Flow Meter Instrument Features:The flow meter,which is made of Acrylic,is used to measure the single-phase non-pulsatingflus of liquid or gas. It is featured in beautiful look,low weight andlong life span.Packaging:paper boxSpecifications include: Specification Measuring RangeInterface threadInstallationWorking..
Voltage 230V +-- -30%Current 5(32)A. 5(45)A Accurancy class 1.0Standard: IEC61036 Frequency 50 ,60HzImpulse constant 1000imp/kWhDisplay mode LCD 5+2 = 99999.99kWh Counter 5+1 = 99999.9kWhPower consumption 8VA 0.4W Starting current 0.004IbTemperature range -20-65°C.Flashing..
Intelligent gas turbine meterFeatures:1) High precision, good repeatability and wide working range ratio, to 1:20 (or wider)2) Equipped with integrative two-stage conditioner, the length of straight pipe requirement is larger than 2 times of nominal diameter before the flow meterand larger than nominal diameter behind the flow meter3)..
ApplicationDDSY881 electronic single-phase prepaid energy meter is used to measure single-phase energy with 50/60Hz rated frequency, it realizes the functions of prepayment management and load control. Function and features:1) Full electronic single-phase active energy measurement2) Protecting against tamper and fraud3) Prepayment management..
YP-0901B Ultrasonic Amplitude Measuring InstrumentUltrasonic amplitude directly reacts ultrasonic output power quantity, and also concerns the strength of material and the usage life of whole machine.This ultrasonic amplitude measuring instrumentis with elegant design, suitable structure, simple operation and accurate measurement. It is used in..
·Electronic target has LED to confirm signal being received ·Measures in Ft/In, M/Cm decimal Ft and Yds ·Computes areas and volumes ·Adds linear measurements, area, volumes ·Continuous measurement or tracking and validate modes ·7 memories with easy recall ·Automatic internal temperature..
Why choose us? 1. 20 years - Andeli Group Co.,Ltd is founded in 1993. 2. 12 share holding companies - Andeli have owns 12 share holding companies in Shanghai, Hunan, Zhejiang, UAE.3. 300 cooperating companies - We have over 300 cooperating companies.4. 3000 workers - We have over 3000 workers.5. USD150,000,000 - The total assets is..
• Meter Reading and Remote Valve Management utilizing the RF (Radio Frequency) signals for communication• Operation Frequency: The license-free European ISM band of 868 Mhz• Simplified installation and operation. No complicated wiring is necessary• Reduces reading costs and improve meter reading accuracy• Enables..
CBRO Make Electromagnetic flowmeter of series DIGIMAG -250 accurately measures the flow rate of conducting liquids or slurries flowing in closed pipes. Due to simple and right design the flowmeter is an obstruction less & maintainence free instrument in place of conventional mechanical flow measuring device. The use of “Pulsed..
Contech the leading manufacturer of high precision electronic balances in India with 18 years Industry experience today offers the complete range of Electronic Balances and Weighing scales for various applications pH MetersCONTECH pH METER ModelpH-102pH-103pH Range0-14pH0-14pHpH Resolution0.01pH0.001pHpH Accuracy+0.02pH+0.002pHTemperature..
Company InformationPlease enter information related to management and production capabilities, quality control, R&D, trade shows attended, main export markets, brands, etc. You can also add images here, giving buyers a clearer picture of your company. Mass Flow ONLINE BV is the online shop of Bronkhorst High-Tech BV. It offers the most..
OTTO is the most user-friendly product than ever !All you have to do for test is push it ! Also forever is your testing data in Memory card ! Please come to watch the video introduction! http://youtu.be/UvrGyhYO7ncHow to use:1. Press the power switch.2. Insert the memory card.3. OTTO will recognize the memory card.4.When you see the 'OTTO'..
Made in Japan compressed air flow meter TRX AICHI TOKEI DENKI CO.,LTD ♦ Made in Japan ♦ It is battery-driven ,don't need power construction . ♦ Pressure loss is 0 . 1)Information about Hashimoto Industrial1. Established in 1947 - the company has just welcomed its 65th year of operation this year2. Started selling resin HS..
ozone concentration meter is easy to transport. Ozon water measurement for experimentand inspectionLightweight and portable. Thanks to the internal pump, only a small flow rate is necessary for successful, continuous measurements. Perfect for experimental and inspection monitoring. Features- Lightweight and Compact The unit weighs only 5kg..
The Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) inertial measurementunit is especially designed for projectiles, missiles, smart munitions, and unmanned vehicles. Key features include microminiature size, low power and gun-hardened capability. The IMU includes MEMS gyroscopes, MEMS accelerometers, and a reliable, ARM7 microprocessor that drives..
Ion Counter [NKMH-103]OutlineThis product is a device for measuring the amount of ions present in the atmosphere and is capable of simultaneously measuring the amount of positive and negative ions.Specifications Object ion Air ions (positive ions and negative ions)Display unit LCD (three-digit and five-digit displays)Measurement range 100 ..
High accuracy digital flow meter indication made in Japan is a flow meter for oil & non-corrosive liquid realized by loading an electronic indicator-counter on the measuring unit of a rotary piston type positive displacement flow meter. It is loading with a “user setting function” which enables the user to change the setting..
Product DescriptionThe tape is double sided and has both Metric and Imperial graduations marked on it, with a highlighted joint mark every 16”. The blades are built to be scratch-resistant for durability and made non-reflective with a matt-finish to avoid glare while reading measurements. Two auto locks and a magnetic hook that can stick..
Fast response time and high resolutionThe turbine wheel’s low moment of inertia allows a fast acceleration from standstill up to fullnumber of revolutions within 5 to 50 msec. For that reason rapidly rising flow rates and pulsatingflows may be detected. The resolution can amount to as much as 109,000 pulses per litre.Wide temperature..