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Vertical Form Fill seal pouch packaging machines for the weight range from 50 grams to 100 grams of granular substances such as tea, spices,..
Stick Pack Machine
Posted on 20-11-2007
Our revolutionary new introduction for the food service industry - the Sikri Stick-Pack Machine - for smart, contemporary and economical single..
The present machine can finish automaticlly sterilization of packaging film and drying and can aslo finish the whole process of package such as..
We are one of the leading manufacturers of automatic pouch packaging machines to pack mineral water, milk alcohol and cooking oil in poly pouches...
Automatic tea-bag packing machine model ccfd6 series can be used for packing tea bag and other powdered products. All operations such as filling,..
This machine is a universal equipment for tri dimensionally packing the hard paper packing box or package of various specifications by using..
Stretch wrapping machines are used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support while the products are being transport..
Basing on absorbing foreign advanced this kind of equipments, according to the request and fact of home filling quipments, our company designs and..
A versatile fully automatic vertical form fill seal sachet packaging machine suitable for packing liquids in single-use 4-side seal sachets. ..
Paper Tube, Core Machine
Posted on 25-07-2005
We are a direct factory mainly producing paper tube machine/edge board machine, also making small diameter paper thbe/core 6mm-38mm
Packaging Related Machinery
Posted on 08-03-2006
We are direcet factory who mainly making paper board slitting machine/paper core machine/paper core cutting machine/edge board machine.
Packaging Related Machinery
Posted on 12-12-2005
129bo vertical ffs powder & granule high-speed packaging machine High quality stainless-steel cover Sealing-roller & continuous figure ..

Posted on 14-06-2013
Bottle inner and outer washing, filling and capping machine, capacity 600 bottles per hour. This state-of-the-art full stainless machine is..
Powder Filling Machine
Posted on 03-03-2005
Model no: Pd01 powder filling machineElectrical:220v single phaseTank capacity:15 litersTarget products: Eye shadows, facial powders, body..
Packaging Related Machinery
Posted on 06-11-2008
Automatic collar type f. F. S machine with auger filler Automatic form fill seal machine is fully automatic and most suitable machine for powder..
ABB robots for sale. 6-axies robots with AC-motors Max handling weight: 45-150kg Max working area: 1. 95-3. 0m (radius) 2xI / O-Boards (32..
We have been manufacturing manual crimping machines for perfume manufacturer. It can be use with collets between 10-20 mm diameters that we had..
Hopak Automatic Feed Wrapper
Posted on 15-12-2012
FEATURES: Belt conveyor feed prevents scratching on card surface. Equipped with automatic feeder for fast packaging performance. ..
< ITEM >Crayon making machine Crayon product MachineOil pastel making machine Oil pastel product Machine Crayon labeling..
Induction aluminum foil cap inserting machine* fully automatic Central computer.* being able to place in 15,000 - 20,000pcs each hour.* being able..
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