We have kinds of photo equipments to meet your needs. More information, please contact us.
To: Maker (Medical,Measuring equipment etc) If you want the optical elements of your spec.....KIKUCHI PRECISION OPTICS CO., LTD located in Japan Osaka Our company produce the optical elements of custom made. we satisfy the spec and quality various clients need. If you need special optical elements, Please feel free contact us. *Please see..
Quality Focusing Equipment at Affordable Cost The combination of PROAIM Follow Focus + Rail System + Mattebox is specifically designed to work for DV/HDV cameras lenses. PROAIM Follow Focus is flexibly designed light weight equipment allowing a camera operator to work indivertibly and be more precise and efficient. If follow focus is used..
For more product description, visit www.brilliant.com.sg Studio Light Kits Studio light kit 900WS photography equipment 3 X Smart pro 300Di strobes 3 X Light Stands LT803 2 X Softbox 1 X Umbrella Studio light flash kitStudio SB Series 3 Monolite Kit (900WS) -flash kit3 Monolite SoftBox Kitphotography equipmentBrilliant PRO 300 Di Monolites..
Photographic equipment 83CM soft & reflector photography umberlla We have got exclusive range of Professional Studio Equipment Lighting sets suitable for use for photographers and videographers of all levels. From Armatures to professionals, the Standard Soft Diffuser Umbrella is perfectly suited for shooting photography and videography...
PROAIM DSLR KIT-11 SHOULDER MOUNT FOLLOW FOCUS MATTE BOXA full function professional camera platform with designed in flexibility-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shoulder, handheld and easy mount - tripod capability.A stability platform for..
Ξ Tunable optical components with changeable filter cassette ΞTFM/FC has a casette filter part, such that the filter properties can be altered by exchanging the casette.The wavelength can be adjusted by 20nm by rotating the filter.Close-up picture of the productThe adjustable wavelength mechanism uses a micrometer, enabling fine..
EVERTRADE is an Import Export company based in downtown Paris and specialized in supplying authentic brand name accessories, sunglasses, optical frames, watches, jewellery. With a several years of experiences, we supply international clients with the top offers from the finest suppliers in France, Italy and Europe. Many thanks to browse our..
Size- Light squre:- 22 x 22 cm, Wide:-32cm, Total ht:-197cm, Front To Back:-37cm.Light is made of aluminum & Stand is made of Timber & aluminum.It s beautiful search light for home decor , office also.all work is hand made.This is search light is also used in photography.Good Quality Products.We have lot of search light. It comes..
Below,You can find the details of whole collection of Osse OpticOsse Optic: %25 of the collection is man,%75 of it is woman(Including unisex modals)Average number of annual modals: 200 to 225Colour: Depends on the modal,3 to 10Average number of colour:6 to 7Total sample: Around 1350-1550Materials Used: Titanium (used high quality titanium..
20.000 pcs of Branded Designer Optical Frames immediately available. Pls. check for best prices. Goods are free for sale, all neccessary papers exist.
Product Description We produce high quality handmade optical frames and sunglasses with Italian raw materials from Mazzucchelli, Visottica and other Italian factories. We have our own factory here in Athens, Greece. We deliver European product with FDA approval and CE mark and we follow all the International..
Consumers, deeply committed to an increasingly fashion-conscious market place, are driving this retail product development, placing a greater emphasis on styling and design.This is what “SALVADOR” is … STYLING & DESIGN.A perfect match for all age and sex. Can’t resist picking one.
Search Light Ht:- 48 inch This Very Beautiful Nickel Finish This Search Light with electric filings it is used for marine photography lampThis spot light is also used for home decoration & Room Corner Marine Lamp is used for photography and etc.This search light comes with electric fittings All work is hand..
24/24 2400WS Power Supply Pack for 900-Series Lamphead Model: 24/24 Unit powers onPower indicator lights up redReady indicator flashes green Dimensions (L”xW”xH”): 13 * 6 1/2 * 8 1/2
Features:- 45/87-862MHz, 4 output - way transmission and adopt the need of interactive service - The whole set has optical power indication and monitor point, easy to use.- Four-way independent RF high-level output, and each output is more than 110dBµV - With testing point (-20dB) at out of board, so it is more easy to use.- High-quality..
- Reliable high reflective ag mirror optical lenses , other optical parts available - A high-reflective silver mirror that does not deteriorate in environments with high temperatures and humidityEnvironmental testing carried out for a cumulative 1,000 hours or more ⇒ 900–1400 nmRD ≥ 96%Through thorough quality assurance our..
China supplier 4 channel digital optical media converter Summary1. Uncompressed 8 bit video encoding, High-speed synchronous digital transmission technology2. Fiber optic transmission of one video signals on one fiber with RS485 data signals which may be one way with the video or optionally duplex.3. Super optical dynamic range, no..
The studio lighting kit FBackground support ×1Background sheets ×4Studio lighting (S200) ×3Barndoor ×1Softbox (50×70cm) ×2Light stang (200cm) ×3Trigger ..