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Posted on 19-10-2006
SCOTCH TYPE,THREE-PASS STEAM BOILERBrox steam boiler is used for heating and energy generation.The most important reasons of preference of steam..
Steam (Hot Water) Boiler
Posted on 23-10-2006
Features: 1) Main part: dual cylinder hose boiler 2) Natural cycle code 3) Top and bottom cylinders, hose system, wall heat preservation layer ..
Specifications: 1) Type: DZL4-1.25-AII instantly installed steam boiler 2) Actual evaporation: 4MT 3) Pressure: 1.25MPa 4) Hydraulic tested..
Specifications: 1) Actual evaporation: 4MT/h 2) Pressure: 1.25MPa 3) Saturated steam temperature: 194oC 4) Water supply temperature: 20oC 5)..
Coal fired boiler
Posted on 01-11-2006
We supply coal fired industrial boilers for all purposes with main features as:1) The 4~ 6t/h boiler uses quick fitting structure, very easy for..
Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
Posted on 28-09-2011
We can manufacture the waste heat recovery boiler according to different clients' requirements in different industrial fields. Our manufacturer..

Posted on 17-09-2013
thermal oil boilerIntroduction of organic heat transfer media heating boilerFlame and high temperature smoke produced by complete burning of fuel..
coal , wood boiler
Posted on 19-05-2008
We are selling our boilers total 45 countries , for this please you buy 1 pc for your trial and you try , then you give your decision.WE ARE VERY..
pellet boiler
Posted on 02-11-2009
we are very pretentious for our boiler , please you buy 1 pc you try after you give your decision.HIGH EFFICIENCYErgonomic control panel, boiler..
Increased lifetime and efficiency with tubeless design. Wet front and back door. Able to install burners from both doors in order to obtain low..
pellet boiler
Posted on 21-11-2013
HIGH EFFICIENCYBoilers have %88 efficiency with high sensitive digital LCD control panel and special interior design. Also fuel feeding is under..
Industrial Hot Water Boiler
Posted on 24-01-2008
We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as team of technocrat working together on Engineering Projects. Leading organization in..
Posted on 13-02-2005
Boiler are available in following Types and Capacities:-Vertical Boiler(Non IBR) : 50 Kg to 900Kg Per HourHorizontal Boiler (IBR) : 1 TPH - 40..
Posted on 11-04-2005
The Pipes regarding DIN17175/2448 norm.St35.8quality. Oil flow rate in the antigorite, construction of antigorite conform to the DIN 4754 norm...
Posted on 03-03-2011
SCOTCH TYPE,THREE-PASS STEAM BOILERBrox steam boiler is used for heating and energy generation.The most important reasons of preference of steam..
Water Tube Boiler
Posted on 06-01-2011
The Water Tube Packaged Boiler is designed for the realization of optimum operating condition of boiler through the Computer-Aided-Design(CAD) and..
Waste Heat Recovery Boiler
Posted on 23-01-2007
WHRB (Waste Heat Recovery Boiler) is the high-efficiency special boiler system which is producing the steam by using the high-temperature of the..
steam boiler
Posted on 03-03-2010
STEAM BOILER........STEAMAX is a three pass, smoke tube fully wet back boiler, which can fire solid fuels like coal, lignite and wood. The fuel..
Electrical Hot Water Boilers
Posted on 14-02-2014
Electrical Hot Water Boilers Ross manufactures fully automatic electrical hot water generators.These are custom built equipment.Capacities..
wood boiler luxury 251
Posted on 24-03-2014
♦Patent1.Combustion Control System (Patented)- NMG Boiler is with strong and perfect combustion, it maintains a constant water..
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