K.Y.C is Korean's Super dealer as Expect View information and buying items with wholesale price. www.wholekorea.com noproduct namepricestock 1Cotton 100% / Neon printing tee / Loose sleeveless4.9In-stock2Fashionable printing tee / High quality fabric / Boxy tee4.9In-stock3Stripe tee / Neon stripe T-shirts / Shoulder hole tee 4.9In-stock4Skull..
Instant powder tanrei green juice food beverage without pesticide The domestically produced raw ingredients used in Green Juice contain beauty ingredients derived from fruit. Its matcha green tea flavor makes it very easy to drink. -Our Products- Beauty ingredients include Hokkaido melon placenta, Thai..
Powdered beverage made from barley mulberry and sasa veitchii shake with water and ready to drink The domestically produced raw ingredients used in Green Juice contain beauty ingredients derived from fruit. Its matcha green tea flavor makes it very easy to drink. -Our Products- Beauty ingredients include..
Goji Juice Powder For Health Food & Beverage Product Name: Goji Juice PowderPart Used: Fruit (100% Natural)Appearance: Orange fine powder Solubility: Excellent soluble in waterWithout any preservatives and additives.Usage: Beverage making,Food additive and for Health ProductMesh: 80-100mesh Certificate of Analysis:Discription:Goji..
OPH-I-A Automatic Liquid Filling Machinery For Small Business : Product Description Technical Data: Rated Voltage220V, 50/60HZMax. Power60wMachine size110*32*50cmN.W. / G.W.38KG / 46KGPacking size120*38*58cmTolerance-0.5%~+1% Filling speed1.44L/min Material Stainless steel Feature:1. Adopts world-famous frequency conversion controller and..
DCGF Seres Balanced Pressure 3-In-1 UnitIntroduction of ProductionType DCGF three-in-one set is used for aerated water filling. The machine combines washing, filling and cover spinning with complete automation, suitable for aerated water filling into polyester bottles and PET bottles. It can be used for all kinds of bottles. The bottleneck..
CGF24-24-8 Bottle Juice filling machine carbonated beverage This series of bottle filling machinery integrate washing, filling and capping into one unit,can be used for mineral water.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------With only a few parts..
1.Introduction This kind of machine is Pneumatic Filling Machine, it mainly uses for quantitative filling of water,oil, ointment etc. The filling base can slide/lift vertically to suit various filling demands. The machine can be divided into many types depending on filling capacity ranging from 1 through 1000ml. 2. structure It adopts..
beverage machineryIntroduction:DG series constant filler is a kind of advanced level can-filling equipment which is researched, improved and made according to the filling technique requirement of can-drink of our country on the base of introducting, digesting and absorbing foreign advansed technology.Main technological date:..
Carbonater beverage/Coca cola/pepsi-cola/spirit drink 3 IN 1 automatic filling machineBeverage machine Characteristics:1. The machine is washing-filling-capping 3-in-1 body,which can fill carbonated drink,fruit,milk,water and so on. 2. It is available for the bottles from 200ml to 2000ml.3L,5L,3 gallon,5 gallon.3. The production of the..
Short introduction:Automatic Water Bottle Washing Filling Capping 3 in 1 Machine1. Full automatic multiple-function washing, filling and capping unit2. Material: SUS304,meeting food sanitary requirements3. Unique design, new style,beautiful construction4. Complete functions, multipurpose, convenient in operation,high automaticity5. 500ml..
ice lolly bag filling sealing machine is used for preformed bags(inflation bags,bar milk bags,bar yogurt bags),auto filling sealing in the airless condition.It is widely uaed in dairy,beverage,liquid spices,soy produducts,jelly,wine,detergents,semi-fluid,liquid chemical,high viscosity semifluid product,grain orange product,coconut,pulp..
Complete line beverage The series equipment is used for the production of green tea,black tea and fruit juice.It integrates washing ,filling,capping together.The edsign is scientific and reasonable.Its appearance is beautiful, operation and maintenance is convenient.Features:1.High speed filling valve, guarantees liquid has precise level and no..
The machine is suitable for filling and sealing of carbonated drink beer and beverage in the industrial of pop can beverage field. The filling and seaming are of integral design. The principle of equal pressure filing is adopted. During filing, after the empty can reaches into the can lifting cylinder after passing through the pneumatic..
Washing Filling Capping Carbonated Beverage Drink MachineProducts Introduction:This CGF Wash-filling-capping 3-in-1unit:Beverage Machinery is used to produce polyester bottled mineral water, purified water, alcoholic beverage machinery and other non-gas beverage machinery. The CGF Wash-filling-capping 3-in-1unit:Beverage Machinery can finish..
GVT10-120ml horizontar pneumatic shampoo/ shower gel/ beverage filling machine Promake GVT Horizontal Liquid Filing Machine Parameters: Horizontal liquid filling machine InstructionThis unit is developed on the basis of the new design, and it increases some additional function according to the similar products in the..
Semi Automatic Bottled Carbonated Beverage/Beer Bottling Machine This machine is my company's introduction of German technology, combined with the characteristics of beer production industry, designed to develop small-scale beer filling equipment. The machine has excellent mechanical operation reliability, improved rinsing, filling, cover..
filling plant for carbonated beverageFeatures: This equipment is used for processing of PET bottle carbonated beverage. It can be used for washing,filling and capping. The beverage filling machine is designed with advanced technique, and it is fully automatic. There is PLC control system on the equipment,and it is easy to operate. The..
Product DescriptionBottled water filling equipment CGF-series apply to the production of mineral water and purified water, with optional capacity from 4000bph -15000bph Feature /characters of equipment 1. It has functions of rinsing filling sealing 2. It works automatic and controlled by PLC 3. The main material adopts good quality SS304 and..
Reliable 2014 new type 3 in 1 automatic carbonated beverage/gas drink/soda drink filling machine CGFD Washing, normal pressure Filling, Capping 3-in-1 soda drink filling machine is a new type self-developed equipment, which bases on years’ usual practice and adopt the advanced technology, and absorb many clients’ views. It meets..