Technical data:1) Flow rate: 1 - 120m3/min2) Max. working pressure: 1.6MPa, temperature 1.5 - 65°C3) Flow rate: 1 - 40m3/min for aluminum alloy shell filter4) Flow rate: 40 - 120m3/min for steel shell filter5) Flow rate: 1 - 12m3/min for sterilizing filterGrade V pre-filter:Pre-filter for pipeline filter grade A: precision-filter and for..
Fuel filter for KIa Pride,Paykan, Renault, Nissan Z24, SamandOEM: EP145OEM:OK08A-20-490
compressed air filterthe die-cast aluminum filter housing. Equipped with the automatic drainage. designed to provide continuous protection from unwanted contamination in most compressedair applications. Features:1) High quality compressed air is free of oil, water and dirt2) Economic design requires fewer fittings 3) Fewer potential leak paths..
Since its establishment in 1997, Ramin Auto Parts Trading has maintained its position as a major supplier of Isuzu genuine parts in the U. A. E.We are also one of the leading supplier in the Gulf, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Russia & African regions. We are keeping a good stock of fast moving items, and we can arrange Isuzu genuine..

Auto Oil Filter

Posted on 21-03-2005
The photo shows our Auto Filter products (lube, air, fuel).They are produced in strict accordance with ISO Quality Management System with the-state-of-the-art technology and facilities.Our full line of Auto filters incorporates advaced filtration technologies and media, deliver cost-saving benefits with higher quality, enhence engine protection..


Posted on 15-07-2007
Sediment FilterThe sediment filter is a retreated filter which removes ordinary sediments(clay, rust, sand, etc) in the water through 1~10micron(1/1,000mm) pores.The sediment filter cartridge is easy to change and allows the customers. To verify the filters level of contamination through naked eyes, providing an high reliability.Sediment Filter..
Home water treatment filters CORALBIO RF-IMinerals makes water delicious than using only activated carbon.Product name Coralbio RF-IIngredient Aerated reef building coral grainsTitle Unfired coral calciumProduct standards•Description Causes no strange flavors or smells, and contains no foreign bodies•Calcium More than..
High quailty OIL FILTERS of Korea1.QUALITY FILTERS2.MADE IN KOREA3.COMPETITIVE PRICE High quailty OIL FILTERS of KoreaFeatures1.Filtering Efficiency2.Leak-Proof Sealing 3.Pressure stability4.Quality filters5.Made in korea6.Competitive price WE CAN SUPPLY OIL FILTERS ON YOUR BARND NAME..
Supply humidity 15% ultra dried air on principle of tornadoThe second element is wound by tube type special cotton with open 13,000 holes and causes tens of thousands tornados. When dried air passing, vacuum state same as tornado turns up, waterdrop vaporized by the gap of inner and outer pressure, creating maximum humidity 15% (at 0.7MPa)..
CLEARBROOK 5KJG FRIDGE FILTERRefrigerator Filter for Pure, Clear, Great-Tasting Ice and Drinking WaterClearbrook 5K Fridge Filter treats the water to your refrigerator so you can relax and enjoy pure ice and water without any bad taste or odor, free from Chlorine and other contaminants. Everything is included for for installation. Clearbrook..
Dubai has a peculiar name. A reliable source and market for innumerable product, for any walk of life. It pertinently bridges every continents of the world, wisely blending its rich cultural heritage with ultra modernity and innovative advancements. DubaiSouq is a general trading division of a leading business group based in Dubai which has..
TWINe can create a big difference in safe and taste.Many latest features which can develop water purifier are adopted to “TWINe” in order to drink more delicious water easily.It can make a deep cut lead and trihalomethane by enhanced performance filter.It is new and easy to use! 21st century water purifier “TWINe” can be..
Compressed air filter- Super Cyclone Separator air filter Why don't you clear up the compressed air problems and use your all machines at a maximum? -Our Super Cyclone Separator removes and discharges condensate and solid from compressed air efficiently by centrifugal separation.How it worksWhere to place itBenefits 1.When installed between..
We Are Manufacturing Stainless Steel Gravity Water Filter That Is Equipped With Silver Impregnated Ceramic Candle, Brass Tape And Anti Slippery Rubber Gasket.Also Available With Silver Impregnated Ceramic Candle with Activated Carbon The Basic Concept Behind Water Filters Is Purification Of Water.The Stainless Steel Water Filter Offered By Us..
AMGO Alkaline Water Filtration System possesses multi properties that restore our inherent normal body functions, thus helping our body to regain healthy conditions.Benefits of AMGO Alkaline Water•Promotes total health increases energy•Balances pH of your body•Removes free radical and anti aging•Enhances..

liquid bag filter housing

Posted on 15-05-2009
Bag Filter Housing Bag filter system is designed for optimum filtration performance. Its range provides filtration solution for a broad variety of fluid applications in the process industry. They are particularly useful for filtering large volumes of high viscosity liquids. Bag filter is constructed of filter housing, filter bags, internal..
DELTA Duplex Fuel Gas Filtersprovide the best solution for continuous operation required for critical applications. Two high efficiency fuel gas filters are placed in parallel (1 Working + 1 Standby) with interconnecting piping and isolation valves. Filter pressure vessels are designed, manufactured and tested as per latest ASME codes. Delta..
NAME:EOS/ KYK Alkaline water Filter TYPE: Replacement Korea Alkaline Water Filter SIZE: 80mmX 240mm WEIGHT : 520 g PACKAGING DETAIL : 25 Pieces Per Carton PRICE TERM : FOB PRIVATE LABEL is AVAILABLE, ($85 / 1000 sheets)FITS IN ALL JUPITER ALKALINE WATER IONIZER EOS / KYK Filter is produced in South Korea with Korean FDA Certification..
Preliminary conceptsFlexibiltyOne of the peculiar characteristics of our production system is FLEXIBILTY.On the same rotary table you can Produce ( and Trim and Print and apply Hot Melt) contemporaneously different models of filters.(This is the trend in production: the number of lots is increasing, but the volume of each lot is decreasing)So..