Medical EquipmentsTURNKEY PROJECT FOR ICU/CCU & OPERATION THEATERHaving vast experience in this field, we are undertaking turnkey projects for ICU/CCU. For this, we execute all the work right from planning to designing and estimation to installation. With the support of our well equipped facility, we are successfully catering to the..
USED ge ultrasonic transducer Probes medical equipmentYou can find more of our products from the URLs below: probes are USED ones.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Clean membrane air dryer sunsep(TM)medical equipment from Japan +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++sunsep(TM) is a compact, lightweight membrane type dryer/humidifier made in Japan.This product can dry or humidify gases by simply installing in a gas line.SWT Series : Humidify..
Pronto CT Scanner HITACHI used medical equipment Z1889-8Brand name:HITACHI (Used)Type:CT SCANNER SYSTEMModel:Pronto Z1889-2 Unit NameModelNoteGANTRYCT-WS-L7Jun.2004CONSOLECT-OC-12Non-usablePDUCT-WB-17VSYSTEM / 1411PATIENT COUCHCT-WT-12F X-RAY TUBEGS-2072Aug.2010OPTION EISC-004ACHS-04A Total Slice217,796Slice Counter217,796Tube Slice30,011
++++++ ++++++ Nonwoven face mask disposable medical equipment oem available ++++++ ..
[ Microwave Diathermy Unit / used medical equipment / Made in Japan ][Features]1. This is microwave diathermy unit with two(2) round type applicators for Pain relief.2. 3D Treatment Mode(PAT.P) : Microwave can be generated from both two(2) applicators, preventing both sides’ microwave from interfering each other, not produce..
Aloka SSD-3500SV Is available with excellent condition as below, Convex Probe UST-9123 Linear Probe UST-5546 Vaginal Probe UST-9124 B/W Printer For price and more information please feel free to contact us .
High-security medical equipment for sale surgical drapes at Low-cost small lot order High-quality drapes manufactured in a clean-room factory (class 5) with the same environment as a sterilized operating room. Our drapes have passed Japan's rigorous quality standards (no flaws larger than 0.2 mm²). Our drapes are flexible and extremely..
Name: Medical equipment-0.35T MRIDescription:Friendly Chinese and English clinical software; High S/N ratio; Physician preferential interface; Excellent stability.Technical parameters:Permanent Magnet with rear double strut1. Magnetic field intensity: 0.35T2. Magnet Weight: 15000kg3. Patient Passage: 80*40cm(w*h)4. Gradient field strength:..
Product Description Medical equipment for diabetics SN-150 short efficiency, high-power, rapid laser for pain relief and ant-inflammtion, easy take and price cheap . Specification Wavelength660nmOutput power150mWSupply voltageCR123A..
Innovative medical equipment QY-II200manufacturer of automatic shoe cover dispenser Voltage:110~127V 20W; 220~230V 20WThe UV light disinpection functionSafely work voltage 12VStainless inner pot2s~3s dispense shoe cover timeNo noisyApproved CE/Rohsput 200pca shoe covers once Unit packaging : Inner box dimension :Net..
HUALUN TDP physical therapy Lamp 1.Type of Products and Basic Modality TypeModalityDiameter of Therapeutic PlateRated PowerNet Weight (kg)CQJ-12Table TDPΦ124mm250VA4.8 2.FeatureThe therapeutic plate of the Special Electromagnetic Therapeutic Apparatus can produces electromagnetic wave between 2.5μm to 20μm and the surface temperature..
YHMED is the global market leader in Medical Equipment(X RAY Film Cassette). Today One out of every three cassettes used in every X-ray facility in the world is from YHMED. We take the first state in producing, selling and exporting in AISA. The only one Chinese Medical Equipment(X RAY Film Cassette)..
Analogue TENS EMS Dual Medical EquipmentSimple to Use with less breakdown possibility b/c LCD screen is eliminated.Great pricing but with loads of function: including DUAL channel,DUAL function (TENS/EMS), THREE modes (cycle burst, continuous, modulated) TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:Channel:Dual, isolated between channelsPulse amplitude:Adjustable..
Features of x-ray film viewer:··········1. Films are easily to be inserted, taken out, and clipped firmly. 2. It has self-induction function. 3. The frame of body is maded of the electrophoresis aluminum-alloy, it is durable. 4. Imported acrylic as light guide plate to ensure..
Glopro medical equipment ,CS mount zoom endoscope couplerCS mount zoom endoscope coupler,1. f=18mm to 36mm2. CS-mount3. waterproof4. high resolution,lear imageWe are a professional supplier of series of endoscope adapters, standard C/CS mount and waterproof, fit to all brands of rigid and flexible endoscopes. Particularly, our zoom endoscope..
Portable wireless dental x-ray medical equipment:Characteristics Portable Dental X-ray machine Model No. HR-DX25:1. No protective operation room is needed when installing the complete machine;2. Flexible adjustment of the position and angel of hand piece, simple and easy to handle;3. Develop dental film in daylight, no darkroom needed;4...
Certificate & approval:CE, FDA 510K Application:Self adhesive electrodes/ medical equipments from China LIXPAD professional adhesive electrodes manufacturer, for use with TENS units, electrical muscle sitmulators and other medical equipmentsSpecification:P/N: AWN2510DSize: 2.0"X4.0", 5X10cmShape: Rectangle, dual lead wiresBacking..
EMSS Spine Board is a plastic Medical equipment, it can be used in any first aid situation under dreadful enviroment. Model: Name: Description: Material: color: Size: Load weight: EG-004 Spine board1. Can be used in any first aid..
Medical Oxygen concentrator 3L, 5L, 8L and 10L Company Information Longfian Oxygen concentrator adopts international advanced oil-free lubricate air compressor technology and gas separation technology , it uses PSA gas separation to separates oxygen from air, improving the concentration up to 94% and supplying oxygen continuously. It is able..