Fuel economy excellent condition used car tyres automobile part

Sapporo-shi, Japan
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Fuel economy excellent condition used car tyres automobile part

Excellent safety, fuel economy, quietness and durability.

Automotive tires from leading Japanese manufacturers

such as Used Bridgestone, Toyo, Yokohama, and Used Dunlop.

Excellent condition, high quality used tires

from leading Japanese tire manufacturers,

backed by an extensive data collection, are gathered

from all over the country and inspected using the strictest criteria.


Natural rubber, synthetic rubber, sulfur, zinc, carbon black, steel, oil


Passenger vehicles, light trucks, trucks, buses

Past Business Success (By country):

Russia, China (Hong Kong), Dubai, Bolivia, New Zealand, Nepal, Malaysia

Our tires have been collected from all over Japan

and are stored indoors minimize deterioration.

We can double and triple ship in order

to save on shipping costs per tire.

Due to our many years selling high quality goods in Japan,

we are the number 1 seller in Hokkaido

on the auction site Yahoo! Auctions.

After years of purchasing experience,

we have built a unique collection network for used tires.

We usually have about 20,000 tires in stock at any one time.

We can accept bulk orders.

We offer a variety of tires for various vehicles types such as cars,

light trucks, trucks, and buses.

We sell tires from top manufacturers such as Michelin,

Goodyear, and Pirelli in addition to tires

from Japanese manufacturers such as Used Bridgestone,

Yokohama, Toyo, and Used Dunlop.

Wheels and tires are separated.

We also offer wheels.

Tires are pressurized to check for creases and tears.

Forklifts are used during our process.

Taking pictures of our products for display.

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