Features:1) Easy operation: a pump station needn't be built to pump in water. Just place this pump in the water and turn on the switch, and then it will inhale water. Not being influenced by rain or other water, its light weight ensures easy portability2) Saves energy: by changing absorption lift into pressure lift, the intake of different..
SLG Series Vertical Stainless Steel Multi-Stage water Pumps.Technical data:a) Flow: 0.8 - 120cbm/hb) Head: 5.6 - 330mc) Medium temperature: -20 ~ 120oCd) Operation pressure: ≤40 barsOutlinedSLG/SLGF are non-self-suction vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps mounted with a standard motor, the motor shaft is linked, via the motor seat,..
Features: 1) Dimensions: 22 x 400mm 2) Material: ABS plastic, iron 3) Used for bikes and children's toys 4) The length of the body is alterable 5) Different colors available Packing: OPP bag, PVC bag with header card
GPD32-6S Shinhoo High Efficient Small Hot Water Circulation Pump Application Single and double-heating systems Large-scale mixed-loop systemSupply water and add pressure for mansions of city, villa of suburb, house Match with industrial equipmentSupply water in cycle for cooling air-condition, boiler and solar energySupply hot water..
We can supply various kinds of vacuum pumps:--H Series Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps (Pumping speed 8-1000 L/s)--ZJ and ZJP Series Roots Vacuum Pumps (Pumping speed 30-20000 L/s)--LQ Series Gas-Cooling Roots Vacuum Pumps (Pumping speed 75-5000 L/s, 4.5-300M3/min)--LS Series Water-Cooling Roots Vacuum Pumps (Pumping speed 9-120 M3/min)--KT Series..
AUTOJETS series pumps are suitable for gardening, water supply and washing and grant the correct pressure to modern domestic and industrial application and the automatic distribution of water from wells and pools.Models: AUTOJETS-60: 0.5HPAUTOJETS-80: 0.75HPAUTOJETS-100: 1HPAUTOJETS-110: 1.2HPAccessories:Tank: 24LFlexible hose: 1" x..
CHINA AOLI MACHINERY GROUPWQ submersible sewage pump is submersible pump especially suitable for the delivery of rubbish containing solid particles and other waste water.Features:1) Large flow non-clog hydraulic components, which greatly improve the passing capacityof waste water2) Double channel series mechanical seal made of hard..
Solenoid metering pumps are used in some of the toughest applications from water treatment to general industrial installations.In order to meet the requirements for any chemical application, FTPS metering pumps are available in a wide range of materials. FTPS also offers its metering pumps with different inbuilt options for capacity adjustment,..

Back Pull out pumps

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Applications and Operating Range: For pumping clear/turbid water/chemicals & volatile liquids. Air conditional plants, power station, mine drainage, sprinkler systems fire fighting, booster service, oils, brine.Delivery sizes up to 250mm Capacity up to 990 m3/hr Head up to 120 meters RPM 500 to 3600Material of construction : -Cast iron..
"Rotary Gear Pumps"OPERATING DATD Rotary Gear Pumps Capacity : Up to 50 M3/hr. Head : Up to 100 Mtr. Size : 12 mm to 100 mm Temp : 50 C Speed : up to 1500 rpm Pressure : up to 12 kg/cm2 M.O.C : CI, CS,..
Max working pressure:10barLiquid temperature up to 90 CAmbient temperature up to 40 CTotal suction lift up to 7mtContinous dutyPump body: cast ironMotor support: stainless steelImpeller: stainless steelDiffusers: stainless steelPump casing: cast ironShaft with motor: stainless steelMechanical seal: silicon carbon
japanese stainless steel japanese water pumps EVML ♦ Indoor and the outdoors are possible also for a setting position at space-saving design. Since it is perpendicular structure, compared with the horizontal type pump of the same performance, installation area drops to 1/4. The low noise type electric motor is adopted. ♦..
TAP010-009 Taiko Air Pump wholesale japan septic tank pumps Let's create health with the pumps! -Clean air & vacuum-Simple-Silence-Safety-Sanitary Front Side Whole The small size pumps have been launched by the Electromagnetic Division that hit many partsof the world.We have succeeded in developing even smaller size build-in..
MPT series high pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps. Generally used for Car Washer, Reverse Osmosis, Chemical Injection, Boilers Feed Service, Hydraulic Testing, Cleaning of heat exchangers, Boilers, Towers, Chemical Vassels and Shop Floors under high pressure. CapacityPressureUP TO 300 M3/hr.UP TO 1000 Kg/Cm2. ApplicationsVessel Tank..
About FLOTEChFlotech Engineering Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer company in Pump industry It has grown as the one of the most established company in India We are providing world class pumping solution technically most advanced excellent energy efficient and enduring durable.Established in 1991 FLOTECh ENGINEERING PVT. LTD having a latest..
We LEAKLESS (INDIA) ENGINEERING are one of the most recognized names engaged in offering LCP Series Horizontal Centrifugal Back Pull Out Metallic Pumps which are widely demanded in the industry. These pumps are of single stage, horizontal end suction type, with semi open, Fully open and closed impellers. All types of impellers are statically..
Japanese Stainless Steel Pumps for manufacturing companies ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Takachiho Craftsmanship Precision Gear PumpWith the accuracy and endurance of ultra-precision machining, our..


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ModelSuction & Discharge (Flanged Ends)DISCHARGE CAPACITY OF PUMP @ 500 RPM In Ltr/min (LPM)In Ltr/hr (LPH)In (m3/hr)In Tons/h (TPH) MC-21½" x 1½"33200022.5 MC-32" x 2"50300033.5 MC-42" x 2"66400044.5 MC-52½" x 2½"83500056 MD-12½" x..
Working pressure:10,000 PSI Internal pressure relief valve for overload protection.Lareger oil capacity,suitable for wide application. Two speed auto-switch reduces manpower and increase efficiency.To join value to control double-acting cylinders.
All kinds of centrifugal pump Pump type: 1.volute type split casing double suction pump 2.Vertical inline pump 3.Horizontal end suction pump 4.Horiozntal /vertical mutistage pump 5.Submersible sewage pump /submersible borehole pump ..