Specifications: 1) Temperature range: 32oC to 42oC (89.6oF to 109.4oF) 2) Accuracy: a) Between 35oC to 39oC: +/-0.1oC (+/-0.2oF) b) Under 35oC or above 39oC: +/-0.2oC (+/-0.4oF) 3) Battery: 1 x 1.5V AG3 battery 4) Packing: with a plastic cover to prevent bacteria. With single blister card package. Inner packing:1pc/blister card ..
Separated collar support made from macromolecule foam plastic according to human shoulders and neck. There are air holes around and plastic reinforcement plate at the front and back, and adjustable fastening. It is for fixing of cervical vertebra from dislocation and fracture.
For fixing of anklebone from parenchyma injuries or from fracturing or dislocating in replace of gypsum, has adjustable fastening(left& right).
For women to recover from pregnancy, belly shaping
Made from macromolecule foam for fixing of thighbone from fracture, ligament strain, recovery from operation, and etc.(left& right)
For fixing and cure of lumbar from operation, it is Elastic, made from rubber(EVA), plastic.
For protection of anklebone and nurse of parenchyma, it is elastic, fit for all person.
Made from macromolecule foam for fixing of wrist joint from fracture, parenchyma and ligament injuries, and during recovery from operation, and etc.(left& right)

Medical Implements

Posted on 16-05-2010
Urine Sample Container We supply medical implements including vacuum sampling system, urine sample container, stool sample container, freezing preserving container, things affiliated to cruor test, one-off plastic consumed material etc.
New model: Ut3038 Small size Weight only 80gm Smart measure during inflation with dsc(dynamicspan calculation) Avoid high pressure, very comfort during measurement Pressure +/- 3mmhg Pluse +/- 2% Linear inflation&measure 60 set non-volatile memory Year-month-day&time display Cuff 135-195mm Synchronize heart beat buzzer Battery life..
Low cost model Conventional wrist blood pressure monitor with oscillometric measurment. Large LCD display with 60 non-volatile memory. Year, month, date& time display. Synchonize heart beat sound. Accuracy different from Taiwan products, compatible to omron bpm.
----introduction---- Intense Pulsed Light has become popular over the years in Taiwan. The cost of an IPL session can vary widely in the market. It can range from USD $270 in a clinic up to USD $670 in a major hospital. The goal of "DIY IPL" is to develop a personal product for an individual to benefit right at home. ----characteristics----..
Circumcision without pain, bleeding or infection. No surgery. For children 4 years to 12 years old. Immediately after procedure can play football or go swimming. No need medical leave. Unique and patented product.
Sterile suture needles with thread1) Suture material: (synthetic absorbable sutures) , Catgut--chromic and plainSilk--braidedNylon--monofilament, 2) Needle shape: 1 / 2 circle, 3 / 8 circle, 1 / 4 circle, 5 / 8 circle, Straight Cutting, J-shape3) Needle end type: Rolled end, drilled end, regular-eye end4) Sterilization method: Gamma radiation..
Features: 1) Sterilized by gamma radiation2) Specification: #10--#363) CE and ISO9001 standardsInner packing: BoxesQty/box: 100pcsOuter packing: Qty/carton: 50 boxes
Features: 1) Sterilized by gamma radiation2) Specification: #10--#363) EC and ISO9001 standardsInner packing: BoxesQty/box: 10pcsOuter packing: Qty/carton: 50 boxes
Nasal Oxygen Cannula, Nasal oxygen tube* CE Certificate: G2130469054010 * ISO Certificate: Q2N120669054007 * FDA Registration:3008384354* Made from non-toxic PVC* Reinforced Tube (Anti-crush)* Tubing Dia. 5mm and 6mm available* Standard tip and flared tip available* Soft and clear* The color of tubing: Light green, Light blue, Transparent..
This electronic digital thermoeter adopts the high precision sensor and the advancemicrocomputer technique.It is easy and fast to measure the body temperature accurately.The outer shell made of avirulent plastic imported from Japan, have no the problem of the traditional mercury type thermometer that easy to fall in pieces, the mercury..
Features:Name:Gynecological Douche1) Material: PE 2) Size: 3ml,5ml3) MOQ: 100,000pcs
StethoscopeAluminum oxidized dual head for adult, with colorful plastic ring, colorful flexibleand long-lasting PVC tubing, with inner-spring binaural tubing assembly.stethoscopeSpecification: 1.Dual head chestpiece for adult.Oxidized aluminum chestpiece,the membrane is sensitive for sound collecting.Applicable for auscultation of heart and..