This toilet paper machine line including 4 machines, The raw material will be put onthe ZQ-III-E rewinder for unwinding,embossing,perforating,then rewinding into paperlogs,then the paper logs will be transferred to the CZ-I Log accumulator ,later will be transported to the DH-I for cutting into short pieces,the last step is toilet roll will be..
Main features:HZ-200 (210) Automatic Facial Tissue Paper Machine is designed to convert facial tissue paper with hign efficiency and excellent products. The equipment adopts the advanced magic eye detecting system, PLC controlling and frequency speed controlling. There are some options for the customers: steel-to-steel calendaring device and..
Tissue paper machine can make tissue paper with both wood pulp and waste paper as raw material. We may make design according to customer request. Production capacity will be 6-15 ton per day (I) GENERAL DESCRIPTION. THIS PLANT MAINLY CONSIST OF 3 PARTS AS FOLLOWS: 1. ONE PULP MAKING LINES (USE WASTE PAPER AND VRIGIN PULP AS RAW MATERIAL)..

Kraft liner paper machine

Posted on 04-06-2009
We manufacture excellent quality Wire part with high efficiency of Wire and plain couch roll. These are designed with a frame of cantilever for quick and easy wire change. Moreover, they are provided with 18 to 40 meters of regular manufacturing capacity having desired expertise and infrastructure. Wire Part with S.S 304/316 are Fabricated with..
Gutenberg industrial printing machines specialized in sourcing and supplying quality second hand printing and binding equipments direct from printer in Europe Located in Beirut, Lebanon, renowned for import and export. International hub for trade and Heart of the Middle East, to provide you complete turn-key operations starting from moves and..
YD-PL400C toilet paper machine:For the production of core/coreless toilet roll and kitchen towel with lamination effection, speed up to 400m/minYD-PL350C:For the production of core/coreless toilet roll and kitchen towel with lamination effection, speed up to 300m/minYD-PL200C:For the production of core/coreless toilet roll and kitchen towel..
Tissue Paper Machine ,toilet paper machine,toilet paper making machine, tissue paper machine, toilet paper production line1.Features:Pressure vat, stainless steel cylinder mould forming system;Square wimble pipes for pulp-entering systemHigh linear pressure press roll by pneumatic dewatering system;Compound breathable hot wind hood;Compound..
Toilet Paper Toilet Paper Machine1- Automatically load jumbo roll by pneumatic control, greatly reduces labor intensity.2- Automatically feed paper core without stopping machine, automatically slowdown when changing paper core.3- Automatic alarm for breaking off of paper and paper core exhaust.4- Automatic tail trimming, gluing, sealing..
BX-103 Loading Paper Machine's used for loading the paper core of the adhesive tape and unloading the final products from the slitting machine. Normally it's used together with BX-202, BX-210 and BX-215 sitting machine. It also can be one of the equipment for the slitting line together with BX-200,BX-202,BX-203
2014 top sale Professional factory Wrting and Priting Use cost of tissue paper machine This fine paper machine is designed with single fourdrinier former, suitable for making fine paper such as writing printing, offset, photocopy, copier, thin paper, etc. As a turnkey project supplier, Valtec can supply complete line from stock preparation to..
DC-2060A baby facial tissue paper packing machine(FULL SERVO) (Specialized in 5-20 pcs/bag Configured by SIEMENS motor)Motive factor30KWPower supplythree phase 380V,50HzSuitable materialSpun-lace non-woven fabrics, Hot-rolling non-woven fabrics.Quality of material40g/~80g/Production size(unfolded)180*160 mm(L*W)Production..
Company Information Company DescriptionDacoo Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the leading professional manufacturers & exporters of tissue paper converting machinery, baby diaper machinery, nappy pants machinery, woman sanitary napkin machinery etc. Remembers of Dacoo (China) Machinery: 1- Dacoo Industrial Co., Ltd. 2- Fujian Yishun Imp...
Melamine paper production line is mainly used in producing cement form plate paper in high accurate ability of impregnation, drying and cutting. it is an automatic production line in high accuracy and succession.We offer best products and service to our clients we can also design and manufacture it according to the user’s specific..
SR-L series slotting machine --------- corrugated paper machineStandard equipments:Paper feeding unit: It adopts chain feeding model controlled by stepless speed regulation. Lead edge of paper feeding is equipped with elastic feeding pressure plate to ensure the bent paperboard to be smoothly sent in. Optically controlled..
This type of machine is mainly suitable for wholly automatic lamination for corrugated paper and color-printed surface paper or surface paper and board paper. It is ideal equipment for production of carton and paper Features: Wholly automatic conveyance of surface paper and bottom paper.The maximum thickness of bottom paper is 6mm.It is..
Tissue machine, tissue paper machine, tissue making machineThe tissue machine is designed to work with the pulp processing line to use wood pulp or waste paper as raw material to make jumbo tissue rolls. These jumbo rolls are the raw material for the various kinds of tissue converting machines. The advantagerous features of the tissue machine..
Mini napkin paper machinemain techonogical parameter :power :4.5kwproduction speed :550p/minoutside dimension :3600*890*1280mmmachine weight : 880kg
Main Technical Parameter(CDH-1575 YE)Finished Roll DiameterΦ70~140 mm (Degree of tightness adjustable)Finished Roll Core DiameterΦ 2050 mmRaw Material Diameter≤Φ 1100 mm (Other sizes are available )Raw Material Core Diameter3(76.2 mm) (Other sizes are available )Perforating Pitch90~160mm (Pneumatically separating..
Paper machine Total weight:312kg Packing dimension:2550*1200*1100mmMin Packing dimension:1520*900*1620mm
Product Name: YX-MMJ-210 Vacuum Mini Type Face Tissue Paper MachineStructure & Character:1. Embossing shape on paper is obvious and clear. 2. Knife style and folding form are advanced in designing, high speed operation is brisk.3. Stepless regulates speed of unwinding, whole machine is operating synchronously, suitable to produce Iow or..