Tuscany truffle provides top quality fresh truffle from the heart of tuscany(spring, summer, black and white truffle). We provide the product fresh or glassed in extra virgin olive oil(no preservants, no addictives, only fresh natural bio products of top quality). We have all phitosanitary certifications for international export so we can..
product descriptionspecificationstemShiitake Mushroom2-3cm,3-4cm,4-5cm,5-6cm,6-7cmbelow 6mmor as orderTea Flowermushroom2-3cm,3-4cm,4-5cm,5-6cm,6-7cmbelow 6mmor as orderwhite flower mushroom2-3cm,3-4cm,4-5cm,5-6cm,6-7cmbelow 6mmor as orderB grade mushroom2-3cm,3-4cm,4-5cm,5-6cm,6-7cmbelow 6mmor as order


Posted on 07-09-2010
We supply all kinds of mushrooms, from shiitake, straw... to truffle, oyster..., from brined to dried ones. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information
wholesome straw mushroom produced from natural straw, dried fragrant mushroom (thin-top mushroom), dried wood ear mushrooms of safety food & good for health. Packing in canned or bag.

White truffle

Posted on 13-06-2008
We work directly with some pickers all around the best place in Italy, to arrange high quality and fresh truffle, picked in Italy.
WELL SELECTED TRUFLES ready to usewhite n brown
some white and black truffles available all year.contact me for any answerI have got Alba's white truffleplease visit www.norcinerialucana.com to find other products
some white and black truffles available all year.contact me for any answerI have got alba's white truffleavaylable also pecorino cheese

Magic Truffles "Atlantis"

Posted on 22-08-2006
Psilocybe Atlantis The youngest sclerotium specie added to the our range. Found in Fulton County Georgia, USA. This specie is the strongest among the three known Sclerotia. Duration of growth is 16 18 weeks and forms small-sized sclerotia in this period. This indicates that the Atlantis uses its enzymes rather for the production of active..


Posted on 04-05-2005
straw mushroom
Commodity: Oyster Mushroom Oyster Mushrooms can be found year-round on deciduous (lose leaves in fall) trees, especially willows. Occasionally, they grow on pines. These mushrooms are wide and fleshy. They can be white, grey or pink. They are leafy in shape and can be up to four inches wide. The gills (feathery things under the leaf) are white..
Our factory established on 3 Acre land with 1500 square meter indoor area facility located at Aegean region of Turkey. We are collecting any type of wild mushrooms during harvest season from all over Turkey and we are only working with natural wild mushrooms comes from forests. We are packing and supplying all type of wild mushrooms as fresh,..


Posted on 20-01-2010
Very good quality wild mushrooms from the pure mountains of Bulgaria.We offer several levels of quality:Extra quality - whole, snow white, no worm pierces, natural stem length;1-st quality - whole, white and ivory white, with tiny white worm pierces (about 5-10%), natural stem length.Different specifications of your needs for Boletus frozen..
At the may, we have open our warehouse with mushrooms, truffles and berries, near Torino – Italy !!!We have fresh mushrooms and truffles each day !!!Buy black (tartufo nero), and white truffles (tartufo bianco) - (tuber uncinatum, tuber brumale, tuber magnatum).

Dried Mushroom

Posted on 04-06-2012
Mushroomsdried mushroom / bulk dried mushrooms / dried black fungus mushroomBotanical Name : Morchella ConicaFamily Name : MorchellaceaeCommon Name : Morels, Black Morels, Early Morels, Fire Morel, Guchhi.Part Used : Dried FruitsHabitat : It is present in moist places of high hilly areas, forests and meadows. it is solitary in nature and..

Fresh Mushrooms

Posted on 21-05-2007
Mushrooms have been loved by may people from the old times. The reason why people like mushrooms as a food is because of their subtle difference in flavor, texture and taste depending on the kinds of mushrooms such as Flammulina velutipes, Pleurotus ostreatus and pine mushrooms , in addition to this reason. It is known to be very beneficial in..
Commercial Value: Quite high because of the pleasant, fresh fragrance and good sensory elements.