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Medical Thermometer
Posted on 03-11-2006
Specifications: 1) Temperature range: 32oC to 42oC (89.6oF to 109.4oF) 2) Accuracy: a) Between 35oC to 39oC: +/-0.1oC (+/-0.2oF) b) Under..
Separated Collar Support
Posted on 01-08-2012
Separated collar support made from macromolecule foam plastic according to human shoulders and neck. There are air holes around and plastic..
Anklebone Cover
Posted on 02-12-2012
For fixing of anklebone from parenchyma injuries or from fracturing or dislocating in replace of gypsum, has adjustable fastening(left& right).
Pants Bellyband
Posted on 14-07-2007
For women to recover from pregnancy, belly shaping
Fixing Support For Thighbone
Posted on 04-01-2008
Made from macromolecule foam for fixing of thighbone from fracture, ligament strain, recovery from operation, and etc.(left& right)
Elastic Rubber Support
Posted on 18-07-2008
For fixing and cure of lumbar from operation, it is Elastic, made from rubber(EVA), plastic.
Elastic Ankle Pad
Posted on 18-04-2009
For protection of anklebone and nurse of parenchyma, it is elastic, fit for all person.
Support For Wrist Radius
Posted on 24-07-2006
Made from macromolecule foam for fixing of wrist joint from fracture, parenchyma and ligament injuries, and during recovery from operation, and..
Medical Implements
Posted on 17-05-2010
Urine Sample Container We supply medical implements including vacuum sampling system, urine sample container, stool sample container, freezing..
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Posted on 16-01-2011
New model: Ut3038 Small size Weight only 80gm Smart measure during inflation with dsc(dynamicspan calculation) Avoid high pressure, very..
Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Posted on 20-09-2010
Low cost model Conventional wrist blood pressure monitor with oscillometric measurment. Large LCD display with 60 non-volatile memory. Year,..
Intense Pulsed Lighter
Posted on 08-12-2009
----introduction---- Intense Pulsed Light has become popular over the years in Taiwan. The cost of an IPL session can vary widely in the market...
PRO Device
Posted on 28-09-2009
Circumcision without pain, bleeding or infection. No surgery. For children 4 years to 12 years old. Immediately after procedure can play football..
Suture Needle With Thread
Posted on 03-07-2007
Sterile suture needles with thread1) Suture material: (synthetic absorbable sutures) , Catgut--chromic and plainSilk--braidedNylon--monofilament,..
Features: 1) Sterilized by gamma radiation2) Specification: #10--#363) CE and ISO9001 standardsInner packing: BoxesQty/box: 100pcsOuter packing:..
Features: 1) Sterilized by gamma radiation2) Specification: #10--#363) EC and ISO9001 standardsInner packing: BoxesQty/box: 10pcsOuter packing:..
Nasal Oxygen Cannula, Nasal oxygen tube* CE Certificate: G2130469054010 * ISO Certificate: Q2N120669054007 * FDA Registration:3008384354* Made..
This electronic digital thermoeter adopts the high precision sensor and the advancemicrocomputer technique.It is easy and fast to measure the body..
Features:Name:Gynecological Douche1) Material: PE 2) Size: 3ml,5ml3) MOQ: 100,000pcs
Dual head Stethoscope
Posted on 23-01-2012
StethoscopeAluminum oxidized dual head for adult, with colorful plastic ring, colorful flexibleand long-lasting PVC tubing, with inner-spring..
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