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Xylosidase (1,4-β-D-xylosidase, b xylan hydrolase is the major xylanase (endo--1,4-β-D-xylanase, EC3.2.1. 8) and EC Xylanase (1,4-D-xylanase) hydrolysis of xylan internal 1,4 - - xylosidase hydrolysis and the small xylan as xylose oligosaccharides (5 carbon sugar) . bα-D-glucoside chain poly-wood, and then release wood - oligosaccharides.
Optimal PH range: 3.0 to 6.0
Optimal Temperature range: 35 to 55 Degree Celisus.
Light yellow powder
Density :1.1g/ml
And be soluble in water easily.
Enzyme activity: 50,000 U/g,100,000u/g,200,000u/g,300,000u/g.
Unit Definition: Under certain conditions, the amount of enzyme needed in hydrolyzing xylan to produce 1ug of xylose in 1 minute.
The xylanase units are determined on birchwood soluble xylan at PH 6 and 37°C over a 20 minute period.
1. Flour products applications, the xylanase can improve the quality of flour products.
2. Used in other industries of food:
Xylanase can breaks down the xylan in coffee to produce oligosaccharides, which can reduce the viscosity of coffee greatly. With the reduced viscosity, the efficiency of concentration and drying has increased in multiply, so that the production cost of instant coffee can be reduced.
In addition, xylanase has a good value in improving the sensory quality of fruits and vegetables, extracting olive oil, vegetable oils, flavor substances, coloring substances and starch
3. Used in paper making
Xylanase can be added to pulp after cooking or oxygen delignification and prior to bleaching for the improvement of pulp bleachability.
Almost every mill has unique conditions of fibre furnish, pulping technology and bleach sequence. The optimal dosage can also depend on the temperature, pH and consistency of the pulp.
Stored in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
Storing in low temperature (below 25 Degree Celisus, but not frozen), the activity can be maintained for a long time.

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