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The picture from the famous painting person, the size of this picture is 12*16", the whole surface is full of gemstones. Such as agate, black..
Antique Imitation Crafts
Posted on 04-03-2009
Based on the 18 years experience in theAntique Imitation Crafts lighting, mini home appliances & habiliment with shoes-cap field, Sun-park..
Glass Paint Craft
Posted on 19-12-2006
We can supply this product with your requirements and low price.
Jade Crafts
Posted on 13-12-2014
Various shapes and sizes upon request. Necklace, bracelet, Ring, ball, cabs, Jewelry accessories. Except for the good quality, we offer..
Elegant golden color design incense burners, nice quality, good prices, better services. Meeting market standards of Middle East, EU & USA...
Wuxi Clay Figurines
Posted on 26-01-2005
Huishan clay figurines made in wuxi are one of the well-known folk arts in china. It is said that huishan clay figurines have a history of over..
Tests given by National Geology Center, Chinese Medical institute, Shandong Food and Medicine Administration have proved the numerous benefits of..
Jade Crafts
Posted on 10-10-2005
Oil painting style. The picture is made of stones such as agate, amethyst, zircon etc.. The size is 12*16", with carton gift box to pack it.
Jade Crafts
Posted on 26-11-2013
The girl is sitting under the tree. All the surface is full of stones. It is made up various gemstones such as white marble, India agate, black..
Landscape 6, Jade Crafts
Posted on 24-07-2012
This is western landscape photos. The whole picture is full of gemstones and semi-precious stones powder. It has about 7-9 kinds of stones to..
24kt Gold Plated Natural Leaf
Posted on 21-07-2005
Here Natural Rose, Orchids, Pansies and leaves and many others, are transformed into 24kt of Gold. A real rose preserved and covered in 24kt..
11" fully 24kt Gold plated/dipped handcrafted bloomed cornish, shape differ from stem to stem.
Material : Stone Sizse : 15 x 15 x h. 7 cm
Material : Stone Size : dia. 7 x h. 2.5 cm
In the 12th and 13th century, people started to settle down in the highlands of "erzgebirge" which were covered by thick forests. People atracted..
We are a jade processing factory located in China. We supply all kinds of jade crafts with the best price. We specialize in making jade..
Natural Table Lamps
Posted on 07-07-2011
Foldable natural lampshades made of cane, bamboo and wrought iron stands. Panels handpainted on pure silk. Inexpensive, light weight and easy to..
Lamp Aroma oil burners are a decorative fragrance lamp that destroys odours and air born bacteria while increasing oxygen levels and perfuming..
Natural Rock Salt Lamp
Posted on 27-08-2012
Salt bricks & block salt: Colore: Red orang & pink Size:2" by 4" by 6 inches"
Folk Crafts
Posted on 18-11-2011
Comments: Single layer of mural paintings must smoke the deckle edge all around Pipas Of Double Flying Apsarases
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