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The picture from the famous painting person, the size of this picture is 12*16", the whole surface is full of gemstones. Such as agate, black..
Jade Crafts
Posted on 13-12-2014
Various shapes and sizes upon request. Necklace, bracelet, Ring, ball, cabs, Jewelry accessories. Except for the good quality, we offer..
Jade Crafts
Posted on 10-10-2005
Oil painting style. The picture is made of stones such as agate, amethyst, zircon etc.. The size is 12*16", with carton gift box to pack it.
Jade Crafts
Posted on 26-11-2013
The girl is sitting under the tree. All the surface is full of stones. It is made up various gemstones such as white marble, India agate, black..
Landscape 6, Jade Crafts
Posted on 24-07-2012
This is western landscape photos. The whole picture is full of gemstones and semi-precious stones powder. It has about 7-9 kinds of stones to..
We are a jade processing factory located in China. We supply all kinds of jade crafts with the best price. We specialize in making jade..

Posted on 06-12-2010
We are producing and selling special large size Jade Carvings: Jade Carvings meticulously in design and carved with extremely enjoyable and value..
Jade Crafts
Posted on 15-11-2009
China era Ply 0.5cm Texture: Blueness jade Two-faced homology Selling price:4000 yuan
jade bracelet
Posted on 05-03-2005
Features: 1) Various types and colors available 2) Sizes: details on our website a) Various beads diameters available b) Necklace length:..

Posted on 17-07-2013
The statue was professionally carved from a piece of Grade A Burmese Fei and yellow jadeite.

Posted on 17-11-2007
The statue was professionally carved from a piece of Grade A Burmese Lavender, Fei Cui jadeite.

Posted on 27-01-2007

Posted on 10-02-2005
Jade Craft
Posted on 12-04-2007
Posted on 06-05-2007
Bed Size : Length 220 cm X Width 180 Cm Height on each side 250 cms. Total weight around 1.700 Kgs (1,7 Tones). Located in Java Island -..
antique jade
Posted on 02-02-2010
antique jadeJade of the Liangzhu Culture (BC6000) fine and full
antique jade bead
Posted on 10-03-2012
antique jade beadmade in China by Hetian nephrite during the period of Qing dynasty. Diameter size: 1cm and 20 grain.
chinese antique jade
Posted on 09-11-2005
chinese antique jadeit was made by Hetian nephrite in the period of Han dynasty and it was used on the handle of a sword as decoration.
JADE STONE-White Rose craft
Posted on 04-08-2008
OFFER FROM Himaliya of PakistanSnow white JADE boulders,transulant,getting fine polish,uniform white,small to large stonefor all applicationWhite..
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