Knitting Yarn

Posted on 19-08-2012
Latifi Silk Exports LLP is amongst those very few Silk Yarns and Handloom Fabrics Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers from Bihar (India), who have the state-of-the-art facilities to meet the high demands of silk importers from all across the world. India being the second largest producer & exporter of silk and one of the biggest..
Specifications: 1) 100D/30F bright/dull raw white2) 120D/30F bright/dull raw white3) 150D/30F bright/dull raw white 4) 200D/50F bright/dull raw white5) 250D/50F bright/dull raw white6) 300D/50F bright/dull raw white7) 450D/75F bright/dull raw white8) 600D/100F bright/dull raw white9) 750D/100F bright/dull raw whiteInner packing: on coneOuter..
We professionally supply 100% polyester, viscose and nylon twist yarn of semi dull. Trilobal bright and dope dyed color from 50D TO 300d with 350 TPM to 4000 TPM are available. We professionally supply polyester filament yarn and polyester staple fiber. The polyester filament yarn includes polyester partially oriented yarn (POY), polyester..
2/60nm 30%silk 70%cottonthe yarn is used to knitting ,the handfeel is very soft and silp , suitable in spring summer and autumn .we use the AZO free.packing :50LBS per carton or 25KG per bagdelivery :twenty days after samples confirmed

Blended Yarn

Posted on 07-12-2005
Blended YarnWe offer P/V blended yarn,count range is NE 10 - NE 80 in single & Double,RW & dyed
100% Spun Polyester Yarn ,Made From Virgin TIFICO polyester fibre can be dyed with all the colors.Suitable for knitting .All the yarns are completely autoconed and spliced.Ne 30/1 , 24/1 , 20/1 , 16/1 , 12/1 Ne 20/2 , 24/2 , 30/2 Ne 12/3 , 20/3 , 24/3 We do can offer special industrial yarns in selective counts based on request.Machine..

Package Dyed yarn

Posted on 20-12-2005
VIL Know as the heart of yarn dyeing industries… Manufactures & exporters of superior quality yarn with a consistant results... Customer satisfaction and crystal clear transparency... Valson Industries Ltd. is involved in Manufacturing and Supplying of all types of yarns and fibers as per the customer..
Our yarns are made of % 100 olefin from 1 to 25 Nm. However, accommodating our costumer request is always our first priority.Therefore, different kind of blends can be made according to costumer request, such as wool ,acrylic, polyester blend.If you are interested in You will receive sample of 6/2 Nm, 7/3 Nm ,9/3 Nm Yarns. (these are %100..
We can offer 100% Cotton Yarns from Asian Origin and competitive prices and from good quality mills. We bank on our strong relationship and professional management for supply of good quality yarn. We would like to work with only serious buyers with long term business perspective. Please send us your requirements and test our service levels...
Our top quality yarn is spin out of top quality Indian origin raw cotton Shankar-6 & MECH-1 for counts like 20/1 & Above. Our Yarn is Auto coned, Siro Cleared, Vision Sheild, Contamination Controlled top quality waxed yarn for knitting & Unwaxed for weaving. Packing of 1.89kg/cone, 24cones/carton, total no. of 450 carton in..
ABCDEFG TenacityElongationBreaking LoadShinkage ( % )LusterCross Section175D NIM04.0224.00306.0003.75SDCIRCULAR275D 1H NIM03.9024.50300.0008.10SDCIRCULAR375D SIM04.0224.00306.0003.65SDCIRCULAR475D 1H SIM03.9225.00302.0008.00SDCIRCULAR575D DIM04.0525.80312.0003.60SDCIRCULAR675/48 NIM04.0225.00306.0003.60SDCIRCULAR775/48..
We are an agent based in Pakistan since 1979, representating some of the pioneer Textile mills here in pakistan. We can source Raw Cotton from all around the Globe, Cotton yarn and fabric from mills here in Pakistan and also cotton waste i.e. Comber noil, cardfly and cotton linter first and second cut.Our Activities:Raw cotton for international..
Polyester Mono Filament Textured YarnPolyester Mono Filament yarn,Polyester Mother Yarn20/1 FDY30/1 FDY15/1 FDY45/1 FDY50/1 FDY60/4 FDY240/12 FDY200/10FDY300/10 FDY180/12 FDY300/6 FDY270/6 FDYEtc. as per buyr requirmentMother Yarn, Flat Mono Filament YarnGreetings from J Korin Group.Product Deatil:100% Polyester Mono Filament Yarn:We are..
Detailed List of Polyester Textured Yarn as below : 100% Polyester Draw Texturised Yarn [P-DTY]Denier FilamentLusterNIMLIMHIM7536SD, RW, DDB•••72SD, RW, DDB•••108SD, RW •144SD, RW ••10036SD, RW•••48SD, RW ••108SD, RW ••144SD, RW ••15048SD, ..
YarnOur quality range includes: Ringspun and open end (OE) yarns for Knitting and weaving applications Cotton Yarns » Combed and Karded Ringspun and Open End (OE) Cotton Yarns» CVC Yarns» Lycra Core Spun Cotton Yarns Synthetic Yarns» 100% Polyester Yarns » 100% Acrylic Yarns» 100% Viscose Yarns» 100%..
Dear Buyer,We like to introduce our salve as an Exporter from Bangladesh. We are mainly deal with All kind of Raw Jute and Jute Goods. We are giving hereunder some information about Jute Yarn :Count 4 Lbs (7.25 NM) to 1750 Lbs (0.016 NM)PlyAny PlyQualityCRM, CRT, CRX, CRP, CB, Hessain, Sacking, etcConical Wooden / Plastic / Paper / Paper..
Ring spun cotton yarn Compact com4 spun cotton yarn Gassed mercerized cotton yarn Open end spun cotton yarnDetailed DescriptionWe can offer the finest cotton yarns from the finest ISO _ rated Most modern plantsThe following cotton yarnsSpinning format Ring spun combed carded---20-60s NeCompact spun combed Com 4 -30--100s NeOpen end spun. ..
Learn more our products↓ Ne19/2 60% Cotton 40% Bulky acrylic yarn for Various Knit• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •..

Fdy Polyester Yarn

Posted on 11-12-2006
Polyester FDY Yarn1. Bright and clean, good unformity 2. 20--600D 3 used for knitting,weaving Polyester FDY Yarn 1 Specifications:68D/24F75D/72F 40D/24F50D/24F 50D/48F 75D/36F50D/72F 55D/24F75D/1442 It can be used for knitting, weaving, warp knitting directly.