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Aqua2live M 5000 mobile disinfecting water treatment, per hour 5 tons drinkingwater, 24 hours! 10 tons plant is possible.
V-east Activated Carbon Odor Control Unit is a compact, modular canister designed to remove unpleasant hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan odors venting from gravity sewer manholes. The unit comes equipped with V-east Granular Activated Carbon that is a high-activity, chemically-treated activated carbon specially designed for use in odor..
The accessories of water treatment systems include:1) RO membranes2) Water softener3) Water filter4) Membranes vessel5) FRP tank6) Auto or manual control valve7) UV sterilizer
We can supply high quality telescopic sewers. Any behavior of impairing the quality is a crime in our company. We do not classify products to first-rate and second-rate. If the products are not the best, they are the waste.
Transformer oil regeneration system series ZYD-I/ oil purifier/ Oil Purifiction/ waste managementApplication:The ZYD-I series is specifically designed for purifying and regenerating the used insulating oil such as transformer oil, mutual oil, switch oil, etc.Feature:• Ideal for insulating oil clean up and transfer• Regeneration of..
Envirotech Acoustic Enclosures Special Features 1.Compact, Modular construction and sleek design with low noise level 70-74db - just whisper - soft 2.Conforms to mandatory government noise level norms. 3.Soundproof, weatherproof and environment friendly enclosure. 4.Ready-to-use canopy eliminate need for any foundation or..
Our Sewer Suction Units are the Ideal solution for cleaning sewer lines and soaking pits. Our SSUs can be mounted on any truck chassis above 8 ton GVW and can also be mounted on independent chassis. Use of reknowned Italian Vacuum Pump and safety equipment ensures long life and robustness of the equipment. Our expertise in hydraulic and..
Kissan engineering'sSewer/Gully sucker unit consists of a High Pressure Jetting Pump powered by a truck engine through PTO or an Auxiliary engine, a water tank and a High Pressure Jetting Nozzle connected to one end of a Jetting Pipe. K.E. uses high quality Italian Pumps to power the jetting nozzle through a Sewer line. Water is pumped at high..

Environment Product Agents

Posted on 21-12-2014
These panels consist of individual sections, 12 inches wide, mounted horizontally on top of one another or vertically side by side. Each section consists of a 2 to 4 inch deep 16 to 22 gauge tray. Typically the tray is filled with six pound density mineral wool and covered with a perforated 22 gauge face panel. The standard Silent Screen..
ANF is a compact mobile device, with build-in noise filters that enables to hear speech clearly. It is the right choice for live processing in field conditions. ANF has 7 types of automatically adaptive noise filters;the settings of the filters are adjustable via LCD screen and keyboard.APPLICATIONSPolice, Forensic labs and other Law..
Hac-Seeds Enterprises Limited plays the following roles: A) Export of Agro-Commodities Products.B) Joint venture/Collaboration.C) Act as your Buying/Selling Agent.D) Representative.E) Agro-Commodities Consultant.F) Agro-Commodities Training.G) Agro-Commodities Supplier Locally and Internationally.H) Importer/Exporter General Merchant. 1st step ..
Environment product agents a canadian company interested in representation and sale of electric vehicles and solar products in Pakistan and south Asia.
We are a rapidly expanding Canadian company, exporters, of Environmental waste managment solutions, forestry and bee managment, pool products, degreasers, enzymes and bacteria. We are looking for exclusive representatives around the world. For more information please visit our website.
We are looking agent who have these type business in china. We provide technology and equipment from canada.


Posted on 08-05-2010
Direct from factory in USA for the enviromental project such as the leachate tratment plant for the landfill
I'm looking for reliable distributors companies in water treatment for selling water generators. These machines are producing fresh and potable water through ambient humidity. The moisture air goes through 7 filtration steps and stocked in a 14 Lts sterilized tank. All you need is a 220V supply and 35% minimum humidity ( max.85% ). Ideal..
ACTIONSORB is a series of innovative absorbents that are made from 100% natural organic substances. Their water-resistant and oil-absorbing characteristics allow rapid absorption for oil and hydrophobic chemical spills, on water, land and in the air. The absorbents are completely non-leaching for hydrocarbons and oil-based liquids. They are..