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China Green Tea Special Chunmee 41022 Anhui green tea is the representative tea of high quality among China green teas. The growing area is very broad which is mainly located in Huangshan Mountainous area, Dabieshan Mountainous area and the highland of the south Anhui Province. Anhui Province is located in the east of China, which is the..
DESCRIBEWe can supply green tea from Chinese village of Lung Ching. Lung Ching tea has a distinguished shape. Its leaves are broad and flat, a result of laborious drying. LungChing tea is refreshingly smooth, sweet and delicate, among the very best of Chinese green tea. Our "Hu's LungChing" is a first grade version of this truly..
Description Jasmine green tea is a blend of traditional green tea leaves with jasmine blossoms to produce a richer flavor and, potentially, to enhance the tea's health benefits. While there may be some positive benefits associated with certain teas, it is important to not use tea as a substitute for prescribed medication. Additionally, green..
China Longjing green tea ,Longjing ,the Chinese traditional highest type of green tea ,comes from Yuezhou region, one of the three certified Longjing producing regions in China. It is harvests from the Spring tea farm on high mountains. This product hold typical characteristics and taste of Chinese traditional Longjing. This means the tea is..
We are providing 100% pure ceylon tea and this is one of our product presentation. The packaging will be pyramid tea bags which is comming from our own garden teas.
Ambassador tea are suppliers of high quality products at affordable prices. Our packaging is simple, effective and reliable.We take a great deal of care in selecting above average teas of substantial, but above all consistent, quality that drinkers really appreciate.Ambassador tea also places strong emphasis on customer service, whereby all..

Green tea extract

Posted on 19-10-2012
Source – The extract is derived from dried Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) leaves which are found in South India. The main active ingredients are Epigallocatechin (EGCG) and Polyphenols.Therapeutic Action – EGCG shows anti-oxidant activity invitro as well as inviro and can prevent living cells from oxidative impairment. The activity..
Brand : HonseiProduct Description : Instant Honey Ginger TeaCode : HB213HPacking : 18g x 20s x 24boxBox Bar Code : 8888522011528Shelf Life : 2 yearsNet wt per carton : 4.32 kgCBM per carton : 0.057Ingredients: Ginger, Honey.Preparation: 1. Empty one sachet of content into a cup. 2. Pour in 150ml adequate hot water. ..
There are two purposes of tea leaf rolling: to moderately crush the internal tissues of the leaves so as to let the internal substances penetrate up to the external surface and to mold the contour of tea so as to make the leaves and buds curl into required shapes. High-quality green tea is usually rolled by hand. The more tender leaves are..
All kind of Fresh Tea; Green Tea, OTD Black Tea OP, OP1, P, BOP, BP, FBOP, FS, FGreat black tea we make and sell are grown in age -old areas of tea growers of Vetnam. Available various kinds Pekoe, OP, BPS, F, OPA, Dust... high quality and competitive price.New crop , Moisture < 7.5%.Great flavor& taste. Packing at request in PP/PE..
Japanese green tea Organic Matcha This product is organic green tea from Uji Kyouto JAS certified. Its elegant aroma and concentrated sweetness make matcha a sheer pleasure to drink,and as the powder is dissolved in hot water,all the tea 's beneficial nutrients can be taken in.Matcha is perfect for drawing out the flavors of Japanese..
We are a joint venture with 25 years experienced company of Singapore and we are using their brand name under license, we assure the quality of the products to match the International Standards. We manufacture and Exports following1. False Ceilings T Bar System in 24 mm and 15 mm width. (38 mm and 32 mm systems) 2. False Ceilings Furring Bar..
We at Greenfield Bio Plantations [Pvt] Ltd, grow, produce and export ORGANIC teas, spices, herbs, cashew, coconuts, dried and fresh fruits from Sri lanka and have an established export market in Europe, US, Japan, India and Australia. Product Types1. Tea2. Spices3. Canned Fruit4. Baby Clothes,etc 100% Organic Herbal/ Wellness Digest Tea..
We are agriculture and food product exporter in Thailand and we specialize in canned tuna coffee and vending machine which included coffee machine service /rental and we have established since 2001, with vertically and horizontally expanded our business in Thailand agriculture product and OEM service we can help you source any Thailand made..
Green tea BT56 / all kinds of green tea / tea . Produced and sold by ourselves. OEM accepted.Mee tea is one of our traditional export tea ,which is belongs to the most precious type of green tea .Firm and solid strip shaped,uniform and neat ,in gray-green color,blooming,oil polished,with thick fragrant and mellow falavor.It is named for its..
We are an ISO 22000 accredited tea blending and packing facility that is already entrusted with the contract packing of some of the biggest herbal tea brands in South Africa.In-house Pharmacists and Food Technologists, and our on-site testing and stability laboratory, enable us to guarantee that the highest quality standards are applied to..
Natural Elixirs Ranawara Ayurvedic TeaAyurvedic Teas were developed in India more than 5000 years ago as a component of the Ayurvedic Holistic Healthcare Practice to help people achieve optimal health and balance in life. These wellness teas are specially formulated blends that combine herbs, plants, fruits and spices. Ayurvedic tea formulas..
Azadirachta Indica / Neem Leaves 1. It significantly reduced the plaque index and bacterial count.Action : Bitters:2. It reduced oxidative stress and lowers blood sugar level in body.3. It interferes the life cycle of lice, inhibiting their ability to feed and preventing eggs from hatching. 4. It enhances lipid peroxidation..
We came from Vietnam Quang Minh company, our company specializesin providing drinking water products with 15 years experience and a globalservice with the motto “best price with quality guaranteed”. We are providingOEM service for many companies in the world. For more information about thecompany you can visit our website at..