Elegant golden color design incense burners, nice quality, good prices, better services. Meeting market standards of Middle East, EU & USA. SASO / CE / UL / CCC With or Without Electricity accessories. Various colors available, various sizes available. Customer's own logo & design acceptable, Packing in color printed gift box..
Material : Stone Sizse : 15 x 15 x h. 7 cm
Material : Stone Size : dia. 7 x h. 2.5 cm
In the 12th and 13th century, people started to settle down in the highlands of "erzgebirge" which were covered by thick forests. People atracted to this place because of its rich mineral resources, which included tin and above all, silver. After mineral resourses ran dry, many artisans directed their attention to a new raw material: Wood. The..
Lamp Aroma oil burners are a decorative fragrance lamp that destroys odours and air born bacteria while increasing oxygen levels and perfuming your environment. We also have a ever expanding rang of Essential Oil Refills that are a botanical extract to ensure that there is no exposure to dangerous and carcinogenic fume as found in many..
We carry a large variety of oil burners and also scented oils at a good wholesale price. Min/max is very low.
We offer customised gift set based on customer request... Suitable for souvenir & gifts... Incense + incensory Candle + holder Spa kit Price depends on item...


Posted on 06-09-2014
Product depict: Oil burner with 1 t-light and 1 bottle fragrance, packed in craft box,6ass. ( green, burgundy, purple, yellow, light blue, royal blue) Size: W8.5*l8.5*h9cm Pack:60pc/CTN,0.045cbm N. W/g. W:14/16kg

Ceramic Incensories

Posted on 06-09-2012
Detailed selling lead description Features: 1) material: Ceramic 2) sizes: -duck (l x w x h):16 x 12 x 14 cm -fish (l x w x h):22 x 15 x 15 cm -frog (l x w x h):20 x 20 x 10 cm
Ingredients of Incense Product - Parawood 70% - Transproemai, Gymanthera Bed 20% - Essential Oil 5% - Non-Toxic Color 5% Production Process - Mix all ingredients together with water - Put the mixture into machine - Put the incense into an heater until it dry absolutely - Keep in plastic bag
Detailed selling lead description Features: 1) material: Ceramic 2) sizes: -duck (l x w x h):16 x 12 x 14 cm -fish (l x w x h):22 x 15 x 15 cm -frog (l x w x h):20 x 20 x 10 cm
Dimensions: (l x w x h):22 x 15 x 15 cm 100% Handmade If you want to design product by your self. Please tell the details with us. We can do it for you.
With our fragrance lamp and oil, you can enjoy the nice scents under safe, flameless and sootless condition; in addition to its desirable performance:*eliminate ordors*purify the air*eliminate smoke*aromatherapyCome to our website and find out the details!This is our one of cameo glass lamps.
Code no. SPA 001-003 Description : Scented gift set in wooden box Size : 16 x 24 x 6 cm. FOB BKK
Code no. SPA 001-005 Description : Scented gift set in wooden box Size : 16 x 16 x 6 cm. FOB BKK
Code no.: NUNU- 021 Description: Romance: Gift a couple scented magnet NU NU bear in acetate box FOB BKK

Incense Incensory

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A uniq quality incense & incensory products are avilable at a very compitive prices by gupta overseas.
Fragrance lamps combine a 100 year old concept of air purification with the pleasures of exotic fragrances. The air purification technology destroys all odors and airborne bacteria and dispenses a wonderful aroma into the home. The fragrance lamp uses a special stone that stays hot and converts our fragrance fuel into negatively charged ions...
Wicks for CANDLES, OIL LAMPS, LANTERNS, etc.. . Braided Cotton WicksIn round & flatSingle Core WickWaxed Paper Core WickIn single core soft cotton yarn wick & SOFT cotton wicksTwisted Multifold or Stranded WickIn various thicknessesFlat Wick Packing: Bulk packing onto reels or hanksAlso piece packing for consumer sale (cut as per your..
Incense stick20 sticks / boxWe also can offer you high quality stick and cone incense in any colour and smell. OEM acceptable.