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Foshan Nanhai Kude Electronic Products Co., Ltd. Guangdong, China


Multi Color Changing LED Table Lamp New Tech Product

Nanhai District , Foshan ,China. China (Mainland)
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Product Description

Multi Color Changing LED Table Lamp New Tech Product

Prodct Features:

1.CE,FCC,ROHS Certification.

2.Size,Shape,Design can be customized.

3.Top quality and luxury
4.Seamless and polished
5.Waterproof degree:IP65

6.Lower price and prompt service.

7.Charging time: 4-6h, running : 8-12 hours

Product advantages:

1.Low carbon, environmental protection and energy

2.SavingBattery operated, 12 hours operation

3.Super bright LED lights

4.High efficiency LED Full RGB color range via controller

5.Low power consumption

6.Water proof Standard: IP65

7.Three different sizes are available for wide applications

8.OEM accepted:According to design requirements


1, Product control methods are: infrared, wireless, touch Wireless, DMX, sound control, light control, mobile phone WIFI control; (according to customer requirements)

2, The product supply voltage: DC4.2V DC12V AC86-256V (according to customer requirements)

3, The product can be controlled according to the above method to achieve monochrome conversion (according to the remote control at the color palette select the color you want), you can adjust the brightness.

4, Function Mode key: Colorful gradient, colorful hopping, monochromatic flashing, colorful flicker. . . . Adjustable flashing speed, etc., can be customized according to customer requirements.

More Features

1. Using the rotational molding process enclosure, with frosted PE, high toughness, no deformation, no broken, wear and corrosion resistance.

2. Low-carbon products, the use of anti-high temperature, anti-explosion aluminum rechargeable lithium battery-powered, convenient and safe, energy-saving and environmental protection.

3. Use bright RGB led lamp beads, long service life.

4. Through shade effect, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, green, and white monochrome display, dreamy colorful gradients, soft lighting, a set color functions there are four flash auto flash modes to choose from, by remote control buttonsyou canachieve different lighting effects, above and select the color preferences, advanced visual enjoyment, and add more colors.

5. Widespread use of occasions, style novel, exempt from Customs duties and convenient, not afraid of fall, not afraid of wrestling, not afraid of the sun and rain, wear-resistant.


1, Do potted bonsai planting flowers placed indoors as decorative lights, improve quality of life, such as living room, office, meeting room, luxury hotels, restaurants, guest houses, hotels, cafes, bars, clubs, clubs, KTV casinos and other indoor public places for decoration, decorative effect, so that the room is romantic.

2, Can also be placed in the courtyard, villa, private garden and so do the decorative garden lights and other outdoor furniture, landscaping.

3, Can be placed in various shops, supermarkets, factories, commercial buildings decorative furnishings, eye-catching, high-grade appearance, personality, fashion.

4, Can be placed in squares, large-scale concerts, sports, exhibitions and other venues decorated; to create and regulate the atmosphere.




About US

We are Foshan Kude Electronic Products

which is a convenient resort for industry, business and travel. We have years experience of manufacturingLED light furniture, LED ice bucket, luminous flowerpot, luminous ball, outdoor decoration lamp, landscape lamp .light tables and chairs sofa.etc; With the main function of IR, RF, RF, DMX, WIFI touch control, our products are widely used in bar, KTV, indoor, outdoor decoration.

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