of useful life. <6>..
BDXB-400 series of RO water treatment membrane elements is used for the desalination of brackish water and other similar water and it has high desalination rate and long time stable performance under high flow and low operating pressure.BDXB-400 series is applicable to the water which contains less than 5000ppm salt. It is used to produce pure..
Product Description We can provide many brands of membranes for residential and commercial systems, such as Filmtech, Hydrnautics, Vontron, Amfor etc... Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.