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Una best sell famous brand three cylinder rotary dryer coal

zhengzhouChina (Mainland)
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Product Description
Una best sell famous brand three cylinder rotary dryer coalProduct Description

Application of three drum dryer :

Zhengzhou Una three drum dryer belonging to the drying equipment series is a highly energy-saving equipment designed based on the single cylinder rotary dryer. It has shows an excellent performance in various enterprises and industries. Compared with the single drum dryer, the three drum one has an more advanced structure which has prolonged drying time for the wet material and improved handling capacity by 50%-80%, and the evaporation strength can reach120-180kg/m3 of per unit volume, with the help of suitable sealing device and other reasonable measures. The consumption of standard coal is only 6-8kg/ton.

Dryer structure:

Detail photos:

Equipment features

1. High efficiency sand dryer investment is only one-sixth of imported products.

2. To guarantee the final moisture below 0.5%, it is the best choice for sand or mineral powder drying.

3. Cylinder self thermal efficiency is over 70%, (single cylinder dryer thermal efficiency is only 35%) 35% higher than the traditional single cylinder dryer.

4. Coal, oil and gas are all available fuel to dry material like lump, granular or powder smaller than 20mm.

5. It takes 50% less land than the single cylinder dryer, 50% less building investment, and also 60% less electricity.

6. Final moisture is adjustable according to user’s requirement.

7. Low outlet temperature. Dust collection equipment serves long.

8. It is driven not by gears but by riding wheel

9. Una three drum dryer is investment- saving.

Dryer Parameter of three cylinder rotary dryer coal:

ItemModelCapacityInlet moistureOutlet moistureMotor powerCylinder volumeOversea installation Warranty
Three drum dryer204513-18t/h<30%<1%5.5*214.13yes1 year
Three drum dryer225015-23t/h<30%<1%7.5*218.99yes1 year
Three drum dryer256020-28t/h<30%<1%5.5*429.43yes1 year
Three drum dryer276524-33t/h<30%<1%7.5*437.19yes1 year
Three drum dryer306535-40t/h<30%<1%11*445.92yes1 year
Three drum dryer327040-60t/h<30%<1%15*456.27yes1 year
Three drum dryer368055-75t/h<30%<1%18.5*481.39yes1 year


1. what is the highest feed moisture?

Answer: 30%

2. what is the discharge moisture?

Answer, the discharge moisture can be less than 0.1%

3. what is the fuel consumption?

Answer: Dryer fuel (coal) consumption formula is as follows:


gc = (ιc1 t1 / ηQydw) ×((w1-w2) / 100-w1)

In the formula, gc =coal consumption of the dryer, per kg coal / kg drying materials;

η= the thermal efficiency of the combustion chamber, the pulverized coal combustor η = 0.90;

Qydw= application for burning low calorific value, kcal / kg fuel;

ι= evaporation of 1kg of water required amount of hot gas, m3/kg;

c1=hot gas specific heat capacity, kcal / (m3•°C);

t1=the hot gas temperature, ° C;

W1, W2, respectively, refer to the initial moisture of the material, and finally moisture.

4. What dust collector recommended?

Answer: bag type dust collector, which can catch 98% dust from the dryer, and the collect dust maybe useful for user

In order to help you choose the right dryer, we would like to know:

1. material name

2. size

3. initial moisture

4. finish moisture

5. capacity per hour

6. fuel for the dryer?

Packaging & Shipping

By Flat bed trailer to sea port, shipped by frame container or bulk cargo ship.

Our Services

Pre-sale: provide drying plan, foundation drawing, equipment layout, technical question consult

After-sale: installation drawing, installation guide, send engineer to client site for installation, provide accessories, long-term maintenance


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three cylinder rotary dryer coal

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