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Posted on 25-02-2014
Features:(1)gelatin is made of bovine bone or is consists of 90% collagen and 18 types of amino acid.(2)Gelatin specification(6.67%): ..
High quality Food Ingredient
Posted on 20-06-2009
AgarCarrageenanChitinBeta-cyclodextrinPectinPolydextroseSodium alginateSodium carboxymethyl celluloseXanthan gumGelatinGellan gum Potassium..
Food Ingredients
Posted on 06-01-2007
Food Industry Nutraceuticals Textiles Industry Paper Pharmaceuticals Cosmetics Personal care Oil drilling Water treatment Tobacco..
Food processing industryTamarind Kernel Powder is used in food industries with its extensive applications in ketchups, Ice creams, Sauces,..
Sorbitol Food Ingredient
Posted on 27-04-2010
Sorbitol, also known as D-sorbitol, D-Glucitol or D-gluco hexanehexol, is a hexahydric sugar alcohol. Sorbitol is commercially manufactured by..
Assorted Food Colors Egg Dyes
Posted on 16-07-2013
SAYONAGROUP- Food Color Divion is a manufacturer of Synthetic & Natural colors catering to the Food,Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics..

Posted on 05-06-2005
Applications: Aspartame is used in the manufacturing of many sugar-free, low calorie and dietary products, such as:1) Beverages: carbonated..
Sunimpex continue expanding its product portfolio with the launch of Flavors & Colors .We specialize in providing customized solution to..
LUONG QUOI COCONUT CO., LTD produces varies kind of desiccated coconut such as: Desiccated Coconut Fine Grade, Desiccated Coconut Medium Grade,..
Bakery food Ingredients
Posted on 25-09-2006
Bakery food Ingredients Instant (Double Acting) Baking Powder..... We are manufacturer and supplier of Food and Beverage products since 2001.We..
Food and Baking Additives
Posted on 01-03-2005
At Zytex, we take into account the problems faced at every stage in manufacture of baked products. We are committed to give better quality and..

Posted on 18-12-2007
We supply Synthetic food Colors, also known as artificial food colors are processed & manufactured chemically. The basic application synthetic..

Posted on 28-06-2009
Company InformationUnited Gums Industries Pvt LtdPlot No 9 , Sector 25, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi 74900 - Pakistan.Web: www.united..

Posted on 28-01-2009
This hot new ingredient is still hard to find on the market! Sterilized q3mg mulberry leaf powder food ingredient made in japan ..

Posted on 19-09-2010
Made of natural coconut milk with no preservatives and contamination of sulfer dioxide, via modern production technology with automated packing...
Product DescriptionIce Cream/Dairy ProductsProvides smooth and creamier texture.Prevents formation of ice crystals.Prevents quick meltdown...
Agar Agar - Food Grade
Posted on 08-06-2013
Agar Agar is used as a 100% vegetarian substitute for Gelatin (manufactured from animal bones/skins) in the food industry. This usage is fast..

Posted on 16-06-2012
Descriptions of "Angel" Cell-wall-broken Nutritional Yeast Powder: The cell wall of this nutritional yeast powder is broken by special..
Zinc Malate - food additives(food ingredient)Zinc Malate is white powder and no smell. It is lightly dissolved in water and mineral and acid or..

Posted on 13-11-2008
Our collagen is widely applied to food & beverage, meat processing industry, beauty care produts, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals etc. The..
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