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Year after year companies have to deal with a constantly changing economic and legislative situation. Those changes occur in many different ways, ranging from the increasingly constant regulatory framework, which are mandatory in nature and cannot be disregarded, to all the things that have to be done for the growth of corporate activity as such.

In addition, productive activity should blend with market requests, and therefore a company has to be flexible, must have high quality standards as well as competent and immediate responsiveness to the market. For this reason, the small and medium sized companies that represent the backbone of the entire Italian economy often rely on experts, who, with their expertise, professionalism and experience, provide support in order to cope with changing market conditions and address new development challenges.

Malatesta & Partners has been alongside companies down through the years, providing highly professional services in legal, commercial and corporate areas of concern, with the aim of representing a resource abreast with the evolution of markets for entrepreneurs.

In addition to legal activities as such, Malatesta & Partners has forged partnerships with important companies and professionals specialized in different areas of corporate activity.

This allows the Firm to offer quality solutions in various sectors of the business world with resource persons who are not "consultants" outside the Firm, but an integral part of its operational endeavor to promote entrepreneurship within an established relationship of trust.

Malatesta & Partners therefore pursues the goal of being a one stop wellspring for business development, a preferential instrument and resource in a familiar, protected and safe environment.

Franchising Activities

Malatesta and Partners has focused for years on assisting companies in franchise programs with services that meet the needs of all the activities necessary to achieve business goals in the most efficient, profitable and economical way.

The proposals of the study are intended to define an operational itinerary for the creation and implementation of a company franchise plan so that, apart from the financial arrangements for consultancy, the choices and strategies to be adopted are mainly shared by the Franchisor, also with due consideration for the characteristics and peculiarities of the Italian market.

Franchising in Italy is regulated by Law n° 129 of May 6, 2004.

The success of franchising is a complex operation divided into various elements and to be considered under the diverse aspects of product characteristics, internal organization, image and "credibility" towards the outside world, distinctiveness with respect to competitors, the target whose awareness the franchisee wishes to heighten, evaluation of the most profitable market and the type of location in local surroundings.

We offer the following professional services directly and through the collaboration of a team of expert sociologists and specialists in marketing and communication, management and administration, finance and financial reporting, who have been working for us on a regular basis for years in a long and well established single performance format.

Marketing Consulting – Communication

Benchmarking: Product evaluation with respect to the market;

Market test with opinion leaders and end users;

Competitor Analysis;

Defining the best target market;

Products and price dynamics for the reference market;

Brand Definition and market philosophies aimed at the franchisee and the public;

Definition, along with the brand, of signs, sales point furnishing and outfitting, products or services, know-how, that is the know how to do it;

Definition of franchisee skills (professional and personal characteristics, location, premises, etc.) and standards of behavior;

Global definition of commercial dynamics (prices, affiliation fees, royalties, quantity of products, prices and discount policy, prizes, etc.);

Prepare a business plan of the endeavor for the head company and the potential franchisee;

Market spread plan (priority areas, territorial distribution, quantity of franchisees, etc);

Definition of services and documentation for the franchisee (information about the head company, company operations manual, branded gadgets and materials, training courses, direct online support and indirect support, spreading and promotion of the initiative, etc.).

Definition of monitoring and control tools;

Communication campaign towards the potential franchisee, analyzing all the elements for a optimal recruiting campaign (ideal franchisee profile, requirements and capabilities, distribution in the area and priority of activities) and towards the end consumer in order to attract customers and at the same time enable the franchisee to analyze the tools placed at his disposal by the head company in order to have access to the market.

Management Consulting

Activity functioning programs;

Planning of communication between Franchisee and Franchisor;

On site visits and inspections of franchisee premises.

Legal Consulting

Contracts with Franchisees and definition of legal aspects;

Deposit, registration and protection of trademarks and patents;

Institutional Franchisor Accreditation;

Search and selection of potential financial partners;

Commercial investigations on Franchisee and Partners.

Financial and Fiscal Consulting

Financial plan targeting needs and critical areas;

Relations with Banks, financial institutions, and public funding agencies: paperwork and documentation;

Fiscal flux analysis and its optimization;

Obviously all services are modular and can cover the entire project or only a part of the activities.

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