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"Sanjing" aluminum dihydrogen tripolyphosphate is a new non-toxic white anticorrosive pigment for painting. The product quality has been testedaccording to the standards of Volkswagenwerk, Germany. Results showed that its performance of anticorrosion is better than that of lead red or zincyellow. In 2000, our production was increased..
Features: 1) These products have the properties of fine solubility, waterproof insulation, anti-acid and anti-alkali. 2) It can be used to make different kinds of advanced ink, and as an additive for rubber products, adhesive for paper, additive for concrete and modifier for plastics 3) Please visit our website or contact..
Dimethyl carbonate It can substitute toxic dimethyl sulphate and phosgene to react with various kinds of alcohol, hydrazine compound to compose large numbers of downstream products with high additional value.
It can be widely used as a solvent for treating de-carbonation; feed gas for ammonia synthesis and dimethyl carbonate, also the perfect medium for lithium cells in the battery industry and solvent for polymers in the macromolecule industry.
Mainly used as a solvent of nutrocellutose, cellulose ether, syntheitc resin and natural resin;as well as medium of luminal and cinerins in pestcide production in apparatus and instrument industry it may be made fixed paint for seal fixing of cathode of eleton tube.
It is perfect solvent of polyactylonitrile, poly(vinly fluoride)ect;it can be used as fibre in spinning liqiud in textile industry;also it can be used as solvent for taking off acid ags, as a additive for concrete, and as a raw material of furazolidounm in medicine;additionally it can be used as foamer of plastics, siabilizer of synthetic..
It can be used as special aromatics and solvent of intermediate, and also can be used as electrolyte solvent of lithium cell.
Taizhou huana nanometer technology Co., ltd. Is an enterprise integrated with the r&d and manufacturing of electronic & electric appliances, computer hardware, nanometer materials, coatings, and chemical engineering. The nanometer environment-friendly coatings of haobao brand manufactured by the company are high-performance and green coatings..
Non - flammableSingle surface applicable solvent and synthetic elastomer based adhesiveApplication fieldsSefox can be used in furniture industry, mattress industry, office furniture industry to bond foam on foam, foam on felt, foam on textile, foam on wood, foam on metal, foam on plastic.

Chemical Reagent

Posted on 24-01-2012
We offer very purity material to our customer around the world, it is always used in glycoscience and pharmaceutical line. N-acetylneuraminic acid is the raw material of renelza produced by gsk, which is the main anti-avian influenza drug. According to the virus' working principle, virus alway attack the sialic acid of the common cell, then..

Chemicals Componets

Posted on 16-05-2008
Cattech is a single source for a wide variety of chemicals like Organic products, analytical reagents and solutions, inorganic specialties, chromatography, perchloric acids and salts, turbidity standards, Farchan organics, Karl Fischer reagents, water purity standards, laboratory supplies, or more, chemists have come to rely on our innovative..
It is used in those thermoplasticity and thermoset high molecular polymer which have flame-resistant request. Especially suitable for the oil paint and the textile coating. The product has great quality when uses in polystyrene foam (eps) , the oxygen index (oi) may higher than 30 and reaches the stated self extinguishing standard. Meanwhile..

Chemical Stock

Posted on 08-06-2013
Manufacture and distribute specialty mineral salts and other chemicals. Food chemicals|phosphorous additives metal surface finished ,fertilizers,food additives. www.lihuainc.com
Calcium Chloride Flakes Powder Granular PelletView Larger PictureDetailed Product DescriptionDetailed selling lead descriptionCalcium chloride is made from the effluents of soda ash production, which used to be discharged into the bohai sea and caused serious pollution problem. After the processing from soda effluents to calcium chloride, the..

Food Additives

Posted on 04-02-2013
BECKMANN-KENKO GmbH is a young and ambitious import / export company. Acting independently and on behalf of a selected number of internationally renowned principals we resource and market speciality chemicals. Beckmann-KENKO GmbH earned its respect in speciality chemical trade by treating the customers' inquiries / requirements confidential and..
General Synonyms: chlorosulphonic acid, sulfuric chlorohydin, sulphuric chlorohydrin, monochlorosulphuric acid, monochlorosulfuric acid Use: Molecular formula: HClSO3 CAS No: 7790-94-5 EINECS No: Physical data Appearance: colourless to light yellow liquid Melting point: -80 C Boiling point: 152 C Vapour density: 4 (air = 1) Vapour..


Posted on 22-08-2007
Anti Slip Plastisol, Gloves and Mittens Plastisol, Plastisol Coatings, Plastisol Producers, Moulded Plastisols, Rubber plastisols, Plastics Plastisols, Navy Blue Plastisol Inks, Yellow Plastisol inks, Red Plastisols, Foam inks, Puff additives and colours, Sublimation Inks, Graphics and Designs, Hundred Percent Cotton Inks, PVC Phthalate Free..
Dauper S. A was founded as a company in 1988, and is dedicated to the design and production of fragrances and flavours for different sectors of the market. Our installations are perfectly equipped with the latest technology. Dauper creates and manufactures flavors and fragrances to give a quality distinction with the taste and smell to..
1. Brief DirectionThis product is a kind of multi-purpose adhesive. It is suitable for Aluminum Composed Sheets, Anti-firing Plate, Plywood, Floor Board, Fiberboard, Furniture, EVA, PVC, TPR, Latex, Cloth, leather and Paper etc. It has high adhesion for above materials, it also can sit for Shoemaking and Bag-making. It especially suit for..

Activated Carbon

Posted on 13-02-2008
Features:1) Activated carbon is carbon with highly developed holes. 2) It offers large specific surface area, strong absorbability, excellent chemical stability and mechanical strength.3) Furthermore, it can resist acid, alkali and heat. 4) Thus, it is not only used as an excellent adsorbent, but also as a catalyzer and catalyzer carrier. 5)..