Egg powder is a kind of dried-egg product after fresh egg being broken, separated, filtered, pasteurized, sprayed, dried (full egg powder and yolk powder), or fermented and dried. With nutrition of fresh eggs and remarkable effects, egg powder are ideal auxiliary materials for the production of meat, ice-cream, bread, noodles, biscuits, puffed..

Whole Egg Powder

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Playing same role as that of Egg Yolk Powder with more protein. 1. In wheaten food such as cookies, biscuit, scone, egg roll, noodles, instant noodles etc. Make noodles taste elastic, used as substitute for egg, playing the same role as egg. 2. In ice cream Whole egg powders natural emulsifying agent, enhance fat comdensation and make it..
The preserved duck eggs without Lead is highly praised by customers at home and abroad for its clean appearance, convenience and good flavor. The former takes advantage of the Zinc instead of the Lead to avoid the harm to human being. The latter, which is initiated in China, employs scientific formula and advanced processing technology and gets..


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Product: Plain egg white, premium egg white (lo whip), premium egg white (high whip) Description: Egg white separated from farm fresh eggs, pasteurized, chilled and frozen. Ingredients: Plain egg white - egg albumen only Product: Plain yolk Description: Egg yolks separated from farm fresh eggs, pasteurized, chilled and frozen ..
As a leading manufacturer of egg products in China, we can supply you safe and quality egg products in form of powder such as whole egg powder, egg yolk powder and egg albumin powder as well as in liquid eggs in variations of whole, yolk and white for food industry. In the meantime, we can aslo supply hard boiled and peeled eggs, which are..
We can supply Hubei preserved duck eggs, and salted duck eggs, can meet demand of Asian market and USA and Canadian market, etc.We have all types packing, eps box, PVC box,6pcs in a box, and 10pcs/small drum and 180pcs/drum, etc.Our eggs product are with fine qulaity and good smell, red heart eggs, and leadless, help to healthy of human.Please..

Ostrich Egg

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We sell empty ostrich egg. We can supply 1000 eggs minimum order is 50 eggs

Liquid egg products

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White Eggs

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size: 53/63 gramsPacking: 12 trays x 30 eggs (360 eggs x box)In a container 40´reefer enter 1280 boxesOrigin: ArgentinaProcedures are very simple, as bellow:Buyers and sellers agree on price and conditionsBuyers confirm purchase order, by e-mailSellers issue Pro Forma Invoice and Sales ContractBuyers sign Pro Forma and Contract and return..


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Fresh Chicken Eggs

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Dear Sirs, we supplu Fresh Chicken Eggs (white & brown). Origin:U kraine.55-60,60-65,65-70,70-75gr.40' hc (ref) CNF ,CIF, FOB.L/C , CAD , Prepayment. Please contact for quotation, min order 1 container.


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We export big quantities of Fresh Chicken Eggs.S, M and L sizes.Loose on pallet, packed in carton or in 10 pcs trays.For more information contact:Michalina HayreterRA skype: michalinajankowiak

Egg Powder

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DefinitionEgg is the complete food available in nature. Eggs have a biological value (efficacy with which protein is used for growth) of 93.7%. Comparable values are 84.5% for milk, 76% for fish, and 74.3% for beef. Eggs are the best protein money can buy, and they have many other valuable vitamins and minerals too.Most convenient and..
Lutein egg; to learn more about it pls visit


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We sell eggs.
Egg White Protein is extracted from pure egg whites then processed into powder form. This process results in a powder that yields a higher protein ratio than liquid egg whites. Egg Whites provide an excellent source of amino acids and are high in the sulfur producing amino acid which is crucial in anabolic hormone production and other bodily..


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These fresh eggs are produced and gathered from our well-established poultry farmers. It belongs to grade "A" and "extra large" group of African eggs. It retains all its natural qualities and is good for both human and animal consumption.