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Posted on 14-11-2012
Stock Number: 222116Brand: ASAHI INDUSTRYMade in: TAIWANModel: MushipoliceModel Number: MP-061Pest Type: FliesPest Control Type: TrapsFeature:..
ECO R-2 Pest control
Posted on 28-08-2014
Pest control “Eco R-II” Insect Trap First type of DC Power driving pest controller with safety verified by Korea Testing LabatoryCan..
CITRONELLA ESSENTIAL OIL (Cymbopogon winterianus)Citronella oil / citronella and eucalyptus essential oils Appearance :..
Pest Control
Posted on 23-09-2006
Protects 200 sq ft. For Homes, Apartments etc. Digital Model :Protects..
KILLTOX - DAYTOX - BOMTOX - INSECT KOV branded; Insecticide sprayPest control Insecticide Spray has special formulation, effective for all flying..
The Yard Sentinel is the original product out of the whole Yard Sentinel series from Aspectek, and one of the most famous pest repellers on the..
Viatek uses one of the industry's widest ranges of ultrasonic frequency. Viatek's team has been manufacturing electronic rodent, rat and pest..

Posted on 04-09-2006
||| - Extremely effective pest repellent pest control patented product - ||| Extremely effective against crows, wild..
Cockroach pest
Posted on 21-02-2007
Bio Cockroach StopIt is a Natural Cockroach Repellent Spray which is a non-poisonous natural solution for getting rid of cockroaches, No..

Posted on 21-04-2006
Handy wild boar repellent tape pest control product for wholesale ..

Posted on 01-09-2013
Plastic Long boots shoes stand Holder | Sanada Seiko Plastic High Quality made in japan | pest control mosquito Natural heab essence repells..
Mosquito coils pests controls
Posted on 04-11-2005
Mosquito coilA mosquito coil is mosquito-repelling incense, usually shaped into a spiral, and typically made from a dried paste of pyrethrum..
Key Specification/Special Features 1.Rated voltage110-220V 2.Rated power5W 3.With indicated light when electrified4. Inserting directly Active..

Posted on 07-08-2008
Description:1. Dimension:23"*7"*6"2. It is constructed of heavy gauge wire and reinforced with welded steel rods.3. Gravity action..
paper pest control
Posted on 20-07-2008
1) No springs, no hurt fingers, ready to use, no bait needed, no poisons, discard rat or mouse with glue board2) Remove the release paper from the..
Pest control productsFeatures:1) No springs, no hurt fingers, ready to use, no bait needed, no poisons, discardrat or mouse with glue board2)..

Posted on 14-05-2014
JInjiang laojun is professional manufacture of daily chemical products,we gurantee good quality mosquito killer,fly killer,cockroach killer and..
Pest Control
Posted on 21-03-2013
Information of the item:With cordwith any color and plug to choose from.Delivery time: commonly within one month ,Supply Ability: 10000pcs Per Day..
Paper board5X Re-usable Hang HooksSanitary and ready to use, long-lasting stickiness, clever design good to lure aphid & insect.The products..

Posted on 03-04-2005
mosquito repellent,sandalwood mosquito coil,pest controlBaoMa trade mark micro-smoke mosquito-repellent incense(mosquito coil) is an..
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