Heat exchangers are indispensable corollary equipment for vessels and diesel sets. Open-cycle seawater flow-past heat exchangers cool the inter-cycle water through the heat transfer of the cooling unit. This maintains normal operation and increases the engine's service life. This series of products are suitable for 1,800HP diesel sets...
Features: 1) Indispensable corollary equipment for vessels and diesel sets2) Open-cycle seawater flow-past heat exchangers cool inter-cyclewater through the heat transfer of the cooling unit3) Maintains normal operation and increases engine's service life4) Suitable for 40-4,000hp diesel sets PARAMETER\TYPEA mmB mmC mm DmmEmmFmmDIAMETEROF..
Aluminum materialSizes: can be customizedApplied: air separation industry.
Match-Well marine assembled refrigerating equipment Marine assembled refrigerating equipment is the main equipment for refrigeration storage warehouse and frozen warehouse, which is used to keep food fresh. It is mainly made up of compressor condenser units and cooling units. The compressor condenser units have air-cooling and..
We supply plate exchangers to heat or cool raw materials and products. The medium may be steam, tower water or hot water.It can be used in juice, dairy, beverage and other processing. It may be set several stages for different using. The plate material is made of 304 or 316L (optional) stainless steel. The rubber seal is made from EPDM..
The pressure vessels, columns, reactors, towers, heat exchangers, condensers, storage tanks, refrigerated storage tanks, lining equipments, extractors, LPG storage tanks, etc. are widely used for petrochemical industry, nuclear power, metallurgical industry, chemical engineering, sugar mill, paper mill, food industry, etc. We will manufacture..
BL Series AISI 316 Stainless Steel Plates Copper Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger for Absorption ChillerAbsorption ChillerIf district heat or waste heat is available, for example from waste disposal, there is another possibility for comfort cooling with the absorption chiller. This is an example of the kind of system optimization Baode excels in. We..
Shell Tube heat exchangers are used when a process requires large amounts of fluid to be heated or cooled. Due to their design, shell tube heat exchangers offer a large heat transfer area and provide high heat transfer efficiency. ATE Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are designed to meet various process requirements. Shell and Tube heat..
Grasso - Refrigeration Compressor Replacement PartsRC 11 SERIES * RC 12 SERIES * RC 9 SERIES * RC 10 SERIES * RC-6 SERIESVoltas - Refrigeration Compressor Replacement Parts5H Series : 5H-40, 60, 80, 120, 46, 66, 86, 1265F Series : 5F-20, 30, 40, 6006D Series : 06D-48, 68, 75, 018, 024, 03706E Series : (Semi Sealed)Carrier - Refrigeration..
. Compressor For Refrigeration Systems Reciprocating compressor range includes AC, FK, KC/KCX, PC Series models of compressors, used in varieties of applications. The reciprocating range of refrigerant compressors has wide applications in the area of industrial refrigeration which includes food & beverage processing and preservation, ice..
MADE IN TURKEY , Plate spares for ALFA LAVAL , GEA, APV, SONDEX, TRANTER gasketed plate heat exchangers Material of PlateSuited Liquid KindsStainless Steel (AISI304.316 Etc)Pure Water, Normal Water, Oil for eating, Mineral OilTi, Ti-pdSea Water, Saline Water, Mineral Water Material of GasketOperating Temperature ° CSuited Liquid..
ALFA LAVAL M10M PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - MADE IN TURKEY 1.Alfa Laval M6M replacement 2.Gasket Plate heat exchanger 3.Gasket:NBR/EPDM/VITON 4.Plate material: 304, 316L, Ti, SMO 304, 316L, Ti, SMO Plate material Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger Equivalent Alfa Laval M10M series Material of PlateSuited Liquid KindsStainless Steel (AISI304.316..
Cold storage for fruits Complete product chain optimizes the initial investment and creates value-added service for the clientsCold storage for fruits:1. Global marketing network and manufacturing base in 23 countries provide the clients with quick-response face-to-face and end-to-end services.2. Complete product chain optimizes the initial..
Shell and tube TTAI heat exchangers are successfully used for carrying out effective heat transfer in municipal engineering and almost in all spheres of industry. Developed and produced by our company, these heat exchangers ensure effective operation of heat units, boiler rooms, heat pumps and other devices and systems in heat and power..
Heat ExchangerWe manufacture Heat Exchanger in Single Pass and Multi Pass in MOC Mild Steel and Stainless steel 304 & 316. Condensor or Heat Exchanger consist of Cyndrical Shell with tube bundles inside it with Dome end on one side and Cone end on the other side depending on the application and mounting of the Condensor. The Tube sheet is..
API661 - ASME - All International Pressure Vessel Codes for Fin Fan Air Coolers, Air Heaters, Pressure vessels for Power...API661 - ASME - All International Pressure Vessel Codes for Fin Fan Air Coolers, Air Heaters, Pressure vessels for Power Plants, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Process Industries. Electrical Industries specialists for..
Product Description = (We would need an engine data sheet to quote as each product is a bespoke design) Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers are the most effective means for industrial energy users to achieve savings. An Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger transferring heat generated by hot exhaust gases to the heating system easily realizes a 20% energy..
- Japanese highly efficient shell tube heat exchanger price - More than 20,000 of these small, high quality heat exchangers—made in Japan—have been adopted by major domestic residential fuel cell manufacturers. High temperature gases with temperatures exceeding approximately 200 to 300 degrees Celsius are cooled with low flow rate..
Engineering Approachments, Integrated SolutionsEkin Industrial, with investment in MIT plated heat exchanges, and their identity of producer and engineer vision,is aiming to solve problems in the sector. To meet these views, Ekin Industrial has expanded into the productionof components, sales and after sales service by employing expert..
BR 0.23 Type Heat Exchanger Plate Exchange surface of each plate: m2 0.238Distance between plate: mm 4.2Section surface of single channel: m2 0.00098Max handling capacity: m3/h 40, 6 Size of Plate mm992*325*0.7Normals Pitch of Ripple mm 15Effectual Exchange Surface m20.238Width of Channel mm290Single weight kg1.79Average distance between plate..