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Heat Exchanger
Posted on 26-12-2010
Heat exchangers are indispensable corollary equipment for vessels and diesel sets. Open-cycle seawater flow-past heat exchangers cool the..
K800-K4000 Heat Exchanger
Posted on 08-07-2012
Features: 1) Indispensable corollary equipment for vessels and diesel sets2) Open-cycle seawater flow-past heat exchangers cool inter-cyclewater..
Aluminum materialSizes: can be customizedApplied: air separation industry.

Posted on 22-10-2005
Match-Well marine assembled refrigerating equipment Marine assembled refrigerating equipment is the main equipment for refrigeration storage..
Plate Heat Exchanger
Posted on 06-06-2013
We supply plate exchangers to heat or cool raw materials and products. The medium may be steam, tower water or hot water.It can be used in..

Posted on 17-04-2006
The pressure vessels, columns, reactors, towers, heat exchangers, condensers, storage tanks, refrigerated storage tanks, lining equipments,..

Posted on 07-07-2005
BL Series AISI 316 Stainless Steel Plates Copper Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger for Absorption ChillerAbsorption ChillerIf district heat or waste..
Posted on 07-08-2011
Shell Tube heat exchangers are used when a process requires large amounts of fluid to be heated or cooled. Due to their design, shell tube heat..
Grasso - Refrigeration Compressor Replacement PartsRC 11 SERIES * RC 12 SERIES * RC 9 SERIES * RC 10 SERIES * RC-6 SERIESVoltas - Refrigeration..
. Compressor For Refrigeration Systems Reciprocating compressor range includes AC, FK, KC/KCX, PC Series models of compressors, used in..

Posted on 09-04-2011
MADE IN TURKEY , Plate spares for ALFA LAVAL , GEA, APV, SONDEX, TRANTER gasketed plate heat exchangers Material of PlateSuited Liquid..
ALFA LAVAL M10M PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - MADE IN TURKEY 1.Alfa Laval M6M replacement 2.Gasket Plate heat exchanger 3.Gasket:NBR/EPDM/VITON 4.Plate..
Cold storage for fruits Complete product chain optimizes the initial investment and creates value-added service for the clientsCold storage for..
Shell and tube TTAI heat exchangers are successfully used for carrying out effective heat transfer in municipal engineering and almost in all..
Heat ExchangerWe manufacture Heat Exchanger in Single Pass and Multi Pass in MOC Mild Steel and Stainless steel 304 & 316. Condensor or Heat..
AP I661 Air heat exchanger...
Posted on 19-09-2008
API661 - ASME - All International Pressure Vessel Codes for Fin Fan Air Coolers, Air Heaters, Pressure vessels for Power...API661 - ASME - All..
Product Description = (We would need an engine data sheet to quote as each product is a bespoke design) Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers are the..

Posted on 04-04-2013
- Japanese highly efficient shell tube heat exchanger price - More than 20,000 of these small, high quality heat exchangers—made in..
MIT Plate Heat Exchanger
Posted on 18-11-2014
Engineering Approachments, Integrated SolutionsEkin Industrial, with investment in MIT plated heat exchanges, and their identity of producer and..

Posted on 22-08-2011
BR 0.23 Type Heat Exchanger Plate Exchange surface of each plate: m2 0.238Distance between plate: mm 4.2Section surface of single channel: m2..
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