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Vertical Machining Machinery
Posted on 19-03-2011
High-rigidity structure 1. All three axes have a hardened box-way design. In addition, the spindle headstock, cloumn, saddle, base, and table are..
This machine is for the fully automatic production of the products which include any type of wire forms or strip forms. The machine is provided..
This universal automatic spring Coiling Machine is for the fully automatic production of left or right hand coiled springs of the compression or..
Electrical Upsetting Machine
Posted on 25-02-2009
ETA Technology manufactures Electrical Upsetting machines of capacity ranging from 12 to 150KVA in vertical or horizontal versions.Heating power..
Metallic Processing Machinery
Posted on 18-03-2014
ZKB2102 is CNC Deephole drilling machine suited for drilling 3-D or 2-D hole system. It is adopting chip moved outer, with high dfficiency, high..
ZIGISHA - 9DX Single spindle side loading with tail stock attachment for 4\6\9 coils for potted type (polyeter filled) ballast. SPINDLES ..
Used Machinery
Posted on 13-12-2014
We are a supplier of used machine tools and fabricating equipment, based in Tokyo, Japan. We have a wide range of equipment available such as: ..
Vertical CNC Lathe Machine
Posted on 14-07-2014
We have CNC vertical lathe and other machineries which can provide machining services to make item with size up to 5m.
Used Hobbing Machine 300 Ton
Posted on 08-03-2012
Used Hobbing Machine 300 Ton Type: Hydraulic Press Made in Japan GOOD RUNNING CONDITION

Posted on 20-06-2013
Metallic Processing Machine (MLS-Q-650A) Grinding teeth 1.It is used for grinding the tips automatically.2.Independent R&D Technical data:1)..
Metallic Processing Machine (MBJ-Q-650A)Technical data:1) Outside diameter: 100 - 650mm2) Bore diameter: 12.7 - 50mm3) Hook angle: -5o ~ +35o4)..
pressing machine
Posted on 27-01-2014
Pressing machineYW50 (PATENTED PRODUCT)Specifications:1) Max. bending diameter: 50mm 2) Range of bending radius: below 125mm 3) Max. bending..
Features: 1) Rod coli material: SAE10102) Maximum diameter of inlet wire: 5.5mm3) Minimum diameter of finished wire: 1.8mm4) Drawing technology:..
Shaping Machine
Posted on 09-01-2005
This machine is designed for shaping plane and formed surfaces. It is used for shaping plane surfaces, T-slots and dovetail slots on narrow and..
Radial Drilling Machine
Posted on 04-09-2010
In this machine, hydraulic preselection speed and feed change mechanisms are adopted.The headstock, radial arm and columns are clamped by the..
CJK6136/6145 machinery
Posted on 04-01-2011
Specifications of CJK6136 / 6145:1) Max. rotary diameter : Φ400/Φ460mm, 15.75"/18.11"2) Max...
According to the processing features and requirement of box beam, the cover platesof 4 sides must be connected tightly with the internal..
This machine is the second generation of AB-F2 type hot-roll fishplate mill compared with the first generation. The difference is the AB-F3 is..
Single-Head Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine1) Bending function is the same as DW50NC2) NC Control Unit / Touch Screen 3) Direct Acting Hydraulic..
Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine1) NC Control Unit: Easy Operation and Maintenance 2) Separate Setting for Left or Right Bending Angle 3) Easy..
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