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Posted on 11-02-2011
Japan Facial Tissue Handy Type --- Lotion Tissue with Natural Moisturing Agent 14W4P wholesale *'Lotion Tissue' (=Moderately Moist Tissue..
Sodium PercarbonateAssay : 96%Quality Inspection : By SGS Sodium Percarbonate is an oxidizing agent. Sodium Percarbonate is an ingredient in a..
Posted on 25-09-2006
Industrial EnzymesNon- Food ApplicationsTextilesPaper & PulpLeatherDetergentWastewater TreatmentBiofuelsOil DrillingOther Applications -..
We supply and manufacture world class paper sizing products our products is capable of proving solutions to every application in paper sizing..
Sodium SulphateSodium Sulphate Anhydrous 99%SpecificationsTechnical name : Sodium SulphateFormula ..

Posted on 19-11-2006
Product Description Product Description PropertyNatural and safe powderApplicationFor all biological treatment tanksConcentration10^7 to 10^10..

Posted on 12-11-2009
DESCRIPTIONSFORM AID- 200 is a new generation formation aid for pulp in paper making with high charge and better dispersing power. It is widely..

Posted on 07-11-2005
ANTIFOAM KKY 70 Silicone Free Defoamer CHEMICAL STRUCTURE Mixture of mineral oil and surface active agentsIONIC..
fine fibres particulate, Fast absorb , Easy to deploy. For use with chemical & hazardous..
TEO series paper dispersant agents (polyacrylamide) are our newly developed products. Their dissolving time is around 40-60 min. It is a cheap..
Water Decoloring Agent
Posted on 07-05-2008
APPLICATION METHODS1. The product shall be diluted with 10-40 times water and then dosed into the waste water directly. After being mixed for..
APPLICATION METHODS1. The product shall be diluted with 10-40 times water and then dosed into the waste water directly. After being mixed for..
SPECIFICATIONS1. Appearance: light-color, sticky liquid 2. Viscosity: 50-250 m Pa.s (20°C) 3. Solid content: >50% 4. pH, 30% solution: 3-5..
Sodium Lignosulphonate (Wood Pulp)1. PropertyAppearanceDark brown powderCAS..
1.Widelyused in KFC and McDonalds packaging2.Bleached/unbleached100% wood pulp paper/26-60GSM3. On roll or on sheet with different size..
Chemical & Hazard Loose Pulpmade of 100% polypropylene ultra-fine fiber .White color,oil absorbency only,reusable.Can absorb 18 times than its..
custom dispersing agent for paper sticker pulp 1.ISO90012.OEM/ODM3.Enviroment Protection4.UL certification5.SGS Test reports6.Outdoor..

Posted on 19-03-2013
cotton sanitary napkin manufacture in china About usWe a a leading factory of sanitary pads and baby diaper for more than 10 years ,with 4..

Posted on 28-01-2012
Office Supply - SPONGE PAPER - 12587 - with #1 BUYING AGENT from YIWU, the Largest Wholesale Market 500 Designs in one Container, Open 350 Days..

Posted on 04-08-2011
DRK103A Brightness TesterBrightness Meter is widely applied in paper and cardboard, pulp, cotton and fabric, plastic, ceramic and porcelain..
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