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Our injector aerators are electrically operated products with suction from the surface used to introduce air or oxygen beneath the surface of the water. Injectoraerators produce a flow of water that creates pressure drop able to draw airor oxygen through the support and regulation pipes and disperse them as veryfine bubbles in the propeller's..

All In 1

Posted on 05-06-2008
We would like to introduce ourselves to you as Old Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances since 1951 such as: Gas Cookers(more than 34 models), beautiful Kerosene Stoves, Electric Gas Stoves, Electric Heaters, Electric Fans, Vacuum Cleaners, Barbecues, etc. Etc. And we have 500 employees and our plant 40.000 s. Q. M covered.
Coffee Maker 1.2 litres(glassjug),1.4 litres(glassjug)&1.4 litres(stainlesssteel jug) Cordless Kettle 1.2 litres(plastichousing),1.5 litres(plastichousing)&1.7 litres(stainlesssteel housing) Sandwich Maker 2-set small-size, medium-size&large size(stainlesssteel insert) Steam Iron small-size(Teflonsoleplate),..
KOREA Household Top Air PurifierHyundai household air purifier.Silent operation.Innovative and luxury design.Totally digital control.Automatic work by dust and smell sensor.Work resrervation.Minus ion produce.Rimocon control.Equalizer function.9 stage hepa filter system.Effect area: Less than 100 sqm.Dimension:440 x 250 x 780mm1.THE STRONG..
Products range: # 1. Electronic productsMP3, electronic heater, walkman, cameral, recorder, electronic watch, digital cameral. # 2. House appliance: Air conditioner, squeeze, vaporizer, heater, iron, washing machine, Refrigerator, water dispenser, sound box# 3. Home daily use: Toilet utensils, kitchen utensils. Kettle & cup# 4. Vehicle: Car..

Water Purifier

Posted on 05-06-2014
Dual safty valve(option) Auto Flush (Option) RO membrane(option) GMSPT-600 - 800 Floor standing Tab water 22kgs 100watt Compressor cooling ST 304. 3liters ST.304. 4liters 450 or 500 watt Press push safety type 100-110-220V 50-60Hz 360mmX 400mmX1180mm Mechanical float Electronic float
An oxygen concentrator, also called an oxygen generator, is a device used to provide oxygen to a patient at substantially higher concentrations than those of ambient air, used as an alternative to tanks of compressed oxygen. Oxygen concentrators are also used to provide an economical source of oxygen to the patient
* Excellent purifying efficiencyIt supply clean and pure water that pass qualified HYUNDAI filteration system.* ConvenienceThere is assistance faucet(option) that can extract water contiguously and a lot of abstractions are convenient.* Harmonious DesignGraceful design and color harmony make harmonious indoor atmosphere.* Burn prevention..
First filtering system is added to provide clean water. Filter replacement system is highly effective in removal of rust stain and chlorine substances. First SED filter replacement and generation is done simultaneously. Recharge and replacement of ion exchange resins is very convenient. Temperature control is also easy by the separate use of..
remote controller Features:1)make roller shutter motor remote controller for tubular motor, rolling door motor 2) High frequency transmitter with elegant design3) Simple push button operation4) Long distance receiver 5) design functions upon requests from customers6) frequency is 433MHZ7)learning, fixed or rolling code is ok for us.8) different..
56 inch 3 mental blades high quality cheap ceiling fan specifications: Product Descriptionceiling fan motor:volt:220v/50hzWalt:75wPure copper colied,aluminum colied availableHigh breeze: 290RPMSilent operation,High efficient,ceiling fan blades:3 metal bladesright angleprecisely balanced1400mm sweep/56 inchceiling fan regulator:capacitor..
Water PurifierSpecifications: 1) 1-100MT/hour 2) Cleans colors and substances from water3) Can remove heavy metal including mercury, lead, cadmium, zinc, iron,manganese, chromium, hydrogenate, sulphide, small amounts of remaining chlorides 4) Ideal equipment for drinking water, foodstuffs, beverages and pharmaceuticals5) 1-100MT/hourWater..
Specifications: 1) Power: 70W 2) Voltage: 220-240V 3) Frequency: 50/60Hz 4) Capacity: 1.0L Packing: N.W.: 3.5kg G.W.: 4.8kg Carton dimensions: 315 x 315 x 355mm
Remote control Specifications: 1) Uses advanced American jump-frequency code technology to replace coding technology2) Secure, hard to decipher, avoids traditional repeat code that is easily captured and scanned 3) Precision components resist external disturbances, temperature changes and other similar factors enhancing performance4) High..
vacuum cleanerNingbo Huasheng Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. integrates R&D, production, manufacturing and sales. We specializes in the production and sales of cooler boxes, jump starters, vacuum cleaners, car fans, water purifiers, air compressors, auto polishers, battery chargers, working lights, and cookers. Our company is located in..
Item No:FD60-U1Description :24 Hours American Standard Mechanical TimerSpecification :1)48 ON/OFF per day2)With indicator and switch knob ; With ground pin3)Min.Setting time:15 minutes; Max.Setting time:24 hours4)15A Tungsten $ Resistive, 1/2HP5)125V~ ,15A, 60Hz,Maximum switching resistive 1875 W load (e.g. incandescent lamp/bulbs, heating..
Roller Door Motor Remote Controller Features:1)make Roller Door Motor Remote Controller for tubular motor, rolling door motor 2) High frequency transmitter with elegant design3) Simple push button operation4) Long distance receiver 5) design functions upon requests from customers6) frequency is 433MHZ7)learning, fixed or rolling code is ok..
Patio Heaters1) Stylish design with Aluminum Mash and Iron Coated Cover;2) Halogen /Quartz heating element: clean, odorless, instant heat, safe and convenient; 3) Total heat output 2KW, heated Area up to 16 sqm.4) Instant heat, light and offer nice atmosphere5) Can be used both indoor and outdoor, having water proof function and IP44..
water purifier Features:1 FRP tank 2 Brine tank3 Control valve 4 ResinSystem specifications (1T/H~50T/H):1) Easy operation 2) Compact 3) Automatic regeneration 4) Optimum salt & rinsing water consumption 5) Intelligent control 6) Space saving
Water softener for dishwasher, AC 230V coil